Season 1 Episode 6

Chuck Versus the Sandworm

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 29, 2007 on NBC

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  • This was the best episode of Chuck yet.

    This was the best episode of Chuck yet. The episode starts off with a scene reminiscent of that from the start of the pilot where we see an agent escape from a underground bunker. This agent happens to be a computer whiz that's been designing practically every high-tech device for over the last decade. When Chuck runs into him randomly and flashes on him, he finds himself have more trust issues with Sarah and Casey. The escaped agent contacts Chuck for help and tells him how the two of them are alike and that Chuck needs to be watching his back. Being the nice naive guy Chuck is, he believes him getting himself into more trouble then he could have imagined.

    The spy story of this episode was actually the weaker aspect of the show. The things the escaped agent could do with the entertainment system at the Buy More and Chuck's car was just a bit too over the top even for this show. How could the Nerd Herder's vehicles get produced with all these extra high-tech toys hidden in it? However, one of the great highlights of this episode was the revelation of all the wiretaps and surveillance that Casey has to do to watch over Chuck. It was hilarious when Casey berates him for having hour long talks with Morgan about what sandwich they'd bring to a desert island and then at the end Chuck purposely starts up the argument with Morgan again to torment Casey.

    It was also great to see the return of Captain Awesome. The running gag with him this episode was the fact that he'd never say "awesome" when he had all these big setups. And then the man talk he had with Morgan was just classic. There's also another great major geek reference in this episode with Chuck and Morgan's two person Shai-hulud costume (the sandworms form Dune) which they do a Chinese dragon like dance with.

    The assistance manager promotion plot has also come to a conclusion with either Chuck or Harry finally receiving the promotion. We're treated to a very touch yet bizarre speak from "mature" Morgan when he decides to come through for Chuck despite the let downs there's been lately due to his spy missions.

    This was a very fun episode with great character moments. The crazy gadgets could have been toned down a bit but otherwise this will likely be one of the best episodes of the season.

    What I learned from this episode:
    - Everyone enjoys a giant dancing worm
    - You should check your car for hidden seat eject buttons and self-destructs.
    - Perhaps the point of tucking your shirt in really is to let your junk hang out there for the world to see.