Season 2 Episode 2

Chuck Versus the Seduction

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 06, 2008 on NBC

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  • "When the hotel is a rockin', then we're probably having sex."

    Having watched the O.C., hearing Melinda Clarke with the accent was a little weird at first, but it was nice to see her again. John Laroquette was a fun quest appearance as well, and a helpful set up for a great twist at the very end of this episode.

    The Buy More subplot this week was particularly hilarious due to the fact that Lester was trying to gain control over his fellow employees and no one was going to fear him, and come on, how can you? Big Mike's advice was one of the better lines but he was missed this week.

    Captain Awesome's attempt to woe Ellie with the help of Morgan was a bit funny and creepy as always which is why it works so well, but Chuck's helping hand was neat.

    Speaking of Chuck, by the way, his daring feats are increasing, but with the reintroduction of Bryce again, maybe not. Bryce is a very interesting character in the mythos of this show and it'll be fun to see what wrench he can throw in Sarah and Chucks way this time and what Fulcrum people he'll be killing.

    But great scene with Sarah walking towards Chuck...funny and hot.
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