Season 3 Episode 2

Chuck Versus the Three Words

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 10, 2010 on NBC

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  • Way to go Morgan!

    The second part of Chuck's 2-part premiere I think was better than the first ep. Smokin' hot Carina is back for an undercover mission, but really, it's business as usual in Chuck-verse. Chuck and Sarah pretend to be a couple, and steal a 'very important' briefcase during an engagement party. Nothing here was particularly exciting. Not the villain, or Casey's silly 'young uncle' speech. There is a fun visual of Chuck nimbly hopping through laser-net security, but his insistence on needing to 'talk' with Sarah mid-mission was really not smart. Even for him. He's been doing this long enough to know better. You see, he NEEDS to tell her that he loves her. Why this can't wait I don't know, but doesn't she already know anyway? The big difference this time is that Carina told Chuck Sarah loves him right back. But with the whole 'emotions compromise the mission' obstacle, this is all just the same retreaded will-they/won't-they material we've been sitting through for 2 seasons now. There has been talk of some budget cuts and changes for Chuck this year, and some we can already see. The cast has trimmed down (Emmett was killed and Anna Wu has been written off) and Ellie and Awesome moved out (just across the courtyard?). Morgan is moving in as Chuck's roommate, but I like this development because I think Joshua Gomez was criminally underused last year. Overall, while not among Chuck's best episodes in any way, it was the standard, charming Chuck entry that we've come to know and love. There's still plenty of fun here, and I know they are only just getting started. Oh and Jeff and Lester threw another shindig. (how can geeks like these continue to throw such great parties anyway?)