Season 3 Episode 10

Chuck Versus the Tic Tac

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 15, 2010 on NBC

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  • CHUCK has done it again.

    Oh men, you can't catch a break with this show, every episode seems to be game changing.

    I'll start just how my others reviews saying that my english sucks, so I'll talk like a six years old child...or worst. SPOILERS!!! ahead.

    This season is on fire. Every episode on CHUCK seems to be game changing. A Casey's episode, with awesome fights, drama and they let us hanging to see what will happen to Casey as a Cilivian.
    I'm realling hoping this is a hmmm, move from the General to put Casey inside the ring, because I don't see another way to Casey going back to the Team.

    I know that Sarah won't stay in DC ( I read the synopsis for future episodes, and thank god doesn't say anything about casey, i want the surprise ), but I'm hating Sarah right now.

    Yey, Awesome and Ellie will stay =).

    Nice scene when Morgan and Awesome finds out that they both knows Chuck secret.

    Sad scene when Casey and Chuck are in Casey's apartment and he's without his spy stuff, and the only things he had were a couple of books, a table and his bonzai. He lost everything he live for, so I'm really really hoping he'll be back as a Colonel soon.

    CHUCK vs The Tic Tac. I was really hoping that Casey gave Chuck a placebo, a tic tac instead of the real pill that takes aways his emotions, just to prove him that he got what it needs inside and he doesn't need a pill or anything else to flash. But he didn't say a thing, sadly, so he did take the real stuff. Now I'm hoping that it will have secondary effects, like no having emotions whenever he flashes, so Sarah will have to calm him down, or maybe removing the intersect, at least the part that gaves him the kung fu powers, and becoming a Spy the right way.

    Pretty damn good episode, but I don't get why is so low rated comparing to previous episodes from this season. This and Chuck vs The Beard were way better than previous episode, with ( damn, no spellcheck here, I'M SURE it will be misspeled, like when i wrote misspeled ) exception ( or maybe not, it seems right to me... ) of the one with the Dictator.

    Or maybe it's that I'm watching the episodes with more enthusiasm than before so I like this ones better than previous ones.

    long live CHUCK!.

    Greetings from Argentina.