Season 1 Episode 6

Chuck Versus the Sandworm

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 29, 2007 on NBC

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  • Another Decent Episode

    Chuck and Morgan are at the fair, Morgan is playing the Guitar Hero at the arcade when he soon flashes on his opponent, Lazslo whos escaped a government lab.

    Chuck reports to Sarah that he Identified him Sarah assures him she'll check it out, Lazslo is a genius weapons designer who's been with them since he was 17. He's so dangerous, they can't afford to lose him.

    Lazslo bumps into Chuck again and they start bonding, he soon surprises him again by turning up at his place. Chuck then takes him to Buy More. Meanwhile an agent visits Sarah, he informs her that Lazslo is mentally unstable, off his meds, and looking to make a bomb. They need to bring him in.

    Chuck starts getting nervous so gets out into his car where Lazslo has got in as well, Sarah and Casey give chase but to avail has he gets away. However the next day The GPS on the car has been turned back on and Caseys on his trail.

    Chuck flashes on Lazslo's napkin, and realizes that he's at the pier. Chuck blows off his job interview, races outside, steals a bike and rides for the pier, Morgan (Such a good friend) steps into Chuck's interview to speak on his behalf.

    Chuck finds the car and catches Lazslo he tells him how to disable the bomb, Job Well done in the end.