Season 1 Episode 6

Chuck Versus the Sandworm

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 29, 2007 on NBC

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  • Okay, must say something about this episode!

    Okay, this episode is probably the first one I've really, really, liked and actually thought was pretty funny. The villain is great and the costumes at the Halloween Party were good but the sandworm?! lol! It was looking a little like something else. lol! I'm sure that was intentional. I would be freaking out too if I had a new friend who turned out to be a crazed genius who wants to blow up the world. Still felt a little sorry for him though. If his parents didn't give him up to the government, things might have turned out different for the guy. Then that last part. Haha. Poor Casey. He has nothing better to do than listen to Chuck and Morgan at the Halloween party that he should have gone to! Casey needs a life! Great eppy. :)
  • Awesome.

    Chuck accidentally runs into a runaway government agent who seems to be living a similar life. It turns out this agent is a gadget whiz, whose brain makes him a national security asset and a dangerous liability, much like Chuck. Chuck faces a predicament: either try turn this agent in to Sarah and Casey or help him escape his handlers. Meanwhile, Halloween, a holiday that means a lot to Chuck and Morgan as buddies, proves to be a little different this year as Morgan feels that Chuck is neglecting their childhood and friendship. They reconcile and wear a two-man Sandworm costume to the party. Also, Chuck gets an interview for the assistant manager position, but is forced to miss it. Another awesome episode from the TV show Chuck, I have to say know i love this show so much. Hopefully it wont get cancelled. Anyway, this episode was really enjoyable to watch. I loved the last scene at the party, which Chuck and Morgan, they are aweomse together! I also loved the bit where Sarah and Chuck took that real photo, it was cute! Anyway, can;t wait to watch more of Chuck, bring it on!
  • Chuck meets the evil version of him. Morgan needs to grow up. Chuck and Sarah are a different couple. Casey feels left out. Captain Awesome is awesome!

    This episode was just a delight. There were so many small things that I loved about this episode. Like Jayne- Casey's Firefly reference. You know you caught that. And the constant talk of the costume. A sandworm costume? I don't even want to know. Also, Chuck's aphrodisiac music? I haven't heard the songs before, but in the situation it just made for awesome moments. Lazslo really makes an interesting addition to this episode. He is someone Chuck can really relate to, he is the Q of our times, and he doesn't even know what that means. He's making Chuck a little less trusting, especially in everyone at the agencies. And guess what? They have been spying on him all along. However, that guy is seriously paranoid and increasingly creepy. Did I say creepy? Yikes. Genius gone evil is always pretty scary. Did I mention before how much I lovelovelove Captain Awesome? Well, I'm saying it again. The scene in which he shows Morgan it's time to be a man, made me giggle so much that I had to rewind it to listen to what was being said. I still need to watch that scene over and over again. We all need more Captain Awesome in our lives. Grown up Morgan makes me laugh. He makes a good speech, and is a dang loyal friend. Plus, the outfit makes me laugh. Thank you for this Captain Awesome! And thank you Chuck for torturing Casey! Awesome!
  • Chuck is thrusted into another "who-to-trust"-crisis.

    Was it just me, or was it just sooo obvious that that guy couldn't be trusted...?!? Chuck is so trusting, which I guess isn't a bad thing, but hasn't the last 5 epis been about him learning to trust Casey and Sarah?
    I thought that Morgan learning how to be an adult was hilarious, and I loved how he protrayed being an adult, all dressed up, and calling people by their real names... :)
    I'm glad there finally was some sort of conclusion with the Morgan missing Chuck-thing, but I'm sorry that Chuck didn't get the job. It isn't going to be too fun working under Harry Tang... :(
  • Good episode.

    This episode was quite good overall. It definately didnt contend for best episode of the season so far, but definately wasnt bottom of the barrel like some early episodes of the season.

    The story was good, with Chuck facing the challenge between what to do with the guy he meets, which was kind of a morale dillemma, between what is right and wrong.

    Plenty of action and humour which is what you expect to see.

    This episode is a 9.5/10, simply because it wasnt the best I have seen of the season, but it was still up the top for a good quality episode.
  • Another Decent Episode

    Chuck and Morgan are at the fair, Morgan is playing the Guitar Hero at the arcade when he soon flashes on his opponent, Lazslo whos escaped a government lab.

    Chuck reports to Sarah that he Identified him Sarah assures him she'll check it out, Lazslo is a genius weapons designer who's been with them since he was 17. He's so dangerous, they can't afford to lose him.

    Lazslo bumps into Chuck again and they start bonding, he soon surprises him again by turning up at his place. Chuck then takes him to Buy More. Meanwhile an agent visits Sarah, he informs her that Lazslo is mentally unstable, off his meds, and looking to make a bomb. They need to bring him in.

    Chuck starts getting nervous so gets out into his car where Lazslo has got in as well, Sarah and Casey give chase but to avail has he gets away. However the next day The GPS on the car has been turned back on and Caseys on his trail.

    Chuck flashes on Lazslo's napkin, and realizes that he's at the pier. Chuck blows off his job interview, races outside, steals a bike and rides for the pier, Morgan (Such a good friend) steps into Chuck's interview to speak on his behalf.

    Chuck finds the car and catches Lazslo he tells him how to disable the bomb, Job Well done in the end.
  • best episode so far

    chuck meets an agent like him, named lazlo. chuck finds out the goverment are looking for lazlo, but lazlo tricks chuck into thinking that the goverment have tricked lazlo. lazlo and chuck become friends, but chuck finds out the truth. Casey and sarah were right, lazlo IS evil! oh yeah, chuck is gonna have amn interview to see if he gets the assistant manager position, but leaves it at the last minute to save the world. cmorgan tries to get chuck the job, but harry tang gets the job. chuck finds out his room is bugged. chuck annoys casey by having him listen to chuck and morgan discussing sandwiches lol!
  • Another decent episode.

    Chuck accidentally runs into a runaway government agent who seems to be living a similar life. It turns out this agent is a gadget whiz, whose brain makes him a national security asset and a dangerous liability, much like Chuck. Chuck faces a predicament: either try turn this agent in to Sarah and Casey or help him escape his handlers. Meanwhile, Halloween, a holiday that means a lot to Chuck and Morgan as buddies, proves to be a little different this year as Morgan feels that Chuck is neglecting their childhood and friendship. They reconcile and wear a two-man Sandworm costume (based on the creature from the Dune novels) to the party. Also, Chuck gets an interview for the assistant manager position, but is forced to miss it. This was another decent episode of Chuck, series is just very consistant and cool.
  • Great episode. If you are an OC fan like me you will love the ending.

    Another well-made episode of this series. I loved the action in this episode cuz it was like sort of Alias vibe but of course It's Chuck so imagine... Great action sequence and really funny moments my favorite part must be when Chuck was going to see Morgan at the party in slow motion with an OC classic song, I almost pee myself when I saw that part and of course another moment was Sarah with the Leia costume (HOT) lol.
    Chuck really has potential to make a 2nd season. John Schwartz is making a good job with Gossip girl and Chuck.
  • A great show!

    Chuck meets someone just like him. Well, a more evil version of him. Chuck isn't all too keen on trusting this government agent and it is with good cause that he doesn't! Things seem to be heating up between Sarah and Chuck despite their "fake" relationship. He wants to and she doesn't. When he catches back up with our government agent man it turns out to be another bomb and Chuck deftly stops it and saves Halloween, Worm costume and all. The best part for me was watching Chuck flippantly tell Morgan to grow up. It's high time for it. Great show, as usual!
  • You're like Q!

    I have one thing to say about this episode: Sarah in the Princess Leia Slave Bikini. WOW.

    Ok, well, I have more to say. But one of the things I love best about the series is the infusion of geek culture, and that was, without a doubt, the singe best pop-culture reference EVAR!

    In this episode, Chuck is once again faced with the question of how much to trust Sarah and Casey when he encounters what appears to be another guy involuntarily forced into government service. However Laszlo quickly proves to be everything Chuck is NOT. He's dangerous and unstable, and has no qualms about hurting innocent people.

    Great focus is also placed on Morgan, who shows just how deeply his friendship with Chuck extends when, after being chewed out over his immature behavior, tries to come to Chuck's rescue when he abandons his job interview to stop Laszlo. Unfortunately this is unsuccessful and Harry Tang is promoted to Assistant Manager, but the effort is not lost on Chuck.

    This is also something of a turning point for Chuck, as it's the first time we see him stand up for what he KNOWS is right, and put his personal life on hold without hesitation (a definite contrast with the previous episode) because some things are more important.

    I'd REALLY like to see Chuck continue to evolve along this line and become more proactive. He may not become an action hero, but he's certainly showed potential FOR heroism, and so far his own resourcefulness has proven even more invaluable to the team than the Intersect data in his brain.

    Altogether, a fine episode that continues building the characters. Bonus points for Casey's "I don't like feeling like the Team Chuck fat kid!"

    Now I'm going to go picture Sarah in the Leia bikini some more. Mmmmm. Happy place!
  • great episode

    It's halloween over at chuck's world and the festivities are just around the corner. But Chuck's double life gets in the way of his family traditions when he spots a government scientist who is a threat to national security. But his life becomes just as complicated as he needs to spend time with morgan and help him out from getting fired from buy more. It's a really funny episode, I really had so much fun watching this episode. the writers really came up with an exciting episode this week. I can't wait for the next, it's always fun watching an episode of this show.
  • Really good

    This episode was really good. How Chuck must decide to either protect someone he can relate to or turn them in. It was good but it was kind of predictable that the guy was going to be bad. I mean why else would the government be after him. The guy was right about them placing bugs on his room. The government would never really trust Chuck and that was realistic. It was a shame that Chuck didn't get the job but at least his friend tried to represent him. Chuck yelling at his friend to grow up was kind of necessary and the change he went through was interesting and good. If they keep making episodes like these i will be a weekly viewer
  • Well I liked this episode I love the fighting action in it.

    I just wish that Chuck and Sarah were dating because thats why Chuck met her right?. And I loved all of the Characters in this episode. But I noticed a little detail this show is a copycat of Alias in a way. And why is this episode called "Chuck Versus the Sandworm"?. And why does every single episode have the word Versus in it?. I found this episode to be entertaining and funny and last but not least exciting. The storyline and the storyboard was made very well not the best and not the worst. So I give this episode 2 thumbs up.
  • Morgan: To Tuck or Not to Tuck?

    If every TV show was able to keep the main character the main character and still utilize their support so wonderfully, I wouldn't rag on Smallville so much! Sorry, low blow. But still, that's one of the best parts of this show. We may have a chuckle (or thirty) over Morgan's antics, but in the end, it always comes back to our intrepid Nerd Herdian.

    Poor Chuck. With any other character, it would annoy me how often this guy trusts the wrong person. However, Levi manages to pull off a sweet, confused quality that makes the repetitive plot make sense, and all is forgiven when you see how hard Chuck works to make it all better. What makes this non-trust really work this episode, though, is how much sense it made for Chuck to identify with Laszlo:

    First point - Loves video games

    Second point - Does tech stuff

    Third point - Eats pancakes in cheap diners

    Fourth point - Identifies with Chuck about his handlers

    Fifth point - Has never heard of James Bond

    How could he not feel for the guy?

    So here's the recap in a nutshell: Chuck runs into this video game expert and flashes on him. Turns out he's Laszlo (which I probably did not spell right but have no intention of looking up), a genius employed by yet another government agency, who blew up his research and went MIA. After Chuck loses him and finds him again, the two bond of crappy-looking pancakes and a distrust of their handlers. They become friends, skip through a field of daisies - and play "Blow Up San Fran!" Yes, Chuck's done it again. His BFF is off his meds. Guess who Laszlo identifies with? James Bond villians. Oops. Chuck, hating that he's screwed up yet again, jumps on the opportunity to find Laszlo and set things right when he gets a flash on the drawing Goldfinger gave him back during that bonding they did. Too bad that in doing so he accidently activates a bomb, courtesy of our very own Max Zorin.

    I could tell you what happens next. But why, when you go watch it for yourself?

    In other news, Chuck, frustrated with the pressure of mad scientists, bugged photographs, and the possible promotion, finally snaps and tells his buddy Morgan that it's about time he grew up. Ironically, Chuck turning on him is what cements Morgan as an awesome character for me. You see, once Morgan realizes that his bud is fed up with his immaturity, the little guy runs off to anyone for help to change - even Captain Awesome! Anyone know that guy's actual name. I guess it doesn't matter, in the end, because Awesome teaches Morgan the difference between the boy and the man - tucking in your shirt. Words of wisdom, my friends. Too bad that Morgan's transformation goes unnoticed, or at least misunderstood, considering he choose a rather bad date. Turns out lots of people dress different on October 31st. Who knew? Morgan attempts a save by giving Chuck's interview for him (Chuck being AWOL dealing with that whole bomb thing at all, the selfish pig), but gets shot down.

    But it does set up that wonderful O.C. moment for the two vertically challenged (in opposite directions) friends. Yes, Josh Schwartz. We get it. You make good TV. Just don't kill Marissa. We're fond of him this time around.
    My major complaint? Casey really this fat kid on this team (his words, not mine). He's hilarious when we get him, but it's hardly enough. Sandwhich bit - amazing. So why can't we have him around more? Pick the fat kid, Schwartz!

    All in all, good stuff. My two favorite things about this show are the Nerd Heard Geek Squad and the burgeoning romance between Chuck and Sarah. Hopefully, we'll see more of both, and soon!
  • Sand worm…'nuff said.

    The Halloween episode had a little bit of Halloween in it but not much. Luckily everything else in the episode was really good. The writers of this show are pulling out all of the stops. While I didn't care too much about the main story with the guy who escapes from his handlers and finds Chuck (out of all people), I did like all of the side stories that moved the overall story along. The boyfriend helping Morgan "grow up" was hilarious as is all things with Chuck and Morgan. Also, the relationship that one day seems like it is going somewhere between Chuck and Sara is interesting. It has you hopeful for Chuck but at the same time worried for Chuck because is she doing it because she is his handler or does she really care? We will find out. All that and the slave Leia costume.
  • Chuck learns the value of friendship and the cost of misplaced trust. However, what he doesn't learn is what really propels this episode.

    Chuck meets and flashes on the child techno-prodigy Laszlo, a fellow CIA property, who he befriends in order to offer him a chance at normalcy. He slowly realizes that he is being played by s dangerous psychopath.

    This episode provides us greater insight into the character of Chuck and Morgan. We learn that Chucks' blindly trust nature continues to provide an entropic pull towards mediocrity. We also gain a bit of insight into the genesis of Morgans' amiable slackerhood and learn that it might be more of a choice than a lifestyle after all. This episode offers some unfolding of in-show jokes and cultural references and bears up well to a repeated viewing or two.
  • This was the best episode of Chuck yet.

    This was the best episode of Chuck yet. The episode starts off with a scene reminiscent of that from the start of the pilot where we see an agent escape from a underground bunker. This agent happens to be a computer whiz that's been designing practically every high-tech device for over the last decade. When Chuck runs into him randomly and flashes on him, he finds himself have more trust issues with Sarah and Casey. The escaped agent contacts Chuck for help and tells him how the two of them are alike and that Chuck needs to be watching his back. Being the nice naive guy Chuck is, he believes him getting himself into more trouble then he could have imagined.

    The spy story of this episode was actually the weaker aspect of the show. The things the escaped agent could do with the entertainment system at the Buy More and Chuck's car was just a bit too over the top even for this show. How could the Nerd Herder's vehicles get produced with all these extra high-tech toys hidden in it? However, one of the great highlights of this episode was the revelation of all the wiretaps and surveillance that Casey has to do to watch over Chuck. It was hilarious when Casey berates him for having hour long talks with Morgan about what sandwich they'd bring to a desert island and then at the end Chuck purposely starts up the argument with Morgan again to torment Casey.

    It was also great to see the return of Captain Awesome. The running gag with him this episode was the fact that he'd never say "awesome" when he had all these big setups. And then the man talk he had with Morgan was just classic. There's also another great major geek reference in this episode with Chuck and Morgan's two person Shai-hulud costume (the sandworms form Dune) which they do a Chinese dragon like dance with.

    The assistance manager promotion plot has also come to a conclusion with either Chuck or Harry finally receiving the promotion. We're treated to a very touch yet bizarre speak from "mature" Morgan when he decides to come through for Chuck despite the let downs there's been lately due to his spy missions.

    This was a very fun episode with great character moments. The crazy gadgets could have been toned down a bit but otherwise this will likely be one of the best episodes of the season.

    What I learned from this episode:
    - Everyone enjoys a giant dancing worm
    - You should check your car for hidden seat eject buttons and self-destructs.
    - Perhaps the point of tucking your shirt in really is to let your junk hang out there for the world to see.
  • Really good show a bit silly at times!

    This is a really good show. A bit goofy and a bit silly. As we see Chuck again trying to get use to pulling "double duty" you can say. While maintaing privacy from his family in order to protect them. He meets another federal agent just like him. But feels either he is a murderer or just trying to escape his handlers. Hopefully also, Chuck will get that new promotion even though I don't see him as manager material as he is way, way, too mild mannered IMHO. Plus, love the way that Sarah & he bring sexual and goofy tension to their way. You know that you want them to get together. But not just right yet!
  • How Chuck finally meet the murder.

    When I saw this episode yesterday night. It's great and Chuck is doing well. Now on to the story. Chuck is having a hard time that his friend has to stop them. But, he has a job that he finially saw a murder while his friend was playing. He refuse to give his money so Chuck was so scare that the murder wants to kill him. I certanly like Chuck is having a dinner talk with the murder on Halloween night. Like the first, it has a time bomb (again) so he cut the wire and stop the timer and arrest the murder. Anothing this is Chuck wants his firend to having a sorry note so the Halloween party was started and Sarah wants Chuck to take a picture as well. Great episode for Chuck. 10/10!
  • Halloween Episode...

    So they finally finished the promotion story line for now and I think it was a little flat. He should have gotten the promotion. But that might change.
    I liked the story and the involvment of the escaped braniac but I thought the use of the tech was a little out of control. They made it seem to fantastic and that made me lose a little intrest.
    So far I have been luke warm on this show and it hasn't gotten much better. But I keep watching, don't I? If it wasn't for Heroes coming on right after I would have dropped it.
    Maybe I still will.
  • Best episode to date.

    I was ready to totally give up on this show. Just walk away. Thanks to this episode, I'm sticking it out a bit longer. I make no promises, but this episode showed the show growing into it's potential far more then any other episode I've seen yet since the pilot.

    First of all, thank God that Sarah wasn't at gunpoint! For the first time since the first episode! I get tired of the repetative storylines as it is, but that one especially irks me, due to the cliche of the beautiful blonde love interest being captured. Especially since she's one of Chuck's freaking handlers! I don't mind Sarah being in danger sometimes, as long as sometimes it's not her. Let it be Casey sometimes. And most often, it should be Chuck! Not to mention the many innocent civilians lurking around, such as Ellie, Morgan, and Captain Awesome.

    Speaking of Captain Awesome (my favorite character) and Morgan (my least favorite character), the scene with the two of them was the comedic highlight of the episode, and the first time I ever liked Morgan. As a whole, Morgan annoys me, but this episode showed me that he could grow enough to be entertaining without being obnoxious. The second half of the episode, not only did I finally like him, he made me laugh. (I loved how he threw in the bit about Chuck having memorized The Wrath of Khan into his passionate speech.)

    As for character growth, Morgan gets the silver, the gold goes to Chuck. All this spying has helped Chuck grow a set! It's almost worth him loosing the promotion judt for him to walk up to Harry Tang and just stand up to him. Chuck might not have the job, but he has the self-respect and he put Tang in his place! And even better was him standing up to Casey, not even scared because he was so angry. I will go to sleep tonight, laughing because Chuck called Casey a douche! And the icing on the cake was totally Chuck's revenge by getting Morgan to start rehashing the sandwich conversation.

    The episode is not without flaws. My old complaint returns here. It was somewhat formulaic. This was the third episode in a row where Chuck trusted the wrong person. And it seems to be growing in badness. First it was a rouge spy, then a mobster with a kidnapped young man, now it's an insane genius with a bomb at the Santa Monica Pier. Next week, will he trust a terrorist instead of Sarah and Casey? I think Chuck ought to be getting it by now. Not to mention that this was the second time Chuck defused a bomb with quick thinking. I get that he's smart and everything, but come on! So, still kinda formulaic, still somewhat cheesy, but best episode yet. If they keep improving, I'm here to stay. If they stay as good as this, I might hang in through sweeps. But if they return to as they were, bye-bye Chuck. So for now, we can only wait and see.
  • Review

    Another solid episode from the writers of Chuck. The epsiode has a solid case which greatly advanced Chucks character devolopment for the season and the Morgan scenes were filled with lots of comedy to ease the pressues of whatever Chuck was going through. I thought the Halloween theme was kind of cool but the episode had the worst title connection of any so far. The title has nothing to do with the case whatsoever and nowhere in the episode did he do battle with the sandworm, but if that is my only nitpick for the episode I think the writers would be happy. But it wasn't, it was still a solid episode but some of the writing with the case did seem a little filler ish. It seemed like a case that was over a little soon, so they expanded it a little bit with the movie scene. Overall, still a solid episode from Chuck.
  • This series continues to make me smile. They are good writers and I like what they have done.

    They made me laugh, and the Nerd Herd mobile with the James Bond style accessories including a nuclear weapon. That is just beyond funny, especially when he his door blows off and his seat is ejected into traffic. What will they think of next.
    I wonder what they will come up with next. I think their writers are super creative, and keep us off balance and entertained.
    I love how they are trying to keep up the tension between Sara and him.
    I actually thought they would get the handlers involved and get Chuck his promotion, or maybe next week they will make his new boss disappear.
  • Chuck runs into a dangerous version of himself, who creates Chuck to doubt his handlers. Morgan tries growing up.

    Chuck returns in prime form again this episode. The only problem is that it seems somehow Chuck is convinced to not trust Sarah and John...again. I understand that John has the orders to kill Chuck and Sarah could be dangerous, but come on, how many times will you not trust the people who have been helping you? Big Mike gets a bigger role, fleshing out his sizeable character. Tang gets the Assistant Manager job, his cowboy outfit not withstanding. Morgan gets told by an angry Chuck to grow up and thats when "Captain Awesome" steps in for some of the funnier parts. When Morgan tries to get Chuck the job, we see just how much their friendship means. End of the day they bag the bad guy. Though Sarah in the Princess Leia slave outfit...that made my And the worm costume? Wow. Nice throw back to the O.C. scene with the "Dice" song from the New Year episode in the first season where Ryan is looking for Marissa in a party, well it's just Chuck looking for Morgan this time. And the Adam and Eve costume!
  • Another Chuck, another great episode!

    "I don't like being the Team Chuck fat kid". That is the Casey quote of the episode. Chuck is trying to get assistant manager at Buy More but Morgan and the new criminal Lazlo stand in his way. Morgan is once again is hyper active self. Lazlo on the other hand is trying to change Chuck's look on everything including Sarah and Casey. Captain Awesome was pretty funny in this episode. He was a little annoying in some of the others but I am starting to like his character. There was some major action in this episode as well. Lazlo was by far the most dangerous person Chuck has faced so far. I have to admit the controls in the car were amazing. The bomb scare at the end very exciting too! But the face on Casey when they began talking about sandwiches again was priceless.