Season 1 Episode 5

Chuck Versus the Sizzling Shrimp

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 22, 2007 on NBC

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  • Episode was extremely funny.

    Chuck faces his first moral dilemma as a spy. When Chuck sabotages the mission of a Chinese spy, Mei-Ling Cho, who is trying to save her kidnapped brother, Sarah and Casey refuse to help him fix his mistake. However, the spy forces Chuck to help her get him back, and Sarah and Casey help too, on the condition that she defects from her spy organization. Meanwhile, Morgan is caught in a dilemma of his own when Buy More forces him into a sales competition that could cost him his job, only later to find out it was a ploy to make the sales team work harder. What an awsome episode! I loved it, it was so funny, all the scenes were amazing! Chuck was extremely funny in this episode and as always so was Morgan. I thought Morgan was going to get sacked from his job, but he never. This episodes storyline was amazing! I loved it.
  • Brothers and sisters. Morgan can't quite make a sale. Chuck is Watchtower.

    And again Morgan plays a part in the spy stuff, without even knowing about it. He's too busy failing to make a sale. Even though the customer might save money, it is not good to advise them to go to the competition. And again Chuck is trying to help but failing. I would like to see some things work out for him instead of Casey and/or Sarah dropping in to save the day. Ellie really is Chuck's rock, only not so much anymore. The brother and sister relationship between these two is one of the most real relationships on this show. I always like seeing some of that. And wait, is that Ellie and Morgan getting along? Color me stunned. Speaking of Chuck's plans NOT working out, guess who pulls off the fireworks stunt? And keeps the bad guy from rolling away? Here Chuck comes to save the day! And is saving the day a family thing, because Ellie sure is saving Morgan's butt. If I didn't lovelovelove Captain Awesome so much (where is he anyway?) this would start me on that train. But I'm not getting on the train, just saying that that was a nice moment. And I want me some more Awesome. Captain Awesome, that is.
  • Chuck just got funny... :)

    Ok, I hope I'm not going to get booed out now, but this was the first episode of Chuck that actually made me laugh...!! Everybody has been telling me that this show is the funniest, some even prefer it over Reaper (one of my favourites...) but I just haven't been able to get it! Untill this episode that is. The comment with the spastic colon is just freaking hilarious, and from there it just kept going. I'm finally starting to see what the Chuck-fuss is all about. I also liked the fact that it was Chuck who saved all the agents in the Chinese Restaurant. :) I'm glad that he finally got to have dinner with his sister in the end. I wonder how long it can be before he has to tell her what is going on...? ;)
  • All in all, a good episode.

    This episode was definately one of the best so far in the series. The show continues to surprise me with the episodes getting better and better each and every week.

    It has to be given a ten out of ten. The story was very good, with a good turn with Chuck being wrong, then trying to fix the trouble he has caused.

    Also the story on the side wasnt half bad either, with Morgan having to face his own challenge, of trying to get his sales up to keep his job.

    The show balanced these stories out well to make an overall brilliant episode, and this is why I will be waiting for more Chuck.
  • Another Great Installment!

    Chuck Flashes on a Waitress After reporting to Washington, Casey gives Chuck a pile of files to go through, telling him to blow off dinner - he may be the only one able to figure out why Mei-Ling is here.

    Ellie is not best please with Chuck with him missing dinner and that he better not miss the there special version of Mother's Day, Big Mike sets up a sales contest and Morgan looks worried. Sarah and Casey are on a Stakeout and follow the women into the Club, Mei-Ling starts shooting up the club, and Ben Lo Pan escapes Mei-Ling tells Chuck that Lee Cho is her brother, and Ben Lo Pan is Triad. Has Chuck just blown it?

    Chuck wants to help out after blowing the mission, Sarah and Casey decided to as well in the end. Three of them Stake out Ben Lo Pan place, just when they are getting away Chuck gets some fireworks and throws them into the van When the goons run out, he sneaks into the restaurant and frees everyone from the freezer. A big fight ensues, but in the end Lee Cho is rescued and Ben Lo Pan is caught.
  • chuck helps an agent get her bro back

    chuck, sarah and morgan go to a chinese diner where chuck sees a spy thats looking for her bro. chuck accidently helps the wheelchair bound boss of the villians during a stakeout. uh oh. morgan competes in a buy more buy off where he could get fired if he loses. chuck helps the woman get her brother back and chuck misses mothers day *a day where chuck and his sis celebrate the day their mother died. oh¬!* chu8cks sis buyts a load of stuff to get morgan into second place at buy more contest. anyway, good eppy. ay! i hope we see more comedy
  • Another good episode.

    Chuck faces his first moral dilemma as a spy. When Chuck sabotages the mission of a Chinese spy who is trying to save her kidnapped brother, Sarah and Casey refuse to help him fix his mistake. However, the spy forces Chuck to help her get him back, and Sarah and Casey help too, on the condition that she defects from her spy organization. Meanwhile, Morgan is caught in a dilemma of his own when Buy More forces him into a sales competition that could cost him his job, only later to find out it was a ploy to make the sales team work harder. It is also revealed that Chuck's mother left them and his father was never around, so he and his sister celebrate their mutual support with an annual party. I'm really enjoying this series, Chuck was great in this episode agian and Morgan's story was also funny. the show is great and very enjoyable to watch.
  • Another great show!

    Things run amok for Chuck in this very well written out outing. Somehow, and only the way Chuck could, Chuck gets in bad with the Chinese and they have their equalizer, an assassin! All's well that ends well, however, and Chuck and his fellow agents are safe for the moment. Chuck realizes that he has to give alot of time to each and everyone while trying to be normal. This show packed in the action, packed in the funny momments and even drew in some character development, especially on the side of Chuck. With the superb writing going into this show I am hanging out to watch where this show is going to go!
  • Chuck has finally hit its stride and proving the last two excellent episodes wasn't a fluke.

    Chuck has finally hit its stride and proving the last two excellent episodes wasn't a fluke. This week the ball gets rolling right off the bat when Chuck IDs a staff member at restaurant as a Chinese spy. The team investigates and Chuck goes on his first stakeout but miss-diagnoses the situation believing it to be an assassination attempt. After the Chinese agent's mission is blown, she then contacts Chuck insisting on his help and he agrees out of guilt. The four of them then devise a plan but end up walking into a trap and it's up to Chuck to save the day.

    Meanwhile, a sales competition is happening at the Buy More and Morgan's job is on the line as he's in last place. Chuck and Ellie's relationship is further being strained in this episode due to his secret. When Chuck has to skip out on their special Mother's Day holiday, she and Morgan end up bonding a bit.

    It's great that we no longer see Chuck resisting his job. He knows he has this responsibility but is also fully aware he's no where near spy quality. He approaches everything with the "Ok, I'll do this but I'm suppose to be home by 8" attitude. It'll be interesting to see if either Ellie or Morgan learn of Chuck's secret as it's putting a huge strain on their relationship and he could use one of them covering for him.

    This episode was sadly void of any great scenes with Casey though. It would have been interesting to see how Casey does do as a sales man as we've previously seen him getting tips from Morgan. Apparently he does do an ok job though according to the sales chart. Instead our Buy More screen time focused mainly on Morgan. His story was rather hilarious and touching. We see him completely blow all his sales attempts and then when he finally gets a freebie, he gives it up to do the honorable thing and gets a girl's number as a result. However, it's all quickly undone when his co-workers come over in an attempt to help him out which just goes horribly wrong.

    The one thing this series hasn't really covered yet is Ellie's character. While she has a decent amount of screen time this episode, she's still not really used much. I think this was actually the first time to see her character outside of the apartment. Every episode is just her waiting around for Chuck feeling hurt and abandoned by him. But at least her caring and protecting nature for Chuck is explained in this episode when the origin of their Mother's Day holiday is explained.

    Overall this was a very entertaining episode that kept quick pace. Chuck has been consistently solid the last couple weeks and is proving to be one of the best new shows this season.

    What I learned from this episode:
    - If you need fireworks, look for the white junkie hanging out in China town
    - When you go on a spy mission, it's probably best not to wear your company jacket
  • This show is becoming a must watch each week!

    This week Chuck faces the Chinese Mafi leader. Funny thing is he helps the leader "Ironside", who is in a wheel chair, get in his limo and escape being caught. We see a new aspect of the show where Chuck begins missing his old events with his friends and family. Sarah and Casey are great in this episode like always. We also find out that Chuck and his sister's mother passed away and their dad was never around much. That might find it's way into a later storyline somehow. Bryce wasn't mentioned much in this episode, hopefully they don't get away from the whole Bryce and Sarah thing becasue that could go places ad bring in some very action-packed episodes. Go Chuck!!!
  • Review

    It was a little slow during the first section of the show, but the writing really picked up storywise and personally for some of our characters. I think the fact that "Dr. Awesome" wasnt able to make it in this episode is leading to a breakup between the two. Weither Sara and Morgan will hook up because of it is still not known, but I think it could be an interesting storyline. I liked the aspects of this episode a lot. I thought the first part of the episode setting up the storyline with the wheelchair man was simply "average". Once Chuck began the stake-out though I thought the episode got so much funnier and so much better written. I liked the way that storyline concluded, with some action and comedy mixed in from Chuck when he was in the van watching the cameras...classic Chuck. I thought the little bit of background with Chuck and Elle is going to set up there mother to return maybe sometime. It might not...thats something a show like Alias would do, not so much Chuck. Morgans storyline was filler, but it was a funny type of filler and he actually began to have a friendship with Elle, which I thought was kind of cool. Overall, solid episode dont know why its rated so low here.
  • Big Chuckle in Little China

    I love that Chuck has more going on in any given episode than most two hour movies do, and it's funnier to boot. This one is no exception. International intrigue, chop socky action complete with freeze frame cinematography, and, of course, a hot dog break / strategy meeting. References to "Big Trouble in Little China", "Star Wars", and "Chinatown" provided extra CHUCKles. All that was missing was a sacrificial virgin with green eyes and a cameo from Kurt Russell. The sudden friendship between Morgan and Elle was a little forced, but all in all a fine episode.
  • Chinese food, Chinese spies, and Chuck another great combo.

    This was a fun episode, with a romp through China town and lots of action. I love the illusion to Ironside and that the bad guy gets help from Chuck who is just being a good guy. Nice guys finish last, well sometimes, if you are Chuck, you get a way to redeem yourself, free the hostage and get the bad guys.
    The relationship between Chuck and his sister is being more developed and I think her boyfriend will slowly be seen less and less, he is not really needed as a character. Morgan is priceless and working at the store is realistic, I used to work at something similar, but they did not give a hoot about political correctness on their hiring or firing practices.
  • Chuck saves the day again but needs to get his spy work and personal life in check.

    Chuck gets involved with Triads when he unsuspectedly foils the rescue of a Chinese diplomat, the diplomats sister tells Chuck he needs to help her rescue her brother or else she'll kill him, Chuck then manages to get Sarah and Casey on board but when the two agents and the Chinese girl gets captured it's up to Chuck to rescue them.

    Along with his spy work Chuck needs to balance his work, friends and family life but there's just not enough time in the day and unfortunately let's both Morgan and Elle down.

    Personally I think this is the better comedy shows I've seen in a long time, hope it gets renewed for a second season.
  • Chuck and the agents vs. the Triad.

    This episode had the trifecta: great comedy, great action and great character development. This episode didn't focus so much on the agents and their relationship with Chuck but more so Chuck and his relationship with his sister and Morgan. The story in this episode was pretty much cut and dry. This week's episode starts out with an Asian spy's brother being kidnapped by the Triad and after Chuck identifies her Chuck and the agents try to figure out why she is in America. After they help the agent get her brother back Chuck has to go back to his normal life of being a best friend to Morgan and brother to his sister. The real draw for me in this episode was seeing how tight the relationships are between Chuck and his sister and Chuck and Morgan. They are an important part of the show and what keep Chuck grounded. Seeing Chuck struggle to give everyone equal time is what keeps the show from being too over the top in my opinion. I am looking forward to the future episodes of this season and future seasons as well.
  • great episode

    Morgan's having a hard time selling at the Buy More store. His boss tells him that he needs to sell something or he'll get fired. Morgan invites Sarah and Chuck to chinese restaurant but the ordinary night becomes extraordinary when Chuck gets a flash of a girl disguised as a cook. It's a really exciting episode, when Chuck's gets a flash, it really makes the scene a lot more exciting. I really enjoyed this episode, I can't wait for the next one. The writers are able to make this show funny and exciting at the same time. It's a great episode.
  • Good episode

    I liked this episode, but not as much as the first 3. I thought it was a little cheesy at parts. It's always the same thing, something huge happens and they have to use Chuck, who unwillingly goes with them, and ends up disobaying orders and ends up saving the day. And, he's in love with Sarah, who seems to be confused about him. Just get together already oh my god. We know it's gonna happen sonner or later, so just get it over with. My god. Get on with it Chuck. I find Morgan kinda annoying, they need to kill him off, or get him a girlfriend, or do something usefull with him.
  • Chuck faces the real consequences of his double life for the first time.

    Chuck gets himself, Casey and Sarah into trouble with the Chinese mafia and a Chinese assassin, but so far there's nothing new in regard to the troubled life he's having. Right? Wrong!

    Different from the other movies or shows that tried to depict a normal person tossed in the middle of the ceaseless firing the world of espionage is, "Chuck" once more innovated with the whole drama of the main character having to let down his sister and best friend because he can't even tell them why he's been acting so strange lately. Okay, the drama is not that big, but the fact that one show can so easily merge comedy, action and drama genre elements into one show is really worth of praise.

    Many people may not like this episode because of the total time Morgan appeared in it. But I, for one, liked the character more thanks to it, which was going into the opposite direction lately. Also, the lines of the episode were once again superb.

    What else can I say rather than:

    Stay tuned!
  • Chuck gets to go on first stakeout!

    Chuck is really confused between helping his old life like his family and his job at Buy More. And his new life as an secret agent. When he fumbles and helps out someone that he should who really wants to kill an old man in a wheelchair. But don't let the old man fool anybody. Sarah and Casey don't want to help him after he fumbled that one. But Sarah you can tell, really wants to help him out. Meanwhile, Morgan may lose his job as he is doing his best to cover up for his buddy. Makes you feel bad for Morgan to be honest with you.
  • Chuck is forced to choose between his new life and his old one as a series of events surrounding a Chinese consulate and his secret agent sister keep pre-empting Chuck's plans for normalcy. Meanwhile his sister and best friend get left behind.

    This was a disappointing episode, I had been holding off on getting into this show, because networks have been a little cancel-happy these last few seasons, especially of series (Studio 60) that are so critically lauded. So against my better judgement I watched the last four episodes on my TiVo on Sunday, and of course, loved them. This show is so smart, sweet and satisfying its like eating a four course meal. So imagine my chagrin when last night's episode was mediocre by comparision. I am hoping that next week will present a more satisfying viewing experience, I wouldn't want to think I had wasted my time after all.
  • This show just keeps getting worse.

    I'm sorry, I reaslly want to like this show. But it's just getting it more and more wrong each week.

    Morgan - There is nothing about this character that I like. He's not funny, he's obnoxious, and the writers try too hard to make him a part of the story. But it's the same joke over and over and over again, so it was only funny the first time. We get it, he's obsessed with Chuck, let's move on already!

    Ellie - Can she actually be involved in the story? She just seems to be there to be there. She either complains to Check or gushes to Check but she's never actually involved in any crucial parts of the episodes. The only really good thing she does is give Captain Awesome a reason to be there. And he wasn't even in tonight's episode!

    Sarah - Sarah is supposed to be a strong, smart, secret agent. So why is it that in every episode since the pilot she has been captured, held at gunpoint, taken hostage, etc.? Could that be any more of a cliche?

    Casey - So far, the most entertaining character. (Except for Captain Awesome). But, much like Morgan, runs the risk of getting old if it never changes. So far, it hasn't happened. But I worry because I don't see any sign of change yet.

    Chuck - Okay, he's sweet, cute, likeable, heroic but knows his limits, geeky, he's perfect. And he does the same stuff every episode. So my biggest problem seems to be, in review, that nothing ever changes. Every episode is more or less the same, largely cliche and done before, and the whole show is getting really stale for me really fast. If it doesn't start changing soon, and for the better, I'm going to give it up.
  • Kill me now...

    I liked this series until tonight's episode which had me laughing out loud... and not in a good way... The whole scene where Ellie and Morgan are sitting talking by themselves at the counter was some of the worst writing ever... I was really hoping NBC had turned a corner with Monday nights but Chuck will certainly not be the saving grace... Heroes and Journeyman will help but Chuck is rapidly becoming the dumbest premise and written show on television...

    Now if the goal was to appeal to my 12-year-old then they might just have it... One more chance next Monday...
  • First stakeout

    While out with Morgan and Sarah, Chuck see an Chinese agent. Casey and Sarah decide to track her. They realize that she is going to kill an old man in a wheel chair. Chuck helps the old man into his car and then realizes that he did the wrong thing and tries to make things right but Casey and Sarah dont want to help. Chuck is beginning to have trouble balancing his double life with that of his family and friends. Elese where Morgan is trying not to get fired because of a sales competition. Chuck and his sister are celebrating Mothers Day.