Season 3 Episode 15

Chuck Versus the Role Models

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 03, 2010 on NBC

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  • Chuck sneezes...oh, Is there gonna be a cat around here.

    Another great episode, where we noticed that Chuck and Sarah are the best partner possible spy.

    By topics: great intro by Morgan, who has been sublime in its process of becoming a spy. Yes, he failed in all tests but had the guts to face the tiger and have another chance. Also comment that Casey had feel some love- but little- to Morgan.

    On the plot of the necklace, Turner and our couple, simply exquisite, and also with an ending for the couple that I thought would be the end of the episode, a good beautiful finish, but we still have the worst to come.

    The experience of Ellie and Devon in the Congo has lasted as little as a chapter. First time, I thought that Devon would be sick for the insect that stung him in the neck, but then ... bang! The Ring again by making Devon sick with malaria. I thought for a while, when the episode finished, how they did this to him, but I realised that Devon's face could be in the Ring database, so I can get a point, but still don't know why they want to kill him.

    To sum up, great episode, and now, looking forward to the next one, where I hope that the writers will strike us now only at four chapters of the end of the season, and I think there will be much surprise in the middle, because to get this renewed they need a great episodes -they are also doing it right now- for a big ending and a possibly desire renewal.

    Oh, and finally, I forgot this one: "As we hope you to have happy marriages." Priceless.