Season 2 Episode 12

Chuck Versus the Third Dimension

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 02, 2009 on NBC

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  • Good episode, but really stupid to do this in 3D. Especially for all the foreign people. I watched it cause I'm a die hard, but this is not the way to get new fans!

    This litterly gave me a headache. Yes I watched it anyway, because the content was really good. I just hate that they discriminate between people with a 3D glasses and without. If I had the glasses I would not complain. It would still not be the best episode Chuch has ever had, but it is not the worst either. I would not give a 1. This 5,5 shows that it is a good episode but also a warning to NBC for doing this. One time might be funny, but please do not do this again. I would also like to see a little bit more romance in the show. In the beginning it had all the eliments, but they are making it more action and less romance. Me as a female watcher would enjoy it now and than.