Season 4 Episode 14

Chuck Versus the Seduction Impossible

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 07, 2011 on NBC

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  • After watching this episode of Chuck, I have one thing to say, what happened to the music?

    I have always enjoyed indie rock infused with my episode of Chuck, but now I get some cheesy horns and a drum kit. Hey Chuck gave me Frightened Rabbit, and I dig that.

    To have this music replaced with a comedy/sitcom ensemble is baffling. Not only that, but the writing was absolutely atrocious. The scene where Sarah is belly dancing in that dress... although nice, was way out of character. This is probably one of the worst episodes I have ever saw. The episode maybe had one or two laughs, but I can't remember them. The whole eloping storyline, with Chuck succumbing to his physical desires seemed very cliched. I think most men have a little more willpower than that right, right?

    Anyway, if you hated the cheese music or the story this episode please +1 this.