Season 2 Episode 12

Chuck Versus the Third Dimension

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 02, 2009 on NBC

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  • Chuck does some crowd surfing.

    Great episode that revolves around a rock star named Tyler Martin. Someone is trying to kill Tyler and it is up to the team to find out who and why. In order to protect Tyler, Casey shoots a tranquilizer dart into him that is suppose to keep him out for a day or so, but Tyler is waking up every couple of hours. They identify the person trying to kill Tyler as Achmed Gambir. What has been going on is Tyler has been getting a tattoo on his back that holds some secret information about nuclear weapons in North Africa. Tyler's manager has been involved in it since the beginning. Tyler finally learns of the plot to kill him when two beautiful women try to seduce him then try to kill him.

    Tyler agrees to go onstage for his concert as bait to lure Achmed Gambir into the arena to that Sarah and Casey can catch him. He goes to Tyler's dressing room to kill him, but Chuck stalls him long enough for him and Tyler to escape. Achmed is finally caught by Casey as he is about to throw a knife at Tyler.

    This movie had a humorous sub-plot. To start off Big Mike hires a friend name Jimmy (played by Jerome Bettis) who just got out of prison. Continuing the sub-plot, a golden ticket has been placed in a CD of Tyler Martin's and the winner got a free pass to the concert including back stage. Morgan and crew open up all of the CD's until they find it. Morgan holds a contest to see who will go with him and Jefferson wins. In the end Morgan gives the ticket to Jimmy. Jimmy in turn sells it to another employee for $800 and quits moving to Philadelphia.

    Hasn't been my favorite episode, but having Jerome Bettis in it boosted its rating for me.