Season 3 Episode 10

Chuck Versus the Tic Tac

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 15, 2010 on NBC

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  • Chuck Vs the Tic Tac features a peelback of Casey's life, fight sequences galore, and more exploration of the tension between Chuck and Sarah.

    Another fantastic episode, this one seemingly the one seasonal episode devoted to John Casey. The additional background info on Casey was written beautifully, adding depth and more love for a character who was underexplored much of his career. Was surprised how many viewers thought this was the first time they learn Casey's true name of Alex Coburn...did you not catch on, when Chuck, playing Rafe in episode 8, flashed on Casey's name and then Casey, with a look of consternation, told Chuck "to mind his own business"??? Pay attention, people!! But seriously, learning that John gave up his Coburn persona plus a "love-of-his-life" and daughter, for service to his country, was a fabulous moment in Chuckdom, along with his advice to Chuck about choosing country or love, in the case of Sarah/Sam vs. Team Bartowski. The action scenes with Chuck displaying some of the full force of his flash-Intersect 2.0 abilities, and using a pill that boosts his capabilities by surpressing all emotions, along with Sarah attached to a car's chassis and then kicking many assies, were some of the best ever. Exciting, right?? In making up for the blunder of missing Chuck/Rafe's flash on Casey, did anyone notice how the sight of Sarah (and obviously the LOVE of her) helped Chuck fight the effects of the emotion-surpressing pill?? And it was also a lovely moment when Chuck tells Sarah that he'll always be the great guy she knew, besides being a great spy. Morgan also has been getting more of a big role and more of an effect on Chuck, and it's nice that we're seeing more friendship as well as comic parts with Devon. This season is consistently the best of the three so far, with great episodes from number one on. Lastly, I am one of hopefully a huge number of fans who want to see Chuck end his spy career in the arms of the amazing Sarah Walker, and want to know more about Sam's real life/name with a surname as we learned Casey had. Hope to see Casey back soon since he is now so rich in character and abilities, and hope by season's end, that enough of the Ring's power is defeated so the team says goodbye to Daniel Shaw, alone at long last.