Season 1 Episode 6

Chuck Versus the Sandworm

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 29, 2007 on NBC

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  • Morgan: To Tuck or Not to Tuck?

    If every TV show was able to keep the main character the main character and still utilize their support so wonderfully, I wouldn't rag on Smallville so much! Sorry, low blow. But still, that's one of the best parts of this show. We may have a chuckle (or thirty) over Morgan's antics, but in the end, it always comes back to our intrepid Nerd Herdian.

    Poor Chuck. With any other character, it would annoy me how often this guy trusts the wrong person. However, Levi manages to pull off a sweet, confused quality that makes the repetitive plot make sense, and all is forgiven when you see how hard Chuck works to make it all better. What makes this non-trust really work this episode, though, is how much sense it made for Chuck to identify with Laszlo:

    First point - Loves video games

    Second point - Does tech stuff

    Third point - Eats pancakes in cheap diners

    Fourth point - Identifies with Chuck about his handlers

    Fifth point - Has never heard of James Bond

    How could he not feel for the guy?

    So here's the recap in a nutshell: Chuck runs into this video game expert and flashes on him. Turns out he's Laszlo (which I probably did not spell right but have no intention of looking up), a genius employed by yet another government agency, who blew up his research and went MIA. After Chuck loses him and finds him again, the two bond of crappy-looking pancakes and a distrust of their handlers. They become friends, skip through a field of daisies - and play "Blow Up San Fran!" Yes, Chuck's done it again. His BFF is off his meds. Guess who Laszlo identifies with? James Bond villians. Oops. Chuck, hating that he's screwed up yet again, jumps on the opportunity to find Laszlo and set things right when he gets a flash on the drawing Goldfinger gave him back during that bonding they did. Too bad that in doing so he accidently activates a bomb, courtesy of our very own Max Zorin.

    I could tell you what happens next. But why, when you go watch it for yourself?

    In other news, Chuck, frustrated with the pressure of mad scientists, bugged photographs, and the possible promotion, finally snaps and tells his buddy Morgan that it's about time he grew up. Ironically, Chuck turning on him is what cements Morgan as an awesome character for me. You see, once Morgan realizes that his bud is fed up with his immaturity, the little guy runs off to anyone for help to change - even Captain Awesome! Anyone know that guy's actual name. I guess it doesn't matter, in the end, because Awesome teaches Morgan the difference between the boy and the man - tucking in your shirt. Words of wisdom, my friends. Too bad that Morgan's transformation goes unnoticed, or at least misunderstood, considering he choose a rather bad date. Turns out lots of people dress different on October 31st. Who knew? Morgan attempts a save by giving Chuck's interview for him (Chuck being AWOL dealing with that whole bomb thing at all, the selfish pig), but gets shot down.

    But it does set up that wonderful O.C. moment for the two vertically challenged (in opposite directions) friends. Yes, Josh Schwartz. We get it. You make good TV. Just don't kill Marissa. We're fond of him this time around.
    My major complaint? Casey really this fat kid on this team (his words, not mine). He's hilarious when we get him, but it's hardly enough. Sandwhich bit - amazing. So why can't we have him around more? Pick the fat kid, Schwartz!

    All in all, good stuff. My two favorite things about this show are the Nerd Heard Geek Squad and the burgeoning romance between Chuck and Sarah. Hopefully, we'll see more of both, and soon!