Season 4 Episode 2

Chuck Versus the Suitcase

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 27, 2010 on NBC

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  • Funny and very cute!

    I thought that the first episode of season 4 was lacking something. I didn't quite figure it out until I watched this episode. This was freakin' awesome. I thought it was very funny and Chuck and Sarah had more chemistry than the first episode of the season. The ending of this episode was my one of my favorite scenes of this show. I laughed so hard when Chuck and Sarah were lying on their bed and Chuck started to talk about marriage and having babies, and the expression on Sarah's face was priceless. Not that I don't want them to get married have kids(because I do) but the acting was just so good and funny cause' I kind of expected Sarah to open her eyes in the look of fear. But it was a funny scene. I also liked that Devon and Ellie had some screen time too. And Devon was just so cute when he fussed over about the baby. And the mission which Chuck and Sarah were on, was good too. It had a good storyline and Karolina Kurkova and Lou Ferrigno, especially Ferrigno was hilarious when he confessed his true feelings about miss Sofia(Kurkova) to Sarah and got punched in the face. All in all a good episode, definitely better than the first one of this season!
    I'm looking forward to the future episodes of Chuck and hoping that Chuck and Sarah might eventually get married and start a family together.
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