Season 2 Episode 12

Chuck Versus the Third Dimension

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 02, 2009 on NBC

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  • You can really see Red and Blue in that so people can wear the 3-D Glasses to watch it in 3-D.

    Red and Blue there
    Red and Blue here
    Red and Blue Everywhere.
    You can really see them in 2-D.
    But with the 3-D Glasses you can see it in 3-D.
    Chuck uses a good thing in his head.
    To see if there are any bad guy going ahead of you.
    Buy More (Best Buy)
    Nerd Herd (Greek Squad)
    Oh come on.
    This is one of the shows I recorded on my DVD+R Disk on my DVD Recorder.
    NBC Breaking News on Chuck is on Monday Nights at 8 PM/7 CT
    Ok you know what people says "Get in the Car Chuck"
    Chuck says "Get in the Car"
    You will be safe in there.