Season 3 Episode 18

Chuck Versus the Subway

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 24, 2010 on NBC

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  • Holy Crap! You gotta have a plan!

    Shaw is back. And to my complete and utter surprise, he makes a formidable adversary. Chuck has had many colorful and memorable villains in the past, but Shaw might be the greatest. Holy crap did I just say that?
    There were a lot of 'Holy crap!' moments in Vs. The Subway, my favorite Chuck episode this season.

    Holy Crap! Ellie Knows Chuck's a spy!
    Finally, FINALLY! Ellie is brought out of the dark about Chuck's secret. They'd been building to this the moment she came back from Africa, but the moment she sees Chuck fighting with her own eyes is just so great. Sarah Lancaster's shock and confusion is well played and I'm sure the actress couldn't wait for this. She actually got a TON of great material here, and I'm glad, because she's long overdue for some great scenes.

    Holy Crap! Shaw turned the CIA against Team Bartowski!
    I loved the hearing on whether the government should discontinue the Chuck's intersect program. Shaw really worked the superiors, and I can't believe it, but I was thoroughly impressed with Brandon Routh. His wooden acting style really suits this character. Yes, that was a backhanded compliment. I haven't gone soft just yet! But seeing that he had an intersect of his own was a cool surprise and he has completely become Chuck's rival and equal. Love it. And the team was in deep do with all three of them eventually being captured and even Gen. Beckman's tiny butt was hauled away!

    Holy Crap! Casey and Alex!
    I love the development that Casey has a daughter. This was played really well, with his Baldwin's equal parts awkwardness and fatherly concern. I would love for Alex to be a regular on the show next year, and it is great to see Casey finally have some personal stake in all the action and drama now. Morgan, who has gone from annoying best friend, to genuinely lovable supporting player is a great romantic prospect for her. His work with Casey has already been a highlight of Season 3, so adding his hot daughter to the mix should provide absolute gold next year!

    Holy Crap! The killed him!
    And so Scott Bacula is no more. At least not on Chuck. You could feel that Shaw was going to shoot him, but we were still hoping we wouldn't see it. Alas. Shaw caps Papa Bartowsky right in front of Chuck- in cold blood simply to trigger an emotion. Truly villainous! And a sad moment. (Could have done without that music, though) Poor Chuck-and even worse, Ellie witnessed from afar. This is the most empathy we've felt with the siblings, and by ep's end- with Chuck's sorrow and Ellie's rage, we are with them 100% on the move for vengeance in the last episode! And Awesome and Morgan are so willing to help! Everything is in place for a last hour of amazing!
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