Season 2 Episode 13

Chuck Versus the Suburbs

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 16, 2009 on NBC

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  • I'm sold Chuck is high priority on my DVR

    As a custom coder, i'm usually around a computer all day so it's safe to say that my tv is usually always on. I've watched many new series come and go for the last couple of years and have to say that Chuck has really impressed me.

    Not only do the characters all have appealing qualities but you really feel a sense of closeness to each one. Whether you're one of those, that want Chuck & Sarah to finally get together or you don't, their chemistry on screen literally keeps you glued to your seat for me.

    Now what can I say about Chuck versus the suburbs that I liked... For starters Jenny McCarthy was on it, now i'm not going to follow the traditional footsteps and say she's hot or anything like that, Nay. It's just that she's so darn likable as a person overall, it's so refreshing to see an attractive woman not having to be so serious all the time and just literally have fun with whatever their doing. I just recently caught her on the morning news show The Daily Buzz where she even makes that cast more energetic and light hearted.So for me having her on any show is always a plus, for numerous reasons. I absolutely loved the way this episode portrayed that Chuck would do anything he could to protect Sarah. It appeared that Sarah really took notice of this as well, when he pretended to have the intersect scanned at her as well. It was really a touching moment between the two as he reached out for her to sheild her from the images(even tho she could literally kick his butt anyday) it was just a touching moment to see the both of them surrender into each other in vulnerability.

    That being said it's starting to wear a bit thin now, we've seen that they have feelings for each other many many many times already. Also, it's been established multiple times that the two have doubts about being together - there's always a reason between them two. They get so close to being a real couple then by some sick twist they think "for the best" it's not a good idea.

    However, we've never really seen Chuck verbalize it. Meaning we've heard the two of them say there's no way something can happen between them (even though they want it to). We're usually greeted with both Chuck & Sarah longing for the other but Acknowledging it cannot happen, but we've never seen one of them ACCEPTING the scenerio as we finally do when Chuck explains to his sister that he understands where things finally stand between them two.

    For me this show has done no wrong, and I look forward to catching it every week
  • Another fun twist, in another wacky situation. (Mmm, Jenny McCarthy...)

    Ah, the suburbs. Painted exactly the same on every TV show ever. Happy homemaker, Martha Stuart type stuff. "Howdy, neighbor! Would you like some pie? We should get together and play golf!" All the stereotypes and cliches are here, but what I love about this show is that they turn it on its head!

    Chuck and Sarah are undercover as a newlywed suburbanite couple, searching for a FULCRUM agent posing in the neighbor hood. I loved the twist that the entire community were fulcrum agents! (It helped to see guest stars Andy Richter and the still hot, Jenny McCarthy!)

    It was a fun idea to throw Chuck and Sarah in that kind of environment, but unfortunately, there isn't too much time to explore it (we only get the breakfast scene) Like Chuck himself, I would have liked moretime spent there.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Charles Carmichael

    Another agent is found in a very disturbed state and all he can say is "salamander". His last assignment was traced to a suburban neighborhood. The CIA is able to get a house in that neighborhood for Chuck and Sarah to go undercover as a married couple. A beautiful lady across the street is coming on to Chuck at their house warming party. Casey finds a hidden mic and traces it back to her husband who is in FULCROM. Chuck's mission is to get into their house and on their computer and see if anything flashes. When Chuck finally gets to the computer, guesses the correct password and logs on, it has the same effect that the INTERSECT computer had on him. Chuck is pulled of the mission by the General, but flashes on something that lets him know that the whole neighborhood is FULCROM. When he goes back to the neighborhood to save Sarah and Casey he gets caught and the run their version the INTERSECT on him. He pretends to be part of FULCROM long enough to let Sarah know to close her eyes while Casey runs the program on all of the FULCROM agents, either killing them or driving them insane.

    On the store front, Big Mike is getting a divorce and is very depressed and taking it out on the employees. They decide to help him get a date online and it turns out well. She comes to meet him at the Buy More the next day only to tell him her son works there. She turns out to be Morgan's mother, and he is not happy.
  • Pretty good but some of the brain/intersect stuff was a bit too silly for my taste

    This was solidly entertaining. The cast of this show is so strong that no matter how silly the plots get it is still enjoyable to watch. The neighbourhood barbeque and the scene with Chuck and the blond neighbour trying to seduce him were quite hilarious. But the reason I found it overly silly is the way that the computer images in the spy lab were supposedly lethal to people in the room not wearing special glasses. Without some sort of more convincing pseudoscientific explanation as to how that was supposed to be possible/plausible, my mind just could not accept it. And so that is my one complaint this time. but still fun to watch.
  • Chuck

    It is Valentine's day and emotions are boiling at the Buy More. However, Big Mike has to face a divorce, so the Buy More team try to distract him.

    Meanwhile, Chuck and Sarah go undercover as a married couple in the suburbs. This another good episode maybe not as good as the last three which where chuck on top form but still funny at times this is what I would call a typical chuck episode sticking to the easy formula of hes in the intersect lets capture him then develop the sarah chuck relationship. thats is why it gets this rating.
  • Awesome!

    Chuck Season 2 Episode 13 Chuck Versus the Suburbs
    Chuck and Sarah must pretend to be a married couple to discover a FULCRUM agent in the suburb they are. In the mean time, the Nerd Herd team tries to set a date for Big Mike on the internet.

    This one, Chuck vs the Suburb, was a rlly good and funny episode. I rlly liked it. I dont know why it didnt get a higher rating, it was rlly good.
    As it turns out, the whole place was full of FULCRUM agents, and they were Chuck's neighbors. They're making tests on humans to find the intersect, and they find Chuck.
    Rlly great episode, great on comedy and great on action.
  • This wasn't my suburbs.

    I was kinda laughing at the stereotypical neighborhood. I live in the suburbs and this wasn't even close. However all was explained when we learned that the neighborhood was just a cover for Fulcrom. I thought bringing Fulcrom in this manner I thought was a neat twist and pretty creative. Especially when it's discovered what they are up to, which means more trouble and Chuck's in deeper danger. It's a good thing he's embraced his agent status. I thought the side bar of big Mike's divorce was amusing but the sexual undertones I thought were a little much and over done. But it was funny to find out Mike's dating Morgan's mum....
  • After a CIA agent dies, Chuck and crew are sent to investigate. They discover that FULCRUM is developing is own version of the intersect. Chuck again has files downloaded into his brain, only this time they are FULCRUM files which he uses to defeat them.

    Simply awesome. Chuck and Sarah playing "house" is hilarious. Interesting how after the mission is completed both Chuck and Sarah seem disappointed (Sarah less so of course being the consumate professional)at ending the charade. Great performance by guest star Andy Richter as the gregarious neighbor turned FULCRUM agent. Add to that the fact that we learn FULCRUM is developing it's own intersect - which gets downloaded into Chuck's head no less (That makes three downloads so far! lol) - and we get a strong contender for the Chuck hall of fame. Did I forget to mention Emmett's new hair cut? Not to mention at the Buy More big Mike is getting a divorce and is taking it out on the nerd herd so the guys decide to set Mike up with some internet dating but fakes his personal details. Mike meets a woman and has a great night and invites her to the Buy More because he feels guilty about lying to her. The women walks in and we find it's Morgan's mum big Mike has been dating! Great comedy there. All in all after having a week off (boo), Chuck delivers a solid installment.
  • A Feel good episode.

    It's valentines, Chuck and Sara have to play a married couple to infiltrate a peaceful housing estate in the suburbs after an undercover operative is found in a state of mental shock.
    Using there cover as a happily married couple Chuck and Sara use a house warming Bar-B-Q to get their neighbours around and see who could be the spy, unfortunately no one flash's on Chuck and so it's back to the drawing board, however once back at the Buy More Chuck flash's on a leaflet of the housing estate and finds it's purpose built for Fulcrum and must now go back to inform Sara and Casey who are still there, naturally all the residents are Fulcrum agents who are creating a similar device to the intersect and after Chuck is captured is interrogated and forced to have the Fulcrum information uploaded like he had the intersect...... Casey saves the day but no is Chuck more powerful with both intersects information inside his brain.

    Back at the Buy More big Mike is facing a divorce and is taking it out on the nerd herd so Morgan, Lester and Jeff decide to set Mike up with some internet dating but fudge his personal details a bit, Mike meets someone and has a great night but invites her to the Buy More as he cannot lie at what he doe's, the women walks in and we find it's Morgans mum big Mike has been dating, never saw that coming and probably the funniest part of the episode.
  • Chuck going to the suburbs is one of the greatest plots to date on this show. We get an inside look at a a 'what could've been 'moment with Sarah and Chuck. Add on top of that a unforeseen twist with Chuck now having Fulcrums intersect.

    You couldn't ask for a greater episode. It added a great twist with Chuck now having Fulcrums computer in his brain. This can open up the show for many more future plots and it will be interesting to see where they take it from here. The Chuck and Sarah relationship is becoming one of the most rooted for couples on television and I believe we will probably see a cliffhanger on at the end of the season regarding the relationship between these two. The Whole Buy more subplot was one of the better subplots that we've seen in a while and boy was it great to see that ending. Morgan will take a lot of heat for that, i'm sure...
  • Fun episode where Chuck and Sarah pretend to be a married couple.

    This was another lovely Chuck episode. The suburbs scenario was a good one and although it did not work out for Chuck and Sarah it still gave them an idea of what life together might be like. Of course all the neighbours turned out to be nasty fulcrum agents and now Chuck has their secrets lodged in his brain as well as the original intersect one. This opens the show up to even more plots. There were also lots of fun Buy More scenes where Morgan and co were trying to set up Big Mike on a hot Valentine's Day date. I loved the fact that the date turned out to be Morgan's mother! All good fun!
  • Chuck and Sarah go undercover as a married couple

    Chuck and Sarah posing as a married couple was an interesting dynamic for the two. They both felt comfortable in the scenario initially as which of course only made things worse for them in the long run. They Cleary want to be together but can't be because of the nature the situation they now find themselves in. Jenny McCarthy and Andy Richter guess starred as Fulcrum agents along with the rest of the neighbourhood. It turned out the Fulcrum agents were ones continuing work on their version of the Intersect, discovered when Chuck turned on their computer and received a similar data influx, like the one Bryce sent him. Chuck has the intersect in his mind and only one of few people who can handle it which set up a pretty intense finale, as Chuck and Casey turned on Fulcrum's Intersect and used it to fry the minds of all the Fulcrum agents. At the Buy More the nerd-herders set Big Mike up on a date with turned to be none other than Morgan's Mum.
  • a show-changer

    Chuck cashes in on some belated Valentine's Day action, only to take the feel-good holiday and stomp it flat on its face. All in the name of dramedy of course. An agent buckled mentally while on a mission in the Valley and not, according to Casey, because he was in the Valley. The FBI wants Sarah and Chuck to inflitrate the surburb by posing as a married couple. Chuck first gets a little uncomfortable but then jumps on board when he views it as an opportunity to see what a future with Sarah Could be like. Chuck tells Ellie he and Sarah are "house-sitting" but Ellie sees it as a perfect opportunity for the 'couple' to grow stronger. At Buy More, Big Mike just broke up with his wife and now channeling his frustation into his job. Morgan and crew decide the best way to keep the slacker status quo is to set Big Mike up with someone else. Even Emmett jumps on board. Hilarious. Hilarious too is that Emmett even wears a toupee? to try and please his off-screen lover. Chuck and Sarah infiltrate the suburb and find that the neighbors are a bit too warm and cozy-cozy. They welcome their new neighbors with big-open arms. Straight out of a horror movie. Casey inflitrates as a cable repair guy. Chuck and Sarah have a neigborhood picnic so Chuck can flash on anyone, no help, where Chuck is sexually harrassed by a blonde woman (Jennie McCarthy) looking for satisfaction because her old-stuffy husband can't. Chuck veers away and meets a jolly man (Andy Richter), the leader of the neighborhood festivities. Casey finds a wire-tap in Chuck and Sarah's home and pinpoints it to Blondie's husband who is surprise, surprise, a Fulcrum agent. In order to find more answers, Chuck is going to have to take up Blondie's offer. Chuck looks to Sarah to not have him pimped out but no luck. The next morning, Sarah makes Chuck breakfast and Chuck gets to see Sarah not as battle-ready but more softer, more girlie. I still wouldn't mess around with Sarah though. Chuck knows their cover is a cover but he likes to pretend. Meanwhile, Morgan and crew's half-baked scheme starts as they enter Big Mike into a web matching site, fibbing along the way to find an attractive woman. Yeah, like that ever works. Back at the Valley, Chuck fumbles his way into seducing Blondie so he can find information but Blondie takes the sex-games a little too far by chaining Chuck to a bed and only leaving to get some drinks. Casey's advice for Chuck: break his own hand. Chuck reasonably refuses and yanks the keys with his feet. He finds a computer locked up, discovers the password, and overloads on what looks to be something close to the Intersect. Faint cue commences. Blondie's husband returns, Chuck finally flashes on new Intersect? and manages to escape to the public codemnation of the neighborhood. Sarah slaps Chuck in pretend anger so he can escape. Blondie reveals she is Fulcrum too when she and husband find that Chuck went to the computer as planned and survived in tact. They realize what an asset Chuck is. Chuck goes back to Buy More, where Big Mike asks Chuck's advice for dating, but Chuck tells him to do what he wants. Crews convinces him to lie. Chuck soon realizes a startling discovery: Blondie and husband aren't the only Fulcrum agents in the Valley. The whole Valley is Fulcrum. I wasn't expecting that. Jennie McCarthy was too easy since every role I've seen her in, she's playing a vixen, but the whole neighborhood? Does explain the creepy Stepford Wives-vibe. Surprised I didn't figure that out then. Even Andy Richter is Fulcrum and captures Casey. Sarah is captured shortly and Chuck comes to warn them, only to be captured too. Blondie, Richter, and agents strap Chuck into a chair. They want to experiment on him. The thing he flashed on? That was the Fulcrum version of the Intersect, detailing the agency's members and possible rivals. Chuck survived, something that wasn't supposed to happen, so Fulcrum decides to give Chuck full dosage. In a Clockwork Orange moment, Chuck is bombarded by the images, despite Sarah's pleas to stop. Remember how Casey said to break for Chuck to break his hand to escape? That's what he does to escape. Ouch. Chuck finishes the experiment, zoned out and zombified. Or at least that's what he leads Fulcrum to believe. Chuck survived all that and was mentally stable. Two things that shouldn't have happened. Chuck is one special man. He pretends to want to kill Sarah and shields her as Casey turns on the screen, killing all the agents who see it. At Buy More, Big Mike finally found a new love, amazingly. However, the slackers still have to work. Mike's date walks in and Mike informs her of the truth. His date admits a very shocking detail: she has a son that works at Buy More. A minute of who-could-it-be and in a shocking-in-a-brutal-way-it's-hilarious, it's Morgan's mom. His mom is sleeping with his boss and he still has to work hard. Wow. Chuck feels Valentine's isn't quite over and invites Sarah back to the Valley-house just to hang out and enjoy each other's company. Sarah finally tells him out that what they had at the Valley wasn't real and for her and Chuck, it can never happen, so Chuck should just stop trying. Poor Chuck. She shouldn't hurt him like that. Chuck walks away dejected and heartbreaken and no matter how many times it happens, it still stings. Ellie sees Chuck's disappointment and Chuck informs her that he and Sarah will always be just how they are now, no matter how much Ellie or he wants otherwise. And Chuck's okay with that. Not fine but okay. The FBI is seen dragging away the house items while Sarah holds on to her fake ring. It's a pivotal episode because the game has been changed. Chuck not only has the Intersect to deal with but Fulcrum's that will put his life in even greater jeopardy. No way is Fulcrum going to allow Chuck to walk around with their list in his head. The Fulcrum experiment proved that there is more going on with Chuck than previously realized, that something about him is special in order to withstand such an experiment and the Intersect. I have a theory now that Bryce didn't send Chuck the Intersect just because he trusted Chuck but because Bryce knows whatever is special about Chuck and knew Chuck would be the best one to plant the Intersect with. This holiday episode was better planned than the Thanksgiving episode and gave some liberty to the normally romantic holiday and gave plenty of surprises that will change the show around for weeks to come.
  • What would 'normal life' be like for Chuck and Sarah?

    While the episode began like a rip-off of the Alias episode "Welcome to Liberty Village", it soon took an ominous and series-changing turn with Chuck becoming a vessel for the Fulcrum Intersect. The scene in the kitchen with Sarah as the doting housewife was a charming if somewhat cliched look at normality between the perfect couple, and when Chuck's brain was being implanted I couldn't help realising that Chuck really could be an opposing equal to Sarah - she's got the martial arts skills, but he's got the brain and the heart.

    And Big Mike hooked up with Morgan's mother! I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard at a Buy More subplot, which usually bores me. Having said which, I'm beginning to wonder what exactly Tony Hale is still doing hanging around the Buy More; initially to shape up the troops, here he was helping the lazy Nerd Herd find Big Mike a lover so they could go back to being lazy. What exactly is his function now?

    Quote of the episode has to go to Chuck's response to Jenny McCarthy: "Charles Carmichael always comes early."
  • One of best episodes in a long time...

    There was something about this episode that pushes it out of the normal Chuckisodes, and that's what really makes me enjoy this episode immensely. The blend of comedy and seriousness was pretty well balanced, which this show excels at. The suburb beginning was a funny take on the stereotyped life people there live, which ramped up to the unexpected reveal the whole suburb was a Fulcrum stronghold. The slow reveal was handled superbly and caught me off guard.
    The Chuck and Sarah relationship issues were also handled well, the fun they had together as a couple to being torn apart due to the seriousness of the new situation adds more and more depth to a relationship that could have gone where most shows always go.
    And that's a huge reason to love Chuck, because it goes where most shows don't.
    And that "always comes quickly" was beyond hilarious. I totally didn't think I'd hear that.
  • Chuck, Sarah, and Casey visit the suburbs while the Buy More crew set up Big Mike on a date after his divorce. This is a pivotal episode with two major changes to the major plot storyline.

    A whole neighborhood is a Fulcrum facility. Great idea and one I am sure no one picked up on immediately. This episode will be remembered for making some major changes to the already interesting show.

    Chuck now has both the Intersect and the Fulcrum Intersect in his brain. It is sort of ominous that he is exposed as much as he is. Of course the show is over if they ever really pull him from front line duty so that's not going to happen try as they might. One of the positives to this is it might make him even more valuable as a field operative with this information in his brain even if they get the other Intersect up and running.

    Sarah's character keeps on dropping hints to Chuck that she really likes him but he is missing them by a mile. The whole Valentine's Day conversation at the beginning of the episode trying to get him to commit to really doing something for Valentine's Day and then all the nice things she does for him at the house which really wouldn't be necessary. I think you are lead to believe that there is a piece of her looking for normality and she sees she could have that with Chuck. One has to wonder how all this fake/real relationship would really effect the psyche of a normal person. After her relationship with Bryce it is easy to see that she could fall for Chuck for real, but she does not want to commit to him after her prior experience. We'll see if Chuck ever figures it out. Morgan's Mother shows up as the love interest for Big Mike. Again, didn't see that coming. Another interesting plot twist. This sort of brings us back into the Buy More environment and creates more interest in that sub plot.

    For some reason with all that was going on in this episode it was still a little lethargic. I'll have to watch it again to see why I feel that way.

    Keep up the good work.
  • a change in the show

    the whole suburbs thing would be a great thing for the on and off romance for Chuck and Sarah but its not. The agents get caught in a full neighborhood of fulcrum agents. Chuck soon figures that out in the end but only in time to save Sarah and not himself from being a wanted man by fulcrum even more then he is now. After the startling buy more scam, that Mike is dating Morgans mom. Chuck returns home after a devasting blow from Sarah as she pushes her to realize that they will never be again,Chuck still upset after tells Ellie everything that she doesnt want to hear.

    the episode overall was okay the scene in the kitchen where Sarah and Chuck bond after Sarah has her "Martha Stewert" moment.
    i didnt like the plot that Sarah is pushing away Chuck when he is going to need her most but still its a drama.i wish the writers would stop putting little Chuck and Sarah moments and let them break rules and then do the drama thing again.
    i thought the whole Mike dating Morgans mom is a way to bring more Buy More comedy other then the starky remarks of Buy More family.
  • Chuck catching a glimpse of his ideal life.

    That was a series classic and a real great example what this show is all about: the combination of everyday problems and great spy assignments with a touch of comedy that makes this show awesome. This episode showed how would Chuck' and Sara's lives would be if the series finishes now , and probably how confortable would they be living like that.Nevertheless the spy thing is always in the way , that's why I don't think they will end up married living happily ever after , because that would suck turning the show in a soap opera. Big Mike's dating matter adds the comedy part to this episode that is a sure thing every time we watch Chuck.
  • At some point in the episode I felt like I was watching a combination of a Clock Work Orange and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

    This episode made everything a little extra cheesy. Chuck's mission this time around is to be married with Sarah, and move to the Suburbs and see if Chuck flashes on anything. At some point in the episode I felt like I was watching a combination of a Clock Work Orange and the Raiders of the Lost Ark; this should be very clear when you see it.
    I had expected more from Chuck after the Super Bowl publicity it got; I would think the ratings went up before this one, but it seemed as though they wanted to disappoint the fans and make kind of a recap of how things have come to where they are.
    Its kind of like making an episode for those new to the series and having them know what its all about. Without one of the key characters of course. I'm my best to leave out spoilers and hope anyone gets my points once they have seen the episode.

    It's Chuck so you have to see it!
  • It wasn't as funny as most other episodes are, but it was entertaining

    Please moguls of television, never put Jenny McCarthy on screen again. I could think of several better guest stars for that role. The story was OK, the ending was nice though, with Chuck and Sarah having another "too bad we're not not really in a relationship" moment. Hopefully, at the end of this season, they will finally stop pretending and hook up. Unless I missed something, how did Chuck resist Fulcrum's brain-washing? Maybe he will relapse on a later episode? I'm glad they have Sarah's character getting more meaningful screen time. As much as I liked her previous cover job's outfit, they couldn't keep her just as eye candy forever. Looking forward to next episode...
  • Can you say dual Identity? Chuck's bumbling into another brain refresh, this time with Fulcum's data! All while the playful tension between with a faux marriage of Chuck and Sarah plays out in a suburban circle of deadly Fulcrum agents.

    The continuing saga of Chuck and Sarah sizzles in suburbia while they house sit. Of course it turns into an assignment for the least likely secret agent in charge of Sarah's heart! Fulcrum surrounds the unsuspecting while they pursue a known bad guy living next to Mr & Mrs Carmichael. A cool guest appearance of Jenny McCarthy as a sexy bad-guy woman was fun and she showed her talent. Too bad she loses in the end. She'd be a good repeat for the future. Her husband was the standard bad guy that as soon as you see him you know he's bad! This episode had the usual twists and turns you expect, but the tension between Chuck and Sarah, on again, off again, on again is getting a little tired. It'd be great to allow them one night, one trip, one moment in time where they consummate the real affection they have without any twists. The Buy More story line should be brought back in to the front but add some new cast that add more character. Get rid of the new corporate guy, he's boring. I always look forward to every new episode of Chuick and this one doesn't let you down.
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