Season 1 Episode 6

Chuck Versus the Sandworm

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 29, 2007 on NBC

Episode Recap

After spending years sequestered in a government lab, prodigy Lazslo escapes, evading a scary agent, at the Buy More Big Mike tells Chuck that a HR manager is coming to the store to interview for the Assistant Manager position. At Home Ellie prepares for the Halloween party, Big Mike tells Chuck to tell Morgan that his working extra shifts; Chuck finds him at arcade, Chuck flashes on Morgan's opponent - Lazslo he recognizes Chuck's spy watch and runs off.

Chuck later reports that Lazslo identified him, and Sarah assures him she'll check it out, Chuck asks Sarah to hang out just make Ellie think his getting lucky. Casey asks Chuck if he told Lazslo about the watch he tells him that Sarah gave it to him, Chuck later sees Morgan slacking off at work and tells him to fix up. Beckman later describes that Lazslo is a genius weapons designer who's been with them since he was 17, He's so dangerous, and they can't afford to lose him.

Chuck is in the parking lot and Lazslo comes from nowhere he points a gun at him later turning out to be a water pistol, Lazslo asks Chuck for his help as he believes that he was framed for a murder in which he did not commit. The pair immediately bond over some pancakes and he explains his situation, he gives Chuck his napkin doodle as payment for the pancakes, but refuses to trust Casey and Sarah. If Chuck doesn't believe him, he should search his house for bugs. Elsewhere Morgan is getting 'man' lessons from Devin.

Chuck finds bugs all over the house, he goes over to Casey's feeling violated; but Casey feels his ears have been violated, having to listen to hours of Chuck and Morgan discussing what sandwiches they'd bring to a deserted island, Meanwhile an agent visits Sarah telling her that Lazslo is dangerous and must be captured. Chuck takes Lazslo to the Buy More after appearing at his place, they watch a film, Lazslo takes Chuck's watch and smashes it; Chuck is soon starting to get a bit uncomfortable.

Chuck makes a run for it after persuading him to watch another film, Chuck gets into his car but Lazslo pops out in his car with another steering wheel. Casey and Sarah give chase, but Lazslo gets away and ends up ejecting Chuck into Traffic. The next morning, Chuck apologizes to Sarah for not trusting her more, the GPS is on the Nerd Tracker is turned back on and Casey's on the trail.

Chuck blows off his job interview as he flashes on the napkin doodle that Lazslo gave him; he realizes that Lazslo may be on his way to the pier. Morgan steps into Chuck's interview to speak on his behalf. Chuck finds the Nerd Herder under the Santa Monica pier with a bomb wired under the hood. Lazslo tells Chuck how to defuse the bomb. The Halloween party is already underway, Chuck is back at the Buy More realizes he just blew a big job interview, and Harry tells him that Morgan filled in for him. Chuck apologizes to Morgan, and offers to let him be the head of the worm this year. Chuck admits to Ellie that he blew off the interview, but Sarah steps in to say that he had to help her with a personal emergency - Chuck's a hero!