Season 2 Episode 12

Chuck Versus the Third Dimension

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 02, 2009 on NBC

Episode Recap

Chuck is dreaming that Sarah rises from his bed in black lingerie. Then his dream transitions to a nightmare as he asks Sarah about the holiday murder and she stabs him.

At Buy More, Tyler Martin, Emmet Milbarge's best friend, is coming to sign autographs. He is a famous rock star.

In Burbank, a grenade is intercepted. The grenade is military grade so General Beckman brings Tyler in for questioning. Sarah gets Tyler alone and Casey gets him with a sleeping dart, knocking him out.

Tyler wakes up in Casey's apartment when Sarah and Casey are breaking into the bomber's apartment. He goes outside and pees in the fountain, thinking that it is a urinal. Tyler convinces Chuck to have a night out.

At Buy More, Morgan is finds a golden ticket to go backstage to Tyler's concert. Since he can bring another person, he has a contest to decide who he will bring. Butterworth, Big Mike's ex-con friend wins the Molly Ringwald Underpants Challenge. Next is a 12 foot long sub sandwich eating contest. Jeff wins this. The last contest is a urinal cake challenge and before Morgan can even say the rules, Jeff grabs it and takes a bite out of it. Jeff is the winner of the contest.

Tyler and Chuck are partying. They meet some sexy women and as the women take them up to their suite for some fun. Chuck flashes on one woman's necklace and it turns out that they are bad guys. Sarah and Casey arrive just in time to save Chuck and Tyler.

The grenade carrier is Akmed Gambir and he follows Tyler to the benefit concert. Chuck flashes on Tyler's tattoo on his back and finds out that Tyler's manager has messaged evil guys, trading secrets on how to buy uranium to make bombs, while Tyler was traveling.

Everyone knows that Tyler is in danger and they don't know if the concert should continue. Tyler has to continue performing so that Akmed can be caught. Chuck, who bonded with Tyler over shots, convinces Tyler to keep playing. Chuck is reluctant to convince him at first, but Sarah tells him that they must do whatever it takes to complete the assignment. Akmed tries to kill Tyler but Sarah and Casey catch him before he can.

Chuck confronts Sarah about the murder that he saw and he asks her why she did it. She says that she had to protect him no matter what. She tells him that she forgets that he is not a spy and doesn't have the nature to do these things. She suggests that he can take as much time off as necessary. Casey and Sarah leave for another mission without Chuck and little do they know, Chuck has jumped into the back of the car, wanting to be a part of the next mission.