Season 4 Episode 2

Chuck Versus the Suitcase

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 27, 2010 on NBC

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  • Chuck Vs The Counter-intuitive Direction

    from the first minute, this episode irked me. i've seen every past episode, i know how the show flows and that yes occasionally we're dealing with actresses whom should really not have speaking roles in, anything. this episode's antagonist, played by Karina Kurkova, was terrible. i know you cant ask too much from most models, but there had to be at least one producer that said 'im glad this chick doesnt have any dialog while walking.' her initial interaction with Chuck, was like Mr Bean and Inspector Clouseau reaching for the same tictac- and the ADR job in that scene was terrible. you might have just put peanut butter on the roof of her mouth and let just replace all her lines in post. after the thirty minute mark, i had to rewind the episode to see who i could name responsible for this horrible episode, and lo, i found the name of the director, Gail Mancuso. i couldn't understand why this episode was so poorly directed, i initially thought Gail Mancuso was a first time director, i certainly didnt recognize her name from any feature films, which most of the previous directors of Chuck have as their background. After a trip down to IMDb- i found that no, Gail Mancuso was not some newbie director trying to find her style, she is infact quite an accomplished sitcom director, from many many shows i have seen, such as 30 Rock. i'd like to say i hated the episodes she directed, as much as i hated this episode of Chuck- but this is not the case. Gail Mancuso is a Sitcom director. Chuck is Not a sitcom. Chuck is a nerd-centric spy action show.
    Gail did succeed in the BuyMore but failed out loud in the field. especially with her usage of Lou Ferrigno. if the producers keep going for the Sitcom feel for chuck, i'd rather see it canceled then have a schticky 5th season.
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