Season 4 Episode 14

Chuck Versus the Seduction Impossible

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 07, 2011 on NBC

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  • The way it ought to be...

    Chuck vs The Seduction Impossible is exactly what I thought it would be: "Old-School Chuck" if you can call it that: No intersect, No psychotic villain, Hell-Bent on destroying lives, No save the world or die trying BS, No questions unanswered. It seems as if, At least, For now, Chuck has become an 'upgraded' version of Season 2. First and foremost, Seduction Impossible is what I had hoped this episode would be: A fun, Rather humorous episode, That, Without cliffhangers or sudden, Last moment complications, Still made me impatient for next week's episode. While there were relationship disagreements all-round, They were handled appropriately, In terms of the way the characters have developed, Over the past 3 and a bit years. I have absolutely no qualms in how this episode tied into the previous episode. I especially liked how Mary Bartowski, Even after having spent the last 20+ years as Volkoff's right hand, Had never forgotten what family meant. To be honest, I was rather skeptical, At the conclusion of "The Push Mix" whether or not she would be able to adapt so easily, Especially given what Sarah had said in "The Leftovers" about it being incredibly difficult to stay loyal, When undercover for so long, But her character has been so well written and so well portrayed (no surprise really, Given it's Linda Hamilton a.k.a. Sarah Connor), That all fears have been allayed.

    I will not be at all surprised, If the next episode sees as much neurosis, The likes of which havent been seen since the first season, Only, Not from Chuck, But from Sarah. Given the synopsis for "The Cat Squad" it almost sounds like it will be a late-season pilot for "Sarah" instead of "Chuck"

    Finally, I am happy, Yet, Somewhat disappointed that Jeff, Lester and the rest of the Buymore crew where nowhere to be found. It was a filler episode, For the most part - There should have been plenty of Jeffster/Big Mike stupidity. Let's hope that due to the potential Morgan/Carina story in the next ep, We will see more than plenty of Jeffster/Big Mike.

    All in all, A great episode and a fitting aftermath to the Volkoff arc, Finale. (-1 point for no Jeffster or Big Mike!!)
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