Season 1 Episode 8

Chuck Versus the Truth

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 12, 2007 on NBC

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  • What a crazy episode and just what I needed to get through Monday night.

    I do not know where to start, the guy from Alias Marshall playing a bad guy, a hot chick needs Chucks help, Sara spends the night, truth serum, nuclear codes and getting rid of Harry Tang.
    Wow, I taped it as I like to watch it again in the morning when I am working on the computer and sometime I pick up little bits of plot or dialog that I missed. I think that tomorrow, I will do the work and put aside an hour to enjoy this again.
    Is Chuck going to get the job that Harry just left, and to have Harry running a pineapple plant in Hawaii is precious.
    Will Chuck get lucky next week with the new hottie in his life, or will Sara take him away from all that.
  • Truth serum plays a role as Chuck and Sarah's fake relationship gets rocky.

    Seeing Kevin Weismann in the episode was a treat, being an Alias, so when he did all the crazy jumping and everything, I couldn't help but laugh and think that as Marshall, that's all he dreamed about and when they shot him in the knee!! Chuck and Sarah start realizing that their fake relationship is starting to show, so the mention of having to have sex to make it look better was funny, especially when Chuck said Hot Coffee (the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas sex scene scandal in video games) it was a nice double wink. Rachael Bilson joined the cast this week as lovable Lou and the rumble of jealousy can be seen on Sarah's face. Involving Chuck's sister Elle into the mission was an interesting twist and an eye opener to how much Chuck really cares for her. The truth serum working on everyone was quite funny as a few characters admitted to things they really wouldn't have usually. The reveal that Sarah was lying even under truth serum didn't come as a shock but made the Lou relationship a hindrance to a Sarah and Chuck relationship. Once Tang saw the room is I wasn't surprised where they went with that, but as Big Mike misses Lady Tang, I'll miss the crazy antics of Mr. Tang.Now we might finally get to see Sarah show her true colors when it comes to Chuck. Oh, and that purple night lingerie...mmmhmm! And Chuck's dance before she walked in...Hilarious.
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