Season 3 Episode 10

Chuck Versus the Tic Tac

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 15, 2010 on NBC

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  • Broken Banzai. Deep.

    Vs. the Sensei was arguably the weakest Chuck episode ever made. I found it uneven, silly, poorly scripted, and felt like it really showed how tacky/cheesy the show can be. The John Casey character is so enjoyable that fans were really eager to see a story revolving around him, but that entry didn't do anyone any favors. That's why I'm happy to report that Vs. the Tic Tac does Colonel Casey justice, and continues to highlight this series' strengths.

    Light is shed on the Alex Coburn mystery, as we find out that this is actually John's real name (like Sarah and Sam, I guess), and he had to destroy his former identity when he was a young soldier to help protect the one woman he loved (fans have also been eager to see the romantic side of this hardened hero). Robert Patrick turns in another great villain role as Casey's former commanding officer-turned-Ring agent Keller. The episode did a great job handling Casey in the first half; it looked like John had turned on the CIA, when he was stealing an item from within their own confines and I enjoyed his and Chuck's awkward interactions, especially when Bartowski comically spills the beans at a mission briefing. But we knew this couldn't be the loyal Casey we all know and love; something had to be up. Keller was in fact using him, and the episode gets even stronger when Sarah and Chuck stand by him to help him rescue Kathleen and take down the baddies. The gravity of committing treason and the weight of trouble for our team was conveyed well.
    The best scene was when Casey had Chuck at gunpoint, and we knew that he just couldn't pull the trigger- something he probably could have done with ease 3 years ago. My, these characters have grown!

    The show is still sort of figuring out what to do with Devon and Ellie. They had a cute little spat about whether or not they should go be doctors abroad or if Ellie should stay at USC, her dream. I admire Awesome's push to keep Ellie safe, but couldn't help but feel he was being selfish and it was more out of his own cowardice that he wanted to runaway and hide. There is a funny scene with Awesome and Morgan when they find out they both know Chuck's secret, and I'm glad he came to his supportive senses at the end of the show.

    Chuck (the show) continues the push itself in new directions. Casey only got one scene with his lost love, but it was a nice one, and I wish there was more, but maybe there will be- General Beckman dismissed Casey for the last time, essentially completely relieving him of duty. John is now a civilian and it will be interesting to see where they go with that (he has a daughter!). Even Sarah may be moving to D.C. Should this series end prematurely, they are certainly taking the steps to put characters' plots in satisfying places. Recent episodes are feeling like season finales. This has been one of the most consistent string of great episodes I've seen from any show on television.