Season 3 Episode 10

Chuck Versus the Tic Tac

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 15, 2010 on NBC

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  • That. Was. INSANE! This episode reminded me why this show deserves to be classified as AWESOME.

    Mate, this show just gets better and better every week! (But after The Mask, that is not hard aye)

    * * * * * * * SPOILERS * * * * * * * This episode was written by the new writers, and they sure do a good job.

    Casey-centric episode this week, which is a nice change of pace, as he seems to have fallen to the way-side this season and he really is an awesome character.

    An unmissable story this week with more than one big revelation concerning casey, treason among them. However, he did it to save his old fiance, oh yes, Casey had a missus back in the day! Surprisingly his backstory is actaully very engaging and sad at the same time. We also find out his real name, and its is so much more satisfying than Sarahs real name, but there isnt anything wrong with the name Sam tho!.

    Chuck was also mega awesome this week, Neo-esque, but slightly more beleivable. Dare it be said, he may have almost been badass? Muahaha. Its a shame that there was only one of those pills, and cos Chuck took it, then does that mean there are no more? Because it would be an awesome story arc and the fact that Sarah managed to over-ride the no emotions no fear aspect. Very Hulk haha.

    And was that a double flash when he flashed on the kungfu and the strangling thing simultaniously and is it possible that there may be side effects from multipal flashes?

    Casey as a civillian looks like an interesting storyline, but hopefully it does not last to long, cos he is just the most badass spy! His face when he is told that he has no job, its heark-breakingly well done. LOVES CASEY.

    However it was nice to see that Casey and Chuck seem to be still friendly after he lost his job, and he even kept his house? The Bonzi tree is also a nice touch.

    Morgan and his attempts at spying were a great boost to the humor of the show and hopefully he will be in more episoes in relation to his bromace with Chuck. On that note, the Buy More was missed. But not to much, as this episode was still awesome without it.

    Sarah is looking like she is getting back to her season 2 amazingness, well hopefully, what with this talk of hr moving to DC. But she seemed to be releived that Chuck had no reservations or hesitations about busting Casey out of jail. She event told him she though she has lost the Chuck of three years ago.

    Overall this episode has to be in the top three of this season, both acting and pacing wise. But one of the biggest contributions to the awesomeness of this episode? No Shaw. Badassly Awesome that was.

    This review made it all the way from New Zealand people, so enjoy!