Season 5 Episode 7

Chuck Versus the Santa Suit

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 23, 2011 on NBC

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  • Terrible episode!

    I love Chuck and have even re-watched all the seasons before season 5. However, this season just seems like a ton of filler with the eventual happy send-off. I really want a happy Chuck send-off but what happened to the nerdy sarcasm on this show? What happened to the suspense/awesome missions from episode to episode? They could have turned Carmichael Industries into something great with interesting missions where the whole season moves into a great finale. I really don't get it. Isn't that what the show used to be? I think as fans we would have been super happy to have had 13 episodes of awesome missions with the eventual happy send-off! Mission failed so far in my opinion. I hope I end up wrong and in the end they pull it together.

    I didn't laugh once this whole episode and was never worried at all about any of the characters. Just nothing.....also the emotional scenes seemed forced and the dialogue/acting just brutal to sit through. And this "baby" better not be an actual baby of Sarah's as that is just plain stupid.
  • *Cries*

    The writers don't seem to have the guts to break formula. They keep setting up these potentially great new stories like at the end of season 3, when it looked like Chuck was going to do all kinds of neat crazy stuff on his own with his father's super computers - that was abandoned after one episode. And then this season that was set up to have chuck run his own spy company with morgan as the intersect - abandonded pretty quickly and back to formula!

    The only constant they have broken free of is Chuck losing the intersect, and that has caused this season to make no sense in an attempt to make Chuck still relevant. Out of nowhere he is some super elite computer hacker the hacking world revered despite never having a hacking past mentioned in 4 seasons of chuck doing his computer thing prior to this. And now, after a short training period, is is awesome enough to beat up Shaw? Even without the intersect, Shaw should beat the snot out of chuck blindfolded.

    This has been a great series that seems to be running a little longer than it should.

  • Lame.

    So for some magical reason they didn't de-intersect or kill Shaw?

    So when Shaw was blackmailing Decker, Decker chose treason and murder of CIA agents over 'accidentally' killing one prisoner?

    All of this seems completely legit and totally not a super lame/dumbass way of creating an arc.
  • Writers just dropped a HUGE bombshell twist !

    WOW, great episode all round,!

    shaw was clearly insane, as for chuck being able to beat him in a fight, shaw relied too much on the intersect and probably due to brain damage his co-ordination suffered from not having a 'gouvenor watch' chucks training will most likely of been with sarah and casey, as for the hacking past did you ever think about how he got the nerd herd job in the first place ? Why he stopped being a hacker well imo he was eventually going to get caught and arrested/jailed so once he got a 'job' and a real life it had the same thrills and spills and more when he got the email from bryce..

    formula ? chuck left the cia/sacked to start his own company shaw/drecker 'tried to ruin it' chuck has matured improved and out grown the intersect, which is a good thing !

    i think a better twist would of been for chucks dad to return/ be alive instead of the 'baby' now this is going to sour chuck and sarahs relationship assuming it's sarah's and shaw's or some other random spy dude, i feel like this is too late in the shows life cycle to throw in, writers clearly like to torture the viewer with a plot twist of this proportion ! yet this feels wrong and almost like the killing off of a main character plot from other shows is not what we the viewer wants to see... still can't be sure till the ep airs but it is possible sarah found an orphaned baby and asked her mother to raise it/her/him.

    morgan was good, and casey really opening up :)


    writers have always said they blow their collective loads on finalle's because they didn't know about the renewals and that shows in mid season/ extended seasons.
  • deja vu ... kinda

    i love this show to pieces and all the characters . caseys the best for me . as for chuck beating the hell out of shaw i just cant see that . only part of the episode that was a little dumb. the rest is as always a hell of a lot of fun . gonna miss this show :(
  • I now love Chuck almost as much as before

    I didn`t like Chuck so much at the beginning of the season when Morgan had the intersept. But the last few episodes have almost recaptured the Chuck magic.

    I like that Chuck no longer has the intersept. Because it shows the evolution and progress of his character. He now has enough self-confidence and experience to be a spy without the intersept. He outwits Shaw by using his computer skills to figure out the plot and sabotage the interspet 3.0 and has enough fighting training to almost beat Shaw. (Elly helps.)

    This season`s theme is character growth. Chuck is becoming a stronger man without the interspet, Sara is learning to commit to a home and relationship, Casey is learning to be a father. Morgan is taking on more responsibility. Even Lester and Jeff are maturing. It`s a good place to end the series.

    I also very much liked the surprise of Shaw being behind eerything. It brings nice continuity to the series, and Shaw isa good bad guy.
  • I always love their Christmas episodes!

    What more can I say? Their Christmas episodes are always jam-packed with goodness, and this one was no exception. While I may not measure up to the older ones, it was still grade A in my book.

    Since I loved pretty much everything about the episode, I will just name off a few things that I didn't care for much:

    -The CIA Christmas party seemed silly (but Chuck being santa was classic nonetheless)

    -Some like the type of symmetry they used with the Chuck vs. Shaw battle - that it was just like the last one - but I actually don't. Wish they would have made the battle better and in a different place. Still, it was a cool scene so I don't wanna dog it too much.

    -There was one other thing but it escapes me at the moment.

    Everything else was fan-freakin'-tastic!

    Wish the show wasn't ending!!