Season 2 Episode 9

Chuck Versus the Sensei

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 01, 2008 on NBC

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  • A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

    Chuck is still reeling from the discovery that his ex-girlfriend Jill was a Fulcrum agent and goes on a mission to take his mind off of his shock. Casey gets a shock of his own when he finds out that his sensei Ty Bennett, who taught him everything he knows, is now one of the most wanted rogue agents. While on the search for Bennett, it becomes clear that Casey may be too emotionally involved to continue with the mission. Meanwhile, Devon's parents Honey and Woody make a surprise visit to help Ellie and Devon plan their wedding. At the Buy More, Emmett reinstates the employee of the month contest, but Morgan, Jeff and Lester have other plans. I love the starting scene with the whole of Caseys fighting, and then it goes to Emmett telling Casey what to do with Casey, I loved it. I love the scene with Chuck and Morgan talking about everything really, mostly about Jill though. I love the castle scenes, especially when Chuck wants to break and then casey uses his awesome sarcasm. i love the new mission, I love the way Chuck is watching over Casey and Sarah, and then Chuck locks Casey inside the place, I love the way it's the man from the backflash. I love the way Ellie comes in and wakes Chuckup and Chuck freaks out. i love the way the Aweomes comes to town, and are making plans for Devon and Ellie's wedding - I love anything to do with Devon, he is delicious. I love the way Casey isn't happy that he knows the man and has a go at Chuck, I love it when they clash heads type thing. I love the scene in the Buy More, where Emmett comes up with 'employee of the month' - awesome storyline! I love the Chuck and Sarah scene talking about Casey. I love the way Morgan is in the staff room making a plan about playing Emmett at his own game - genious, I love how awesome everything is. I love the mission Casey and Sarah needing Chuck, and he puts the phone down, hilarious. I love the way Bennett comes to the Buy More and Chuck freaks out. I love the way Chuck comes to Morgans recuse without him even realizing it. I love the way casey is pulled offf the case, I also love the way Casey reacts to Chuck and then the conversation with Casey and Sarah talking about chuck. I love the way Chuck feels like it is his fault - so cute. I love the scene where Emmett is having a go at Morgan, Lester and Jeff, and then Emmett makes a new rule up - I love it. I love the way Jeff flips out on a customer hilarous. I love the phone conversation between Casey and Chuck and then he users Chuck, great. I love the whole episode. I love the way chuck is trying to get out, and the dinner scene between the Awesomes. I love teh way Sarah comes to help Casey and then Chuck comes with the Nerd Herd car and of course gets taken. I love the fighting scene between Casey and Bennett, I love the way Chuck helps Casey win by making him mad.