Season 3 Episode 16

Chuck Versus the Tooth

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 10, 2010 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Beethoven's "Symphony #9 In D Minor" and "Ode to Joy" are the same piece of music, "Ode to Joy" being the name of Schiller's poems, whose words became the lyrics in the final movement of the 9th Symphony. So Chuck's dream was accurate.

    • This is the first time that we see possible side-effects of the Intersect. It'll remain one of the main focuses of the next seasons.

    • Goof: When the orchestra is performing and the camera focuses on two violin players it is clearly visible that the violin bows are not touching the strings.

    • Ellie: (On the phone) Are you sure you want the box set of ER? (Giggles slightly) Right, but all 15 seasons? (Pause) Yeah, I know Devon, it's the best show ever.
      The box set Ellie is holding only contains 12 seasons. In the United States, at the time of the airing of this episode, only seasons 1 through 12 of ER had been released on DVD. Season 13 was released on July 6, 2010. The DVD release dates of seasons 14 and 15 had not even been announced yet.

    • President Zuti's country Zamibia is fictional, but its name appears to be a combination of the names of two real African countries: Zambia and Namibia.

    • Featured Music:
      "Ode To Joy" by Ludwig van Beethoven (Chuck's dream)
      "Right Round" by Flo Rida (Anna shows up)
      "Symphony #9 In D Minor" by Ludwig van Beethoven (At the concert)
      "Jackie Wants A Black Eye" by Dr. Dog (Morgan wants to know about Chuck)
      "Here's Looking At You, Kid" by The Gaslight Anthem (Closing scenes)

  • Quotes

    • Chuck: I've been having these very, very vivid dreams, okay? First, I saw the news report on Kuti, the president of Zamibia, but then in my dream, I saw Beethoven. And then Shaw was there, and he was delivering Zamibian food. And then he tried to kill everyone! (confidently) So, obviously, the Zamibian president is going to be assassinated by the Ring at the Beethoven concert.
      Casey: General, permission to slap Bartowski? He had a bad dream.

    • Sarah: I love you. It shouldn't have taken me this long to say it but I've never felt this way. Before you, the only future that I could think about was my next mission but now, all I can think about is a future with you. I love you, Chuck.
      Chuck: I love you, too.

    • Sarah: You don't understand. He's not like other people. He is... incredibly special.
      Dr. Dreyfus: Especially to you, I gather.
      Sarah: He needs to be ok. I... I need him to be ok. I'd like to go to the hospital tonight and talk to him. Try and figure this out and help him somehow, you know? Please? I love him.
      Dr. Dreyfus: Ever tell him that?
      Sarah: Please, Doctor, I'm begging you.
      Dr. Dreyfus: You are not the only one. (He opens the door to reveal Casey)

    • Chuck: God, I can't believe this is happening.
      Dr. Dreyfus: It's happening, Chuck. Disturbing as it may be, you're currently a patient in a psychiatric institution. Best come to terms with that sooner than later.
      Chuck: Wow. You really know how to make a guy feel better about his situation, Doc.

    • Lester: I'm just gonna say it: I need a woman. It's been far too long, Jeffrey. A man has needs.
      Jeff: So what's the plan?
      Lester: I will be hitting on all the applicable women in Electronics, DVDs, and all around the entrances, and the emergency exits.
      Jeff: You're leaving me Home Appliances? It's full of lumpy housewives. My favorite.
      Lester: You're welcome.

    • Anna: Hi, guys. Long time, no smell.
      Jeff: She remembered our smell.

    • Lester: Well, I hate to be the one to tell you this--I don't really--but Morgan is in, a, umm...a very bad place.
      Anna: Oh, my God, is he okay?
      Jeff: No. He's focused, responsible, driven. Pains me to see a man end up like that.
      Lester: It's pathetic.

    • Devon: Okay. Okay, Casey has some serious guns. Is that creepy, yes? Is that illegal...sadly, no.

    • Chuck: I was right. I was right. Well, I was, I--I was wrong, clearly I was wrong, but I was right! This is great news! This is great news! That means I'm not crazy!
      Kowambe: Yes. It also means, as soon as you tell me where you got your information--and rest assured, you will tell me--you are going to die.
      Chuck: No, that's not great news at all. That's a giant needle--bad, bad. Colored liquid even worse.

    • (Chuck talking to the therapist)
      Chuck: My girlfriend just moved in with me. Best part of my life. Really, rock solid relationship. Not a problem there. (A moment later) You know, she's a little distant...she could be more communicative though...but she doesn't exactly say "I love you" back...I've never really done this before...even though I know that she loves me, I'm just, you know, just kind of noting it. Because I know. I know that she loves me. I know that.

    • (Chuck talking to the therapist)
      Chuck: This wasn't my idea, you know. So no, I don't really want to talk about anything to be perfectly honest. (Pause) Despite your sparkling conversation skill. (Pause) That was a joke. I was just...just going to town on that pad, aren't you? Just a little joke. Okay fine, I'll talk.

    • Chuck: General, the Ring is going to try and kill the president of Zamibia at the Beethoven concert tomorrow night.
      Casey: Tomorrow night? You couldn't have done this in the morning? You know how dear my sleep is to me, Bartowski.

    • (Chuck and Sarah are watching TV)
      Chuck: Hey, jackpot!
      Sarah: Oh no, no, no. You've made me watch this before. This is ridiculous.
      Chuck: Sarah, please, you could learn a lot from spies like these.
      Sarah: Are you kidding me? Look at these people, they're breaking about seventeen different rules of protocol.
      Chuck: Sweetheart, I'm not actually implying that you could learn anything about being a spy from Chevy Chase or Dan Akroyd, I was just simply making a joke. Remember? Jokes?

    • Chuck: You came back for me.
      Sarah: I'll always come back for you.

    • Anna Wu: You've changed, Morgan. I want you back.
      Morgan: Wow. Really? If it took me running from you to realize that I'm somebody you want, then I don't really think that you're the person that I want. So, yeah, you're right. I have changed.

    • Chuck: Now remember, Morgan, my code name is Charles Carmichael.
      Morgan: Yeah. Yeah. I got it. I got it. Mine's Cobra. Okay, let's do this.
      Chuck: Great. I'm on a mission with Cobra. Maybe I am going crazy.

    • Jeff: It is Anna Wu. I knew the day she left to break Morgan's heart, she'd come back to break mine.

  • Notes

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic - Chuck a stolička (Chuck and the Molar)

    • Although credited, Mark Christopher Lawrence (Michael "Big Mike" Tucker) does not appear in this episode.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: May 10, 2010 on Citytv
      United Kingdom: September 13, 2010 on Channel One
      Australia: November 25, 2010 on FOX8
      Czech Republic: December 26, 2010 on Prima COOL
      Sweden: January 31, 2011 on TV6
      Finland: August 20, 2012 on Sub

  • Allusions

    • Christopher Lloyd's character name of "Leo Dreyfuss" is most likely a reference to the film What About Bob? where Richard Dreyfuss played psychiatrist Dr. Leo Marvin.

    • There is a large Native American man pushing a broom behind Chuck and Doctor when Chuck is first brought into the psychiatric ward.

      This is a reference to Chief Bromden from One Flew Over the Cuckcoo's Nest by Ken Kesey. Bromden, a patient in a psychiatric ward, is nicknamed Chief Broom because of his tendency to sweep.

    • Morgan: Listen. Fear is the mind killer.

      This is a fragment of the Litany Against Fear from the Dune book series by Frank Herbert.

    • Sarah: It's official, there is absolutely nothing on TV.
      Chuck: Yeah, Monday nights can be a bit of a wasteland.

      This quote is really a bit of an inside joke referring to the difficulties this show has had to succeed. Some argue that if the show were aired on a different day, it would be more successful. At the end of the second season, this show was actually set to be canceled, but a rally of support from fans and a publicity event held by cast members and a primary sponsor, Subway, proved to be enough to keep the show on the air for this third season.

    • Chuck (Zachary Levi) continually refers to Dr. Leo Dreyfus (Christopher Lloyd) as simply "Doc" throughout the episode.

      Christopher Lloyd is very well known for his role as Dr. Emmett Brown in the Back to the Future trilogy (1985, 1989, 1990). In these movies, Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) regularly refers to Dr. Emmett Brown as just "Doc".