Season 3 Episode 15

Chuck Versus the Role Models

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 03, 2010 on NBC

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  • Chuck sneezes...oh, Is there gonna be a cat around here.

    Another great episode, where we noticed that Chuck and Sarah are the best partner possible spy.

    By topics: great intro by Morgan, who has been sublime in its process of becoming a spy. Yes, he failed in all tests but had the guts to face the tiger and have another chance. Also comment that Casey had feel some love- but little- to Morgan.

    On the plot of the necklace, Turner and our couple, simply exquisite, and also with an ending for the couple that I thought would be the end of the episode, a good beautiful finish, but we still have the worst to come.

    The experience of Ellie and Devon in the Congo has lasted as little as a chapter. First time, I thought that Devon would be sick for the insect that stung him in the neck, but then ... bang! The Ring again by making Devon sick with malaria. I thought for a while, when the episode finished, how they did this to him, but I realised that Devon's face could be in the Ring database, so I can get a point, but still don't know why they want to kill him.

    To sum up, great episode, and now, looking forward to the next one, where I hope that the writers will strike us now only at four chapters of the end of the season, and I think there will be much surprise in the middle, because to get this renewed they need a great episodes -they are also doing it right now- for a big ending and a possibly desire renewal.

    Oh, and finally, I forgot this one: "As we hope you to have happy marriages." Priceless.
  • Chuck & Sarah go on a mission with the best power couple on the team: The Turners. Casey trains Morgan. Ellie & Devon start their journey at Doctors without Borders.

    This episode was pretty good, definitely not as good as the last episode but I'm definitely impressed with Chuck & Sarah's relationship. Usually you're supposed to keep a couple apart as long as possible before you get them together, because after the sexual tension is gone, there's not really much to work with. In Chuck & Sarah's case, they're doing great as a couple, it really works. In this episode, Chuck & Sarah meet the Turners. Apparently they're the best of the best. Chuck wants him & Sarah to be like them in 30 years; meanwhile he's asking Sarah to move in with him, while she seems hesitant about the idea. The Turners turn out to be traders, as they steal the thing they were supposed to get for the CIA. So now Chuck & Sarah need to find the Turners and steal back the collar. The tiger tussle was definitely entertaining. I liked the transitioning between Casey training Morgan and Chuck trying to get the collar off the lion. I didn't think Ellie & Devon would be onscreen while they were in Africa, boy was I wrong. The plot thickens when something fishy is going down at Doctors without Borders. Ellie is home sick throughout the whole episode, and then Devon gets literally sick. It turns out Doctors without Borders made Devon sick, these guys are bad people. The episode ends bluntly keeping us wondering if Devon would be okay and who is the main one who's running the show at Doctors without Borders. Chuck & Sarah decide to move in together, Morgan surprisingly passes Casey's test. And we've got Ellie & Devon's plot in a cliffhanger fashion surprisingly. A good episode, with a great cliffhanger.