Season 2 Episode 12

Chuck Versus the Third Dimension

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 02, 2009 on NBC

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  • I don't understand why this got a lower rating..I loved it!

    I guess I'm just a fan of Charlie from Lost haha. That guy is too classic. I unfortunately don't have 3D glasses so I was forced to watch the entire episode with too much green. But that's ok. I thought it was a good episode overall and a classic ending.. We all know Chuck secretly almost needs the missions now.. it reminds me of the movie Confessions of a Dangerous Mind...only obviously less serious haha.

    Cool when Chuck gets serious and actually does a good job...that was a smart move with the phone. Nice!

    These last few words are only to get up to my 100 word minimum as I have nothing left to say about the episode.

    It wasn't a bad idea but I didn't have galsses so I couldn't enjoy very much...but it was good episode anyway....I liked episode with the elevator it was funny :d..oh yes and the begginig I liked too :D:D...nice imagination well at least until the knife :D...than he was frightened all morning :D...i wish something more from this season...I wonder if they are going to develope Sarah's and Chuck's romantic relationship....something like that was in the first season but they killed it with Brice's appearance...we can say that they blew everything up..I'm looking forward for the next episode I hope that I will enjoy with it more

    Well, the episode itself was fantastic. How the show continues to bring the funny every week even though the plots are exactly the same, I'll never know!

    But as for the 3-D, having worked at a movie theater where we project digital 3D movies, (where only a combination of the glasses, shooting style, projection, and the lens gives you the "true" effect) I can give you maybe a hundred reasons why this old-school red/blue gimmick would never work for TV.

    It was a weak gimmick that I hope alot of people didn't buy into. Besides, they were really bad about letting people know where they could even get the glasses.
  • Difficult to watch because of the 3D, but an enjoyable episode.

    On the whole, the episode was great, and everything we've come to expect from Chuck: A little adventure, a little humor. There were some GREAT geek nods in this one to Star Wars, Back to the Future, Willy Wonka, and especially towards the 3D "genre." Unfortunately I couldn't find the classes, so the picture was a bit hard on the eyes because of the double-image. Otherwise it was more or less watchable. The general perception is that unless you have HD the 3D effect wasn't particularly well-executed.

    Dominic Monaghan (a lot of people think of him from Lost, but to me he's still Merry Brandybuck, lol) was VERY good as Tyler Martin, who he played into effective alcohol and probably drug-induced obliviousness for most of the episode. His general cluelessness--especially regarding his own tattoos--and his enjoyment of Casey's tranquilizer darts was used to good effect.

    Once again we see Chuck's resourcefulness and tech-saavy on display. He can't fight or shoot, and isn't the least bit intimidating, but there's never any doubt that at the end of the day, Chuck DOES make a good spy.

    In addition to the main plot, the episode follows-up on the execution of Mauser in the previous episode, which I think was handled as a bit of an after-thought. I'd have really liked to see his reaction play out over another episode or two (especially because of the preview blurb for Chuck vs. the Suburbs on the site). However this was still effectively used as a means of soul-searching. Chuck's convincing Tyler to perform even though his life will be in danger was very poignant, driving home to both the audience and--perhaps most importantly--Chuck himself the importance of what they do, even if the means may stray into shades of gray. It remains to be seen how this is taken into subsequent episodes, but it could be a turning point in his "career," especially with Chuck willingly joining Casey and Sarah on another assignment, even though they gave him the night off.

    After the events of the previous episode, the Buy More returns to a more self-contained story, as Morgan and the Nerd Herders compete over a "Golden Ticket" to Tyler's concert. Although initially considered a distraction, the Buy More plots have started to take on a life of their own and I think are beginning to stand fairly well. It's inevitable that SOMETHING is going to happen to take Chuck away from the Buy More, and I think it's promising to see these stories evolving to the point even if Chuck moves away things are well-established enough to keep the store-based subplots running without him. Certainly my biggest laugh of the night was Lester's underwear being ripped out from inside his pants.

    Overall a solid episode and everything I've come to expect from the show. The 3D was a distraction and possibly over-hyped, but hopefully when the DVD for Season 2 is released there will be an option to play without it.
  • 3D or not, it was rlly cool

    In this Chuck special 3D episode, Chuck's assigned to protect rockstar Tyler Martin from killers who want him dead, but he ends up partying with Martin in a club with the killers who want him dead. Morgan wins tickets to Martin's concert and will have to decide who is his plus one: Lester, Jeff or an ex-con friend of Big Mike.

    Even without the glasses, I quiet enjoyed this episode. It was really good, very funny and full of action. I think it was rlly great, I dont know why people say this one was bad. Maybe with the glasses was, but I dont think so. I didnt used them, so I dont know, but I rlly liked it.
  • Solid episode, even without the glasses

    After reading a couple of negative reviews, I was worried I'd hate this episode, but it turned out to be one of the more enjoyable shows I watched this week. I laughed, felt the usual affection for Chuck's lovably sweet while super-smart character, enjoyed the rock star character and plot, and was happy to see that Casey was back to his hard-nosed agent persona and not continuing to get more and more sentimental/mushy over time. The show seemed to be trying to be accessible to new audiences but they didn't alienate me in the process. The resolution of Chuck's feelings about Sarah's pre-Christmas cold-blooded killing of an enemy agent unfolded nicely over the course of the show. This was satisfying but at the same time left a certain amount of the intrigue in tact for future episodes - i.e., Chuck is happy with things and his trust in Sarah is restored... for now... but does he really know all there is to know about this?
  • Chuck's Day Off

    Not my favorite episode. The 3-D affects were unnecessary and simply gave me a headache. The script as a whole was actually okay and believable. Everyone needs a day off now and then, even spies. Chuck's simply request turns out to be Chuck learning his purpose and that he's okay with it. Helping a rock star help others, Chuck learns that he's actually okay with being a spy and saving the world. A rockstar having tattoos that he doesn't understand was actually pretty clever and the twist that they mean something to others was kinda interesting. However, I wonder if he realizes the pain he's going to indure getting them removed??
  • Chuck does some crowd surfing.

    Great episode that revolves around a rock star named Tyler Martin. Someone is trying to kill Tyler and it is up to the team to find out who and why. In order to protect Tyler, Casey shoots a tranquilizer dart into him that is suppose to keep him out for a day or so, but Tyler is waking up every couple of hours. They identify the person trying to kill Tyler as Achmed Gambir. What has been going on is Tyler has been getting a tattoo on his back that holds some secret information about nuclear weapons in North Africa. Tyler's manager has been involved in it since the beginning. Tyler finally learns of the plot to kill him when two beautiful women try to seduce him then try to kill him.

    Tyler agrees to go onstage for his concert as bait to lure Achmed Gambir into the arena to that Sarah and Casey can catch him. He goes to Tyler's dressing room to kill him, but Chuck stalls him long enough for him and Tyler to escape. Achmed is finally caught by Casey as he is about to throw a knife at Tyler.

    This movie had a humorous sub-plot. To start off Big Mike hires a friend name Jimmy (played by Jerome Bettis) who just got out of prison. Continuing the sub-plot, a golden ticket has been placed in a CD of Tyler Martin's and the winner got a free pass to the concert including back stage. Morgan and crew open up all of the CD's until they find it. Morgan holds a contest to see who will go with him and Jefferson wins. In the end Morgan gives the ticket to Jimmy. Jimmy in turn sells it to another employee for $800 and quits moving to Philadelphia.

    Hasn't been my favorite episode, but having Jerome Bettis in it boosted its rating for me.
  • Nice Idea - Annoying to have to go and get the glasses.

    When I first realised it was in 3D I was like - OMG. What a genious idea, I can't wait to watch it, one of my favourite shows in the collest viewing scenario. However as I am sure most of you found I don't happen to keep a pair of 3D glasses lying around at home - And as of yet still havn't watched the episode due to lack of glasses. I might have to watch the 2D version which is unfortunate. great idea but needs to be done better to ensure viewers can view it!

    So to summarise I hope I can bear to wait until I get hold of some glasses because it sounds like the coolest thing ever to have a TV Show in 3D but as of yet no glasses.
  • I enjoyed the episode even though I didn't have the 3D glasses.

    The rock star Tyler Martin was really well played by Dominic Monaghan, though he is in danger of becoming typecast as he was Charlie the rock star in Lost not so long ago! The episode was well written and fun and the characters were well played too. The 3D thing was a bit of a gimmick which was lost on me as I did not have the required glasses. But no matter. The story tied up some of the loose ends left at the end of the Christmas episode, especially over the fact that Sarah shot someone in cold blood and then lied about it to Chuck. So Welcome back Chuck, I look forward to the next episode.
  • Chuck in 3D...

    Well I couldn't really get into this episode; reason probably being it was in 3D and I didn't have the Specs to see but still enjoyed it. You can still watch the episode without the glasses, and, a couple of moments aside, it looks fine the colours are a bit off, but it's not blurry or fuzzy. And the episode itself is another entertaining one with a great guest performance by Dominic Monaghan as Rock Star Tyler Martin. Tyler comes into the story when he does a signing at the Buy more and it turns out some shady characters are after him for reasons unknown. Chuck is asked to keep a eye on him by Sarah and Casey, which turns into Chuck going out to party with him something Chuck isn't that resistant too, feeling like he's losing any time of his own thanks to being pulled into the spy world, and still reeling from seeing Sarah kill a man. Of course, the danger Tyler is in comes into play, turning Chuck and Tyler's excellent adventure into a very dangerous night.
  • 2D or not 3D, that is the question.

    Fortunately I caught this episode in the 2D version and am glad I did, okay it wasn't the best Chuck episode ever but I think if watched in 3D with or without the glasses it would have lost more points.

    Our main story shows Chuck still trying to come to terms with seeing Sarah shooting the Fulcrum agent in cold blood on the Christmas Eve episode ( Chuck vs. Santa Claus ) and she knows there's something wrong, however before he can question her about it a new mission is thrust upon them, protect rock star Tyler Martin ( played by Lost and LOTR 's very own Dominic Monoghan ), it seems Tyler has some very important tattoos with government secrets on them that a certain will kill for and this turns into a cat and mouse chase for Chuck and the team, loved the bit where Chuck had to pretend he was in Tyler's band and put on that fake accent.

    At the Buy More there is a competition, as Tyler has put in a 'golden ticket' into one of his new CD's, Morgan finds it and puts up a challenge to Lester, Jeff and new guy Jimmy as the ticket only allows finder plus one, the challenges are funny and Jeff is one sick puppy LOL

    As I said not the greatest but better viewed in 2D rather than 3D.
  • Good episode, but really stupid to do this in 3D. Especially for all the foreign people. I watched it cause I'm a die hard, but this is not the way to get new fans!

    This litterly gave me a headache. Yes I watched it anyway, because the content was really good. I just hate that they discriminate between people with a 3D glasses and without. If I had the glasses I would not complain. It would still not be the best episode Chuch has ever had, but it is not the worst either. I would not give a 1. This 5,5 shows that it is a good episode but also a warning to NBC for doing this. One time might be funny, but please do not do this again. I would also like to see a little bit more romance in the show. In the beginning it had all the eliments, but they are making it more action and less romance. Me as a female watcher would enjoy it now and than.
  • 3D Episode of Chuck. A rock star goes to Buy More as a guest, someone Chuck 'flashes on' wants to kill him and hell breaks loose. Fun to watch.

    I enjoyed this episode a lot. I had my 3D glasses and watched it on HD so that might be a reason others didn't enjoy it as much. The 3D effect was done very well, and it was almost painful to go back to 'normal' TV after that. I guess when it comes on DVD they'll include the glasses (or just show a standard version of the show if there's one). I would say that, without the 3D effect this would be an average Chuck show.
    There wasn't much advancement of the series or the characters in this episode, but it was fun to watch nonetheless. Definitively my favorite show of the season.
  • cool idea

    Chuck has to protect rock star Tyler Martin, while Morgan wins two backstage passes to Martin's concert, so he needs to decide who will become his "plus one".
    This is a special 3D episode. this is really real;ly underrated episode it was a cool idea to have it in 3d shame most people had to watch it in blurred 2d. But the episode was really funny in my opinoin and Dom was great in it as the guess what british rock star it was good to see him appear on tv again. I give this episode a 8.5 out of 10
  • You can really see Red and Blue in that so people can wear the 3-D Glasses to watch it in 3-D.

    Red and Blue there
    Red and Blue here
    Red and Blue Everywhere.
    You can really see them in 2-D.
    But with the 3-D Glasses you can see it in 3-D.
    Chuck uses a good thing in his head.
    To see if there are any bad guy going ahead of you.
    Buy More (Best Buy)
    Nerd Herd (Greek Squad)
    Oh come on.
    This is one of the shows I recorded on my DVD+R Disk on my DVD Recorder.
    NBC Breaking News on Chuck is on Monday Nights at 8 PM/7 CT
    Ok you know what people says "Get in the Car Chuck"
    Chuck says "Get in the Car"
    You will be safe in there.
  • Chuck set the table with the Super Bowl, but served botulism when the guests arrived

    I have been following it since its inception. While in winter hiatus, I was surprised to learn both that a) the show had been generally struggling to find an audience, and b) found its audience as recently as December as bloggers et al started playing up its praises.

    So NBC uses the promotional vehicle of the Super Bowl to put Chuck into overdrive, since it seems worth their airtime investment now. So they slap on some 3-D hype to take it up a notch further. But there's something about Super Bowls that turn everything good into rubbish. To quote The Simpson's Comic Book guy: "Worst episode EVER."

    The big problems were in the script. It was about as contrived as I have ever seen this show. And where there are often redeeming clever moments, almost none could be found in this episode.

    Start with special guest star Dominic Monaghan exhuming his Charlie Hume rockstar persona (which was never that convincing to begin with) from "Lost". Add robotic interplay and dialog between the characters. Add forced mayhem on a hotel elevator, complete with a pretty routine stunt where the director could not be bothered to hide the black nylon knee straps securing the stunt man to the glass elevator. Even the supposed international incident of a rock star being blown up (by unconvincing bad guys, no less) lacked much of the usual mystique and intrigue behind a typical Chuck mission.

    The show mostly came off as a bad self-parody. And even bad TV series really don't start this hard down the self-parody road until at least season 3.

    Trying to think of anything redeeming, the writers did not drag out the usual "missed important personal conversation" routine (between Chuck and Sarah re: a certain shooting), though they came close. But when they did put an end to it at the conclusion of the show, it came off as a murky, less-than-meaningful, unresolving cop-out. The "revelation" seemed to change little between either character.

    And the sophomoric stunts back at the Buy More were at some of their gross-out worst. The audience to show capable of being this clever deserves more than to be bludgeoned with eating contests and consuming urinal cakes.

    This episode needed more of the rational influence of Chuck's sister, Ellie, and less self-indulgence as a second-rate nod to Tom Green. John (Adam Baldwin) was about the only character to escape from this show with some dignity in tact still.

    Hopefully the producers of Chuck have not pulled an on-air Budd Dwyer in their first big chance at the spotlight. And hopefully with the Super Bowl dementia cleared away, it can get back to its old, good habits.
  • A message I sent to NBC.

    I'm totally disappointed, as usual, in NBC. This 3D idea was a total crap, very distracting, very stupid. We know that NBC has become very desperate lately, but to ruin a perfectly good show like this, come on.
    We don't have those stupid 3D glasses, you also changed the colors so the ones we had from previous shows don't work on this one. Plus, for someone who wears glasses, it doesn't really work. At least, rebroadcast this episode in 2D at a later date.
    And, to top it all, your online show is not available for us because we're on another planet called Canada. You know, where we're so retarded here we can't get your shows. It's a wonder I'm able to communicate with you, you might need a translator to read this message.....
    It's our fault for watching American TV, or even American shows. Maybe we should stick to our 3rd. world Canadian TV.
    Just show us 2D shows, don't get too fancy, you're not good enough. If I wanted fancy, I'd go on the internet.
  • Worst episode of Chuck to date.

    I really like this show, but man, get rid of the lazy writing!
    This is now complete rehashing of most episodes so far, with nothing, absolutely nothing to be learned or advanced from this episode. The suspense was bland, the Buy More contest quite idiotic and the visiting rock star angle anything but adrenaline-rising. As the series progressed, the actors really got into the groove with their roles - but if they don't have the writing to support this, i.e. advance their characters, all this goes nowhere. Yes, I get it, Chuck is awkward and cute and innocent and Casey is tough and relentless... I GET IT, let's move on somewhere - anywhere, because as it is, the series is going - nowhere.