Season 1 Episode 3

Chuck Versus the Tango

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 08, 2007 on NBC

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  • Much better than episode 2.

    This is the type of episode I want to see more of in future episodes of Chuck. It overshot the quality of the second episode, and is more what you would want to expect after a not so bad pilot episode.

    The episode was all about Chuck trying to get a promotion, and is all about his workmates pulling together to help him get it.

    The story was set up very well. Also the mission wasnt half bad either, it had a good storyline to it and was good to see that Chuck's character was alot more involved now.

    10 out of 10 because of the step up from previous episode.
  • The Chuck Tango, girly style. hehe

    this episode is weird. only because of the Tango, hehehe. but is it not why we religiously watch this show? because of Chuck's newbie spy attitude, Casey's weird growl and Sarah's charm? as one might say, this show is a mixture of comedy, action and drama. pretty cool. this may not be one of Chuck's great moments coz he was tied on a chair and nearly plummeted out of a building window but hey, he's still new at this Spy stuffs and let's hope he stays that way! funny and cool minded, sort of. love the delivery of when Chuck was being attacked at the Buy More near the end of the show. must watch episode!
  • What a great show.

    Chuck's visions tell him that an arms dealer known only as "La Ciudad" ("The City" in Spanish), whose appearance is unknown, will be present at an art auction. Chuck is therefore forced to infiltrate the party with Sarah to try and identify La Ciudad. Chuck ends up dancing the Tango with a seductive Latin woman, Malena, played by Lorena Bernal, who turns out to be La Ciudad. The show is just so consistant, it is very funny but also has loads of action maybe that is the reason I like it so much or maybe it is the great characters. I loved the ending to this one it was so funny.
  • Well written.

    When a diamond hidden in Malibu (owned by a hairy man whom Chuck calls "señor wookiee") is used to fund terrorists, Chuck has to help steal it back. Complicating things further is the appearance of Carina (portrayed by Mini Anden), a DEA agent friend of Sarah's, who tries to help in her own way. I loved this episode, Morgan and Chuck are so funny and really cute. I love Chuck more though, I love the scene were he wants to know something real about Sarah, which is so cute. I also love the first scene were they are playing the little game. I also love all the workers in "Buy More". There awsome. All in all can;t wait for next episode.
  • "Why are these people sleeping?"

    Chuck's visions tell him that an arms dealer known only as "La Ciudad" ("The City" in Spanish), whose appearance is unknown, will be present at an art auction. Chuck is therefore forced to infiltrate the party with Sarah to try and identify La Ciudad. Chuck ends up dancing the Tango with a seductive Latin woman, Malena, played by Lorena Bernal, who turns out to be La Ciudad. Another great episode from Chuck. It's so funny when Chuck is doing the Tango, legend he is so funny. It also so funny when Morgan is trapped. All in all I can't wait for the next episode, I love this show.
  • Chuck learns to tango. Casey moves some merchandise. Sarah has a chickfight with a weapons dealer.

    This episode was hilarious. The comedy was very over the top at times, and almost too easy in some scenes, but it was so good that I am willing to forgive that. It seems like the actors are getting more and more comfortable in their roles with each episode. And the characters are getting more comfortable as well. Casey and Sarah are starting to work together, Chuck is starting to get the hang of the spy-business - or not. Captain Awesome (or Devon, which does not have the same coolness to it) was amazingly funny in teaching Chuck the women's side of the tango. Could he be more of a cliché? No. Is he hilarious? Absolutely yes. I am still giggling like mad every single time he says awesome. I imagine a lot of people cheered for the chick fight, but I just cheered at Casey working the merchandise to get rid of some seriously tall cronies. I like the continuity of Ellie noticing how secretive Chuck has become. This show is really quick to address issues, something that rarely happens. However, I have yet to see a major recurring plot-thread, something I am really waiting for. Otherwise, this is really good.
  • Chuck learns to tango

    Chuck goes on his first undercover mission.

    Chuck flashed on La Ciudad and that this person will be at an Art Auction tomorrow night. Chuck and Sarah end up going to the Auction so they can indentify La Ciudad along with Casey whose posing a bartender.

    Earlier Chuck asks his sister if she knew how to tango, Devin (Ellie Boyfriend) comes in shows him how in his boxers, hilarious I Know.

    Back at the Auction Chuck spills Sauce on his tux so he goes to clean it up, in the bathroom he sees a guy and flashes on him he immediatly tells Sarah and Casey. The pair end up catching him and he ends up to be a secret spy, not La Ciudad. Chuck is seen Dancing with a women they end up doing the Tango, Chuck evantually realizes that she's La Ciudad and knows now thats hes in trouble.

    The women ends up grilling Chuck in the Hotel while Sarah and Casey try to track him down, they end up bursting in taking out the crew but the women escpapes.

    A Mysterious women ends up in delivery room where Chuck and takes him with her, Sarah and Casey soon go after her; Chuck escpapes, Sarah the women end up on top of a roof where they fight. Sarah beats her, another mission completed.
  • Chuck goes on his first mission

    Chuck finds out that at a art auction something will happen, so he is sent along, for his first mission. Casey tells Chuck he should know how to tango, which Chuck learns from Captain Awesome (Devon) but later finds out that it was a joke. Chuck dances with a woman who later turns out to be La Ciudad. La Ciudad captures Chuck, but Casey and Sarah save him. La Ciudad takes Chuck's Nerd Herd card and she and her cronies try to kill Chuck. Thanks to Casey and Sarah, Chuck is very much alive. That was a good episode. More scenes with Sarah in that hot wiernerlicious dress.
  • Chuck learns the Tango but for what reason?

    Chuck learns the tango even though he isn't sure why. Then he gets his first real assignment. Some baddies land in LA that have to do with the international weapons smuggling and Chuck finds he dances the Tango with the bad girl. He does, of course, get his cover blown and that settles in for a hilarious moments as Sarah and John come to rescue him. Adam Baldwin, what a hoot he is, is getting really suspisious and I find that I am looking forward to watching each and every episode every week. I love the fast pacing of the show. It's great.
  • Very entertaining episode! Getting better each week.

    Well Chuck meets his first villian; not counting the doctor in the last episode of course. The humor in this episode is Casey, like always, but especially when Chuck finds out he learned the tango for no reason and Casey lets out a laugh. Chuck then dances with the episode's "bad girl". She realizes he knows about her and the action starts up. The whole episode is just smooth, action, romanticism, comedy, and a little drama, just a fun and exciting show. I am also looking forward to seeing how the whole Sarah, Bryce, and Chuck story will plan out. Will he get mad? Will it make Sarah bad and Casey defend Chuck? Very exciting, I have a feeling this show will make the grade and the season finale will be spectacular.
  • Chuck is getting better every episode.

    I set a series recording on this just to check it out, but I am finding, surprisingly, that I am getting to like Chuck more and more every time I watch it.

    Chuck makes his first foray into 'field operations' in this episode and does a decent job. The characters are falling into place but there is still quite a bit of back story to fill in.

    I am finding myself looking forward to each additional episode now and even watching a couple of them twice. NBC is getting close to 'locking up' Monday nights with Chuck, Heroes and Journeyman. Journeyman is moderately good, Heroes is still 'better' than Chuck but Chuck is really good.

    I'm glad they rebroadcast on Saturday nights as the big screen TV is grabbing Monday Night Football and How I Met Your Mother. But when the season ends, this conflict will go away. I also am recording the series on the bedroom HDTV setup so I can catch it on a smaller screen without conflict.

    Hopefully this show will be hanging around for a while. I hope they keep the spy/action/humor mix going. And Adam Baldwin is doing awesome in the 'creepy spy' role.

    All in all the cast is good, the writing is decent and the concept is pretty solid. They are progressing the plot lines and back story, not much in the way of large story arcs, but I am not sure that large arcs would work all that well in this format, perhaps in season 2.
  • Chuck learns how to tango? And his first spy mission?

    This is my favorite episode of Chuck of all times that he has his first spy mission. Ok, I know that a guy helps Chuck to learn to Tango. Of course, Chuck say a different name that it would never identify. And it did that a lady was murdered Chuck about the stupid painting. On his workside I know it's a final mission is to kill Chuck and his friends to save the day with a final battle. I like the part that a guy was close a victum out of his head. Funny.

    Anyway, it's a great episode. Funny and enjoyable.
  • Review

    What I like about the show is no scene really feels like a true filler. Even when chuck is just talking to his sister you can see the character devolopment in both of the characers, which makes the scene interesting to watch I think. The mission in this episode was solid, loved the dance scene with Chuck and the mystery woman while the two agents were tricked into going all the way up to the roof. The show definatly had some comidic moments in it, which makes upa lot of rating points from an episode that was good - just not as good as the first two. Overall I think this would be a standard episode of Chuck. Solid case, couple of laughs, and 42 minutes of entertainment without really feeling like anything was just thrown into the episode to make up for lost time.
  • Chuck gets his first "official" assignment!!!

    Chuck gets his first assignment to find this girl whom no one has ever seen and walked away. So lucky for us this show is so cleverly written and plotted that of course this was a completely insane and unbelieveable plot like all the rest. However while watching the show we find ourselves rooting for chuck and his nerdy friend (kinda for his friend). Of course we find ourselves rooting for the inevitable romance that will happen with chuck. Long story short Chuck saves the day, does really good with his assignment and is congratulated for his good job in his role in the assignment and we are left hanging in the inevitable romance that is happening.
  • Pretty good episode.

    This episode was pretty good, but didn't WOW me at any parts. We now know that Chuck really likes Sarah, and it's sad that she's only in it for her job. Ooh, and I'm still not sure if that one dude is a good guy or a bad guy. Morgan is slow, and I'm not even sure why he is in the series. I just think he's lame, and just gets in the way sometimes, even though I liked when he got stuck in the cage. :P I wondered why that one dude told Chuck he should know how to tango, and then he danced with the evil girl. It was predictable, and we knew Chuck wasn't going to die, but it was good to *think* about it anyway. Overall, good episode, nothing really big happened. I look foward to see what else happens.
  • This show is light hearted

    Well Chuck gets his first mission and the tango line reminds me of the Tango in the 1994 True Lies with the Governor and Jamie Lee Curtis. Where Arnold does the tango with Tia Carrere, in this episode it was like it was trying to pay homage to it. It was cute, Chuck gets in over his head and is saved by Sarah and John but he feels he saved the world and no one knows about it. Chuck's nerd herd helps him by getting all the old computers fixed and his boss big Mike is pleased with Chuck's leadership and how he was dressed. He was still in the tux shirt and pants. Oh yeah and what was that red laser light on the MI 6 agent? Sarah and John had no laser sights on there weapons!
  • Chuck gets his first assignment officially!

    Chuck finally gets his first assignment in which John & Sara help him to go undercover to get some vital information. As the tables get turned on him while he is being tied up. As the MI-5 agents are about to kill him. As he gets caught as they find out who he really is. It is up to John & Sara to save him from getting killed. While also on the work front, he and his buddy along with the head nerd you can say. He wants to get the assistant manager job despite his awkardness and shyness. But he seems to treat people well.
  • Better than the last...

    This one was better than the last but it still is pretty luke warm to me. I still really don't like the agents working normal jobs to keep Chuck in view but I don't see them changing that anytime soon. I did think it would be funny if the agent got the supervisor job instead of Chuck. That would be something.
    The story for the episode was pretty good and I liked how it was laid out.
    I'll give it another episode to catch me and then I might drop it though.
    I like the relationship between Chuck and the female agent.
  • awesome

    Chuck gets drafted for a spy mission after an international weapons smuggler lands in Los Angeles. Chuck accidentally finds a man who might be the elusive spy the CIA has been hunting for a long time. As it turns out, the spy is someone else who gets too close to chuck. chuck is forced to face danger after his cover gets blown. Casey and Sarah come in to save just in time. it's a great episode, i really want to see the next one. this show spells out awesome all over it, each episode is fun an exciting. and i want loads of it.
  • This show is picking up steam, and getting better with each episode!

    I'm finding myself smiling and laughing out loud. That is always a good thing with a tv show. Yeah, sometimes things are predictable, but still have a twist to them. Guessing that the tango was a joke, yet seeing Chuck tango anyway in the woman's role, was priceless! I'm loving all of the characters here! All of the staff that work with Chuck are really good, especially his friend who keeps following him every day. Girls fighting was a nice bonus, and the sexual tension is kind of fun. Chuck and the agent talk about how it wouldn't be horrible to kiss, yet instead of doing it, they just walk away. I also love the FBI guy played by Baldwin. He looks like he's having a lot of fun with the role. I've added this show to my favorites, and so far it is my favorite, must see of the new season! Go watch it now!
  • The perfect combination of the elements that make me watch this show so far and consider it the best new show of this fall.

    After I've finished watching this episode the first thing I did was add it to my's favorites list. Maybe it's yet too soon to make this move, but today's episode was the perfect example that the show's formula gives signs of a long lifetime. Why? Not only all dialogues are really into the characters, they give deepness to Chuck's dilemma one moment, just to create a perfect joke in the following. Cap. Awesome giving Chuck tango lessons and Chuck putting them in practic with one of the world's most dangerous killers scenes are just... well, AWESOME! And the ending scene in which Chuck tells Sarah a part of what he's been through lately... It's as if the show tried to reach further than all the others, combining elements of drama and adding not only character deepness, but also realism. This show still is a espionage comedy. But who said it should be only that?

    Definitely, stay tuned!
  • Yay Chuck!

    Ok, that was Chuck's 3rd episode and it's still going strong!! I'm pretty sure it'll always be like this...Or good like this for a long time. I thought this episode was great. Chuck was threatened under torture, and he still got away. His relationship with the female spy is getting annoying, just go out already omg. Chuck is really funny, and he's a great lead charector. I hope that the funny stuff keeps coming. The part where the one spy threw a microwave at this big fat guy to save Chuch was my favorite part of the episode, I thought that was great.
  • Getting better and better

    After tonight's episode, I have to say that i am officially a 'Chuck' fan...
    Sure, it will never compare to Lost, The Sopranos, The Wire or even Heroes but this show offers lots of laughter and entertainment
    Another great episode..John Kasey gets much more character and there is some development between Chuck and Sarah. The action scenes were good, over the top as usual and pretty funny. Morgan keeps you laughing during the duller parts and Kasey's character brings more laughter...the sarcasm is great...
    There was a lot more development between the characters this episode...we saw some development in Chuck and his sister's relationship..the ending with Chuck and Sarah was great and introduces a will they/won't they storyline...
    Overall, good episode, will tune in next week...
  • This show continues to make me laugh.

    I was not sure if this show would keep me entertained this long. I like the whole cast. There are laughs, there is some tension, of course some action, and then the real best part Sarah and the terrorist, one in booty shorts and white blouse, and the other in her work dress and booty shorts. Reality it is not, but fun the show definitely is. Since I have worked retail and can appreciate the politics and policies of working for a big retailer, and the Nerd Herd with their cars make me laugh. What will they do next week, it doesn't matter, it will make you laugh.
  • hmmmm

    I love the references in this show about videogames. This episode we see Chuck reading an issue of "PC Gamer" which I believe was renamed "Games for Windows" about a year back. I'd have to check my subscription to confirm that. Also was it just me or was that a new intro at the beginning of the episode I really don't remember that before in the other episodes. I still love this show. It's incredibly funny and well written another show that anyone can watch expecially geeks and gamers who will both love and enjoy this show with a lot of care.