Season 2 Episode 12

Chuck Versus the Third Dimension

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 02, 2009 on NBC

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  • Difficult to watch because of the 3D, but an enjoyable episode.

    On the whole, the episode was great, and everything we've come to expect from Chuck: A little adventure, a little humor. There were some GREAT geek nods in this one to Star Wars, Back to the Future, Willy Wonka, and especially towards the 3D "genre." Unfortunately I couldn't find the classes, so the picture was a bit hard on the eyes because of the double-image. Otherwise it was more or less watchable. The general perception is that unless you have HD the 3D effect wasn't particularly well-executed.

    Dominic Monaghan (a lot of people think of him from Lost, but to me he's still Merry Brandybuck, lol) was VERY good as Tyler Martin, who he played into effective alcohol and probably drug-induced obliviousness for most of the episode. His general cluelessness--especially regarding his own tattoos--and his enjoyment of Casey's tranquilizer darts was used to good effect.

    Once again we see Chuck's resourcefulness and tech-saavy on display. He can't fight or shoot, and isn't the least bit intimidating, but there's never any doubt that at the end of the day, Chuck DOES make a good spy.

    In addition to the main plot, the episode follows-up on the execution of Mauser in the previous episode, which I think was handled as a bit of an after-thought. I'd have really liked to see his reaction play out over another episode or two (especially because of the preview blurb for Chuck vs. the Suburbs on the site). However this was still effectively used as a means of soul-searching. Chuck's convincing Tyler to perform even though his life will be in danger was very poignant, driving home to both the audience and--perhaps most importantly--Chuck himself the importance of what they do, even if the means may stray into shades of gray. It remains to be seen how this is taken into subsequent episodes, but it could be a turning point in his "career," especially with Chuck willingly joining Casey and Sarah on another assignment, even though they gave him the night off.

    After the events of the previous episode, the Buy More returns to a more self-contained story, as Morgan and the Nerd Herders compete over a "Golden Ticket" to Tyler's concert. Although initially considered a distraction, the Buy More plots have started to take on a life of their own and I think are beginning to stand fairly well. It's inevitable that SOMETHING is going to happen to take Chuck away from the Buy More, and I think it's promising to see these stories evolving to the point even if Chuck moves away things are well-established enough to keep the store-based subplots running without him. Certainly my biggest laugh of the night was Lester's underwear being ripped out from inside his pants.

    Overall a solid episode and everything I've come to expect from the show. The 3D was a distraction and possibly over-hyped, but hopefully when the DVD for Season 2 is released there will be an option to play without it.