Season 4 Episode 2

Chuck Versus the Suitcase

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 27, 2010 on NBC

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  • Chuck Vs The Counter-intuitive Direction

    from the first minute, this episode irked me. i've seen every past episode, i know how the show flows and that yes occasionally we're dealing with actresses whom should really not have speaking roles in, anything. this episode's antagonist, played by Karina Kurkova, was terrible. i know you cant ask too much from most models, but there had to be at least one producer that said 'im glad this chick doesnt have any dialog while walking.' her initial interaction with Chuck, was like Mr Bean and Inspector Clouseau reaching for the same tictac- and the ADR job in that scene was terrible. you might have just put peanut butter on the roof of her mouth and let just replace all her lines in post. after the thirty minute mark, i had to rewind the episode to see who i could name responsible for this horrible episode, and lo, i found the name of the director, Gail Mancuso. i couldn't understand why this episode was so poorly directed, i initially thought Gail Mancuso was a first time director, i certainly didnt recognize her name from any feature films, which most of the previous directors of Chuck have as their background. After a trip down to IMDb- i found that no, Gail Mancuso was not some newbie director trying to find her style, she is infact quite an accomplished sitcom director, from many many shows i have seen, such as 30 Rock. i'd like to say i hated the episodes she directed, as much as i hated this episode of Chuck- but this is not the case. Gail Mancuso is a Sitcom director. Chuck is Not a sitcom. Chuck is a nerd-centric spy action show.
    Gail did succeed in the BuyMore but failed out loud in the field. especially with her usage of Lou Ferrigno. if the producers keep going for the Sitcom feel for chuck, i'd rather see it canceled then have a schticky 5th season.
  • My oh my...

    I Knew, since the beginning of this season that we would have the jeffster back... Unfortunately for me, this "duo" is the worst one we had on TV!
    In every show, we have our "dumb guy" acting and beeing funny as he is. But we don't have, like 10 guys like that.
    Having Morgan beeing quite outside, and a spy is fun! But Having those 2 guys, which would NEVER had a job, acting as they are, in a place like this? No no no. Enough is enough!

    In Friends, we had Joey. One guy beeing crazy, and we laughed about everything he does.
    But in Chuck, we cannot have 10-15 guys, beeing Joyes, and still have everything going fine!

    I LOVE chuck, but I cannot stand those old guys beeing back...

    Oh wait! Big Mike is still in the credits! Si let's wait ofr him! (I like him, by the way :p )
  • 402

    In the season premiere of Chuck, it felt like something was missing, and I finally know what it was: the supporting characters and I realized this episode focused more on the mission if anything else, which I think is the thing this show should stick with it.

    A clever surprise with the bullets being in the sequin dress and a nice tie in to Chuck and Sarah's plot, the Achilles heel, in which Chuck starts worrying that him & Sarah are going to breakup when Sarah wont unpack her suitcase. The relationship plots never impress me much, but in this case it did, with it's rather surprising ending.

    Who knows, maybe Chuck & Sarah might break up, and the writers will keep them apart until the show ends, which is what a lot of shows do, but for right now, all Sarah has is doubt.

    A great mission, and an enjoyable which had a great balance of all the characters, nice to see things back to the norm.
  • Finally the emotions are back ...

    Don't get me wrong, I liked season 3, I just never got the fuzzy, warm feeling in my stomach I had during seasons 1 and 2. Season 3 -- coming with Chuck's new abilities, which I still don't like that much -- was much more action driven and much less about the wonderful, often emotional interaction between the characters. I was missing the calmer moments, like the beautiful scenes at the fountain in the yard at Chuck's appartment and -- as strange as it might sound -- even though according to the story, Chuck and Sarah were supposed to be even closer than they had been before becoming a couple, it actually felt as if the emotions between them had become less. The warm and fuzzy feeling I was talking about before, hasn't come back fully yet, but it's slowly building up again. There were some wonderful scenes between Chuck and Sarah in this episode and what I liked most about it is, that the whole mission part was over quite a bit before it ended, leaving space for some slower, more emotional moments. Maybe I'm wrong, but for me during the first two season, "Chuck" never really was a spy show first of all. I rather thought, that the whole spy stuff was mainly a vehicle for what else was going on between the characters (I hardly remember any mission related details, but I remember a lot of the more romantic, emotional or sometimes even sad scenes between Chuck and Sarah or the beautiful moments between Chuck and Ellie or Chuck and Morgan for instance). So in that sense, I really hope that the writers are going to remember, what originally made the show great and give us more moments like the ones we finally got again in "Chuck versus the suitcase".
  • A bit uneven in places, but carried off some wonderful emotional moments with great success.

    While the plot and action sequences were only moderately interesting (with the exception of the catfight on the catwalk, YAY!), the emotional plot - circling around Sarah's unwillingness to unpack her (symbolic) suitcase - was much more interesting.

    Let's see, good moments during tonights episode:
    Morgan being competent - again. You know, Competent!Morgan really grows on me - I like him goofy and easygoing, but I really get a kick out of seeing him grow up and into his responsibilities. His tour of the Buy More with General Beckman was great, and the appointment to Store Manager in many ways his Crowning Moment of Awesome. :D

    Sarah getting over yet another emotional hurdle in her slow transformation from professional spy to professional spy AND girlfriend - the suitcase.
    The back-and-forth of her and Chuck's discussion about it was interesting, but the Crowning Moment of Heartwarming was the worn photo of her and Chuck that rested at the bottom of the suitcase. It proved, once and for all, that no matter what hangups she might have with putting her stuff in "their" wardrobe, HE has been her home for quite some time already. Ellie's secret - the way she smiles and puts on a happy front for Devon, but beneath it all she's a big girl who'd really like her mummy around now that she's becoming a mother herself. And she'd never let on to the people who love her, because that's who she is - the protector, the one who tries to make everyone ELSE feel ok, the Mommabear.
    I do hope Ellie gets her happy ending, cause if anyone deserves it, it's her.
    And Captain Awesome, who may be going a bit overboard with the whole pregnancy thing, but is really very sweet. :D

    It'll be interesting to see how they keep the returned horde of Buy More "losers" from stumbling across the new "additions" to the store - there must be secret buttons and codes all over the place, and the gang IS pretty accident-prone... :s

    All in all a good episode - I did go SQUEEEE quite a lot, but it wasn't one of the epic ones. Still good, though, and I'm very happy with the new season so far! :)
  • Funny and very cute!

    I thought that the first episode of season 4 was lacking something. I didn't quite figure it out until I watched this episode. This was freakin' awesome. I thought it was very funny and Chuck and Sarah had more chemistry than the first episode of the season. The ending of this episode was my one of my favorite scenes of this show. I laughed so hard when Chuck and Sarah were lying on their bed and Chuck started to talk about marriage and having babies, and the expression on Sarah's face was priceless. Not that I don't want them to get married have kids(because I do) but the acting was just so good and funny cause' I kind of expected Sarah to open her eyes in the look of fear. But it was a funny scene. I also liked that Devon and Ellie had some screen time too. And Devon was just so cute when he fussed over about the baby. And the mission which Chuck and Sarah were on, was good too. It had a good storyline and Karolina Kurkova and Lou Ferrigno, especially Ferrigno was hilarious when he confessed his true feelings about miss Sofia(Kurkova) to Sarah and got punched in the face. All in all a good episode, definitely better than the first one of this season!
    I'm looking forward to the future episodes of Chuck and hoping that Chuck and Sarah might eventually get married and start a family together.
  • the spiderman moment executed beautifully

    so many naysayers out there these days... I wish they would keep their grimy counter-productive reviews to themselves.. anyways with that out of the way I can get to the good stuff.

    the episode was great! who could possibly not love the imminent return of jeffster. one of the pinnacle highlights of this series is buymoria drama. haha like i said in my comment to this recent episode review by staff, the chuck and sarah romance is awesome..a little forced with the suitcase mumbo jumbo but still, good stuff. keep it up guys. i can't wait for what's in store!
  • Fantastic Episode

    I absolutely loved this weeks episode of Chuck It had action, drama and comedy all rolled up in one.

    First I have to say that I loved all the scenes of Chuck and Sarah together so entertaining and funny, like him trying to understand why Sarah hasn't unpacked yet after, what was it 8 months?, Wow that long. Sarah 's reactions to Chuck when she thought he was watching the other woman take a shower. Also loved the scene when Chuck was faced with a naked woman and a gun, and him playing dumb at first to the fact he was being held gunpoint by a naked women.

    Oh and you can't forget the fight seen between Sarah and that other woman, i mean how AMAZING was that. Punches, kicks, a knife, a curling iron. Probably the best and my favourite fight scene on Chuck ever.

    Loved that Morgan brought back "Jeffster" to make the BuyMore feel more like the old BuyMore. Jeff and Lester's video commentary was so funny, and of course Jeff being tranquilised by Casey like 10 times and was still standing.

    Thought it was so sweet how Devon fussed over Ellie. Too Cute.

    Lastly the scene between Chuck and Sarah in the end was just... AMAZING. It was sweet, cute and a definite awwww moment. Plus Sarah's face when Chuck mentioned kids was hilarious.
  • So Good!!!

    This has to be one of my fav eps of all time!!! It had every thing you want when you watch chuck. It had action, comdey, and love. o and i forgot the buy more crew is back!!! (these arnt the men you are looking for... classic!!!) o and the best part has to be the Old Spice guy in the buy more as a kick ass salesmen. He picks up a huge tv with one hand and price items 30 feet away! o and another thing.... best chick fight ever!!!!! thats all i got to say... just watch it!!!