Season 3 Episode 2

Chuck Versus the Three Words

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 10, 2010 on NBC

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  • Way to go Morgan!

    The second part of Chuck's 2-part premiere I think was better than the first ep. Smokin' hot Carina is back for an undercover mission, but really, it's business as usual in Chuck-verse. Chuck and Sarah pretend to be a couple, and steal a 'very important' briefcase during an engagement party. Nothing here was particularly exciting. Not the villain, or Casey's silly 'young uncle' speech. There is a fun visual of Chuck nimbly hopping through laser-net security, but his insistence on needing to 'talk' with Sarah mid-mission was really not smart. Even for him. He's been doing this long enough to know better. You see, he NEEDS to tell her that he loves her. Why this can't wait I don't know, but doesn't she already know anyway? The big difference this time is that Carina told Chuck Sarah loves him right back. But with the whole 'emotions compromise the mission' obstacle, this is all just the same retreaded will-they/won't-they material we've been sitting through for 2 seasons now. There has been talk of some budget cuts and changes for Chuck this year, and some we can already see. The cast has trimmed down (Emmett was killed and Anna Wu has been written off) and Ellie and Awesome moved out (just across the courtyard?). Morgan is moving in as Chuck's roommate, but I like this development because I think Joshua Gomez was criminally underused last year. Overall, while not among Chuck's best episodes in any way, it was the standard, charming Chuck entry that we've come to know and love. There's still plenty of fun here, and I know they are only just getting started. Oh and Jeff and Lester threw another shindig. (how can geeks like these continue to throw such great parties anyway?)
  • Excellent episode; the Buy More is back, and all the gang are there. (( Can't *BELIEVE* about Emmit tho )) Love the Casey sequences, and Yvonne is always to die for. Chuck is back as nerdy and super cool as ever.

    I'm loving the reconstruction of the characters. Everyone is back as their old selves, but just a little more fresh. The story line was excellent- very much the life of a spy from the life of a nerd. It was funny, action packed, and with enough romance to make my little fangirl heart sigh with awe at the writers ability.

    My only issue is the still ongoing incomplete relationship and miscommunication between Chuck and Sarah. I love them both, I love them together, and I love them apart- but I'm having problems loving all three of those things at the same time for the third season in a row.

    Then again, the story line kind of depends on them doing this never really working thing... would we keep watching if they finally just said no? Would the love still be as strong two more seasons in if they said yes? And would we really want to see it collapse in on itself if they said yes, then no later? ...Excellent episode, all in all. I need more.
  • Carina is back as a woman in love and about to be married to an arms dealer. The Buy More is also back and we get Big Mike back at the expense of Emmit. Chuck performs admirably, but really botches things when he gets off track during their mission.

    A little better episode than the premiere for this season we also saw this evening. There is a lot of conflict going on and I refuse to allow the annoying new Chuck outbursts in the middle of the mission to ruin it for me. Really, don't you think there is a little better time to try to talk things out?

    Despite the acrobatics, Chuck almost gets Carina, Morgan, Lester, and Jeff killed, but in the end he saves them as well. I'm hoping that is not going to be the common denominator to this season. Chuck goes on mission, Chuck screws up mission, Chuck saves the day. Not that that didn't happen in the past.

    The dynamics of the team is a little rocky at this point with Chuck and Sarah not really communicating and Casey sort of holding down the fort. It is really great to see all these characters so it sort of makes up for any expectations that weren't met in these first few episodes this season.

    The situation with Emmit was pretty brutal. It is interesting that Casey choose to tell Chuck that he moved to Alaska. So we have Big Mike back at the Buy More. Of course this is much better for the cover as Mike is a much more reasonable person. We haven't seen if Sarah will be back at the Hot Dog place or if it will be something else this time. I can't wait to see that when the time comes.

    I do think that Chuck is going to be killing people this season so let's all get to the point where we know the show will be a little more action packed (violent) and that Chuck will cause collateral damage. It's inevitable!

    Nice scene at the end with Morgan and Carina. Based on her character that was pretty cool for him and really has got to raise his street cred with the other boys at the Buy More. So Anna's gone, but not dead as some of the rumors told us.

    A much more Chuck type episode and I for one am glad to have him back. Mondays are going to be jam packed with the CBS Monday Comedy Block and Chuck then Castle, but with DVR ready to go we'll all be able to see everything we want. Thanks for reading...
  • Morgan finally gets the girl

    Chuck must learn to control his emotions so he can be a spy. Even if he's still in love with Sarah - Chuck gets a new mission when Sarah's best friend Carina comes through town with her fiancé Karl. Things get complicated when Chuck wants to hash out his and Sarah's relationship problems while they're on the mission. Meanwhile, Morgan finds himself in trouble when he lies to Jeff and Lester.
    Epispde two saw the return of Carina which has been a long time coming, I really like this character because she is a great spy and I found it hilarious when Morgan finally got her. Also what did she say to Sarah. We saw more of the Buy More lads in this episode including the return of Big Mike who is still acting as a father figure to Morgan lol. But sadly we saw less of Casey he did provide us with a really funny speech. Chuck dodging the lasers was awesome. General Beckman has also got me intrested in this episode who was she talking to and what about it was very exciting but also has left me wanting more it's a good job theree is another episode tonight. I was worried when I first heard Vinnie Jones was going to guest star on the show because everything I have seen him in has been crap, apart with some bad acting he didn't annoy me which was a relief.
  • Morgan killed it! Carina's not so bad anymore =). Great episode!!!

    He finally said the words! :O That was an awesome moment. But no captain awesome this episode..that guy is too classic haha.

    Something worth noting is the soundtrack.. I haven't yet commented on that in any of my reviews but this show always has a top notch soundtrack. Some classic Van Halen in the mix. The season 2 finale had "Friday I'm in Love" by the can NEVER go wrong with that song.

    I can't believe I JUST started watching this show like a week ago. NBC isn't always fail hahaha. I am pretty sure I like this show better than Heroes. Yep.