Season 3 Episode 18

Chuck Versus the Subway

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 24, 2010 on NBC

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  • Ellie finds out about Chuck's involvement with the CIA, Shaw turns out to be alive, and Casey reveals to his estranged daughter that he is her father.

    This episode was filled with sorrow, surprises, and something that no one would ever expect. This was probably the saddest episode I have seen of season 3, it was heartbreaking to see the final scene of this episode. Shaw turns out be alive as he continues to be in the CIA, while everyone still believes that Chuck is going crazy because of the intersect. The general fights to keep the intersect program going on, but the CIA has to fight against it when Chuck, Sarah, and Casey mistakenly break in to the CIA, they thought they were breaking in to the Ring's base while hunting down Shaw. Meanwhile Ellie is still being held by Justin at the same CIA base that Chuck, Sarah & Casey have broken in to. Chuck, unknowingly beats Justin thinking he is a ring operative, in the process Ellie finds out that Chuck is involved with the CIA. Morgan leads Devon to believe that Ellie is cheating on him. Chuck's father wants Chuck to run away from the CIA, he begs to differ. Chuck's father manages to build something that will help Chuck's brain from deteriorating. Shaw makes Sarah, Chuck, and Casey turn against the CIA reluctantly. While trying to prove that Shaw was the intersect, Chuck ends up stabbing Shaw, and ends up leaving with his father. Sarah ends up threatening Shaw to make him confess of what happened on the night of Paris. Then Casey also goes on the run, to save his estranged daughter, Alex. Alex finds out that John Casey is her father and she gets possession of all of John Casey's things at the BuyMore locker. Devon & Morgan explain everything to Ellie about the CIA business. Chuck & his father decide to go back to save Sarah and Casey once their imprisoned against their will. They end up going to the Ring's real base with the help of Ellie. Shaw ends up shooting Chuck's father, Ellie witnesses the whole thing. The final scene: Chuck is devastated, and he thinks there is no one else to save them. Shaw has won, while Sarah & Casey are both waiting to be imprisoned in the car. The final scene gave us fans hope after the heartbreaking scene in which Chuck's father dies. Ellie has become a woman on the verge when she decides to save Chuck, Sarah, and Casey with the help of Morgan & Devon. This was an amazing episode, and it suited well as a season finale on it's own. This episode made me realize that the actual finale will be amazing. A great episode that had a bit of everything that stored what the fans have been waiting for all season.
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