Season 1 Episode 5

Chuck Versus the Sizzling Shrimp

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 22, 2007 on NBC

Episode Recap

Morgan is looking for fireworks along with Chuck; the pair along with Ellie and Sarah are having a night in with sizzling shrimp from Bamboo Dragon. Morgan finds that the Bamboo Dragon is closed for a private party, but finds a key and lets himself in, a waitress comes out and Chuck flashes on her it turns out to be Mei-Ling Cho is a Chinese intelligence agent after reporting her, Chuck is told to go through some files to try and find out why she's her.

Ellie is annoyed at Chuck for missing out on Dinner last night, tomorrow is their special version of Mothers Day so he'd better not miss it. Chuck doesn't find anything on the files so tags along with Casey and Sarah on a Stakeout. Big Mike sets out a Sales Competition and tells the green shirted employees that whoever comes last will be fired, Morgan looks a worried man.

Goons wheel Ben Lo Pan's wheelchair to a limo waiting outside Bamboo Dragon. Mei-Ling follows him on her motorcycle; Chuck flashes on Mei-Ling's gun and claims she's there to assassinate Ben Lo Pan, so Chuck and Sarah follow her into the Club. Mei-Ling starts shooting up the club and Ben Lo Pan escapes Chuck sees him outside, and helps him into the limo. Mei-Ling tells Chuck that Lee Cho is his brother, Chuck apologizes for blowing it.

Mei-Ling comes to the Buy More and tells Chuck that her brother is going to die and he has to help her rescue him, Mei-Ling puts a gun on Chuck forcing Casey and Sarah to help rescue her brother. Mei-Ling has a floor plan of Ben Lo Pan's estate, where her brother is being guarded by a private army. Recognizing the security cameras can be remote accessed, Chuck offers to help, as long as he is back in time for Mother's Day.

Meanwhile, Morgan makes a sale but blows it. Chuck stays in the van watching the estate's security cameras; just as Sarah, Casey and Mei-Ling reach Ben Lo Pan the cameras go blank. Ben Lo Pan informs that the Chinese have refused to pay for Lee Cho, but now that he has a few agents, he's sure to get some cash. They are loaded into the van and taken to the restaurant where they are shoved in a freezer. Ellie hangs out with Morgan he tells her that he looks like losing the Sales Competition and that he could get fired.

Chuck is following the van he goes and buys some fireworks and throws them into the van causing the goons to come out, Chuck goes into the restaurant and frees everyone from the freezer A big fight ensues, but in the end Lee Cho is rescued and Ben Lo Pan is caught. Back at home Ellie is upset that Chuck missed their most important day, Chuck begs to reschedule for the following evening. Morgan is about to hand in his resignation, just when Ellie comes to the rescue in helping him out.

Casey and Sarah congratulate Chuck on his good work. He's reunited Mei-Ling with her brother. Ellie invites Morgan and Sarah to Mother's Day. Chuck explains that Mother's Day is to celebrate the day when their mother left, and he and Ellie learned to take care of themselves.