Season 4 Episode 2

Chuck Versus the Suitcase

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 27, 2010 on NBC

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  • Fantastic Episode

    I absolutely loved this weeks episode of Chuck It had action, drama and comedy all rolled up in one.

    First I have to say that I loved all the scenes of Chuck and Sarah together so entertaining and funny, like him trying to understand why Sarah hasn't unpacked yet after, what was it 8 months?, Wow that long. Sarah 's reactions to Chuck when she thought he was watching the other woman take a shower. Also loved the scene when Chuck was faced with a naked woman and a gun, and him playing dumb at first to the fact he was being held gunpoint by a naked women.

    Oh and you can't forget the fight seen between Sarah and that other woman, i mean how AMAZING was that. Punches, kicks, a knife, a curling iron. Probably the best and my favourite fight scene on Chuck ever.

    Loved that Morgan brought back "Jeffster" to make the BuyMore feel more like the old BuyMore. Jeff and Lester's video commentary was so funny, and of course Jeff being tranquilised by Casey like 10 times and was still standing.

    Thought it was so sweet how Devon fussed over Ellie. Too Cute.

    Lastly the scene between Chuck and Sarah in the end was just... AMAZING. It was sweet, cute and a definite awwww moment. Plus Sarah's face when Chuck mentioned kids was hilarious.
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