Season 1 Episode 8

Chuck Versus the Truth

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 12, 2007 on NBC

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  • Chuck meets Lou played by Rachael Bilson from The OC and as the ending shows,Chuck "breaks up with Sarah" because he believed that the relationship they had as a cover was never really gonna happen.

    It really made me believe because of the previews making me believe that Chuck and Sarah were going to really take it to the next step so their cover wouldn't be blown but it didn't happen.Then just because Sarah didn't really tell the truth,Chuck tells Sarah that their cover relationship should come to an end so he could go out with Lou who admited to Chuck that she liked him and that if anything were to end with him & Sarah,he could always date her after their relationship ended.I hated that they "broke up",but I hope they really get together in the end.I can really see that Sarah really does like Chuck but couldn't truely admit it.
  • I'm just very disappointed that Sarah & Chuck was never meant to be. And when Chuck said he had to do something on his to do list to Sarah I was hoping he would kiss her but when he turned down the fake relationship I was just outraged.

    And why is Sarah playing hard to get?. Ever sense this show started every second of each episode I watched and thought why can't Chuck and Sarah be a real couple? and why does Sarah not like Chuck?. I'm very glad my all-time favorite actor Kevin Weissman guest starred in this episode and I think the reason why Kevin guest starred in this episode is because it's very much like his former role on Alias. And how could Chuck break up with Sarah with out blowing their cover? because the fake relationship was their cover. And if this show does not pull it's self together and make the relationship between Chuck and Sarah real then I don't like this show all that much anymore.
  • Awesome!

    Chuck battles with his cover love life and real love life when he meets a girl named Lou (Rachel Bilson), who seems interested in the real Chuck. On the other hand, his relationship with Sarah heats up as they go on a double date with Ellie and Devon and try to explain their sex life. Meanwhile, a poison specialist (Kevin Weisman) is trying to obtain codes to nuclear facilities and is using a "truth" poison to help get his answers. After all are exposed to the truth, Chuck soon discovers a lot about his partners. Two many cure girls. Chuck's attraction to a cute brunette names Lou complicates his relationship with Sarah. Okay, I love Chuck and Sara - boviously and I don't really like Lou but I like the storyline to be honest. I love the scene with Chuck in his room and then Sarah comes in - laugh out loud moment. I love Awesome and Ellie - I love every scene they are in and especially this episodes one because of the way Ellie is acting. I also love the way the poison makes them tell the truth - so good!
  • A toxic show!

    Ok, first spare me Britney Spears and her song "Toxic"! I about hurled. This was a pretty funny show that just kept going and going and going. Truth serum, hilarious dances, and . At the same time, his relationship with Sarah gets interesting when the duo must explain their sexual relations with Ellie and Captain Awesome on a double date. That was the funniest part of all. I felt really bad for Chuck who finally has enough and sends Sarah packing. You can just tell that the relationship between the two wants to take off and yet it doesn't. Still, a good show!
  • Chuck finds a new girl named Lou and is romantically interested. He decides to move on with Sara after finding out that Sara doesnt believe their relationship will go anywhere.

    I thought the episode was one of the better episodes to air this season. It was a good plot twist at the end with Chuck 'breaking' up with Sara to go out with Lou. I think most viewers thought Chuck was going to kiss Sara. However I dont think the whole Lou and Chuck relationship will last that long, because Sarah will eventually confess up and reveal her feelings to him. The one thing I didn't like was at the end, when teh boss tells Grimes that he was diddling with Tang's wife. It didn't seem to flow with the show. Losing Tang is goign to hurt because he plays a funny character, much like his character in Dexter. Overall, good episode, can't wait for next week.
  • After a pretty brunette named Lou shows some interest in Chuck and it appears that Sarah is only interested in maintaining their cover in a platonic manner, Chuck takes the situation into his own hands.

    Another great episode, one that saw Sarah as a complete tease. Understand now this is froma man's perspective. How else could you interpret it? She tells Chuck it is time to "make love." She shows up in his room with a skimpy negligee (spellcheck, help!) and he understandably has the candles and music in full lovemaking mode but she drops the bomb - they are going to sleep in the same bed but no hanky panky will transpire, leaving our hero hurting in the worst way. "It's part of our cover," she says. To which Chuck replies "But you're not covering hardly anything" or something to that effect. All this happens while another pretty young lass named Lou wants him so very badly. Are we supposed to believe he's really a nerd? Anyway, in a moment of truth, supposedly under the influence of Sodium Pentathol, Sarah confesses there will never be anything beyond the professional relationship that is real, only for the cover. Chuck then dumps Sarah, saying that can be part of the cover as well. And off he goes to his deli Lou. The kicker comes when Casey asks Sarah if she revealed any guarded intel while under the influence. No way, she says because she is trained to not be affected by the drug. So, she could have been lying to Chuck after all when she told him there there would never be anything between them.
  • Good Episode. Not the Best but definately not bad.

    Chuck meets Lou, Chuck likes Lou, Chuck remembers Sarah, Lou gets mad at Chuck, Chuck and Sarah consume truth poison, Sarah tells Chuck the relationship isn't going anywhere, Sarah does not tell Chuck she was lying and the poison didn't make her tell the truth, Chuck goes to see Lou, Sarah looks heartbroken.

    I liked this episode alot mainly becsue of the development between Chuck and Sarah. We find out in this episode that Sarah really was beginning to get into Chuck. She lied and Chuck seemingly just switched tracks and was into Lou.

    I like Lou she was nice, good looking, a good character in all, but Sarah has done alot for Chuck and my only wish is that they don't become enemies.

    Casey and Awesome are once again are very funnny as always as well. The case this week wasn't my favorite so far, but it was still action packed with drama and comedy and pretty fast paced. I'm not sure how many episods the show has for this season and if another season is positive but hopefully it gets enough viewers for a second season to keep it going.
  • One of the best episodes so far in the series.

    I've only just started watching Chuck but this episode had me laughing harder than the rest. Although toward the end it loses the majority of the excellent humour. The first half and in particular the middle section is a great example of good comedic acting, writing, directing and timing. The basic episode revolves around a posioner who uses truth serum to get answers for nuclear launch codes. And later in the episode this naturally posions Ellie, Chuck, Casey and Sarah. Results are reasonably humourous for all. The best part of the show has to be Sarah and Chuck planning to sleep together in order to maintain cover. Starting with Chuck lighting some candles and putting on music before the big night things spiral into one perfect joke after the next for a good 5-10minutes.

    Hoping they can maintain the quality shown in this middle section. Well done Chuck.
  • This show is continuing to grow and going in some fun directions.

    After most episodes, I find myself thinking, Poor Chuck. Stuck in a pretend relationship with a gorgeous girl. His job sucks, his friends are lame, and he has to live with his sister and her boyfriend. This episode was fun with the truth serum, and all the truths that came out into the open. Plus, Chuck met a nice girl, and if it went on like this forever it would drive us viewers mad. But Chuck actually pulls through and breaks up with the fake one to go out with the other girl, and it turns out the fake one was sort of falling for him. Much of this is predictable writing, but the cast pulls it off nicely with some twists in excecution. So....I'm excited to see how the ramifications of this episode will go. Will they stay friends? Will they get together again at some point? And the goofy ending that sends the Assistant manager away, and that the manger was sleeping with his wife felt tacked on and kind of silly....yet why not.
  • "Marshall J. Flinkman" comes to Chuck!

    This is, with a doubt, my favorite episode. Kevin Weisman, best known for role on Alias as the geeky Marshall J. Flinkman, (he fits right into this show) guest-starred as the villian in this epidode. That is something I never thought I'd see! In addition, Chuck learns that the relationship he has with Sarah isn't going anywhere and dumps her for Lou (played by the OC's Rachel Bilson). Plus, Tang leaves Buy More. Who could ask for anything better?

    My only problem with this episode is that Lou seems suspicious. From the first moment she stepped into the Buy More, I knew there was something wrong with her. (I suppose that's what I get for watching Alias) Chuck, in my opinion, really shouldn't have gone for Lou, but hey, that's not my decision.

    All and all this episode was great.
  • Another great episode.

    Chuck battles with his cover love life and real love life when he meets a girl named Lou (Rachel Bilson, "The O.C."), who seems interested in the real Chuck. On the other hand, his relationship with Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) heats up as they go on a double date with Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) and Captain Awesome (Ryan McPartlin) and try to explain their sex life. Meanwhile, a poison specialist (special guest star Kevin Weisman) is trying to obtain codes to nuclear facilities and is using a "truth" poison to help get his answers. After all are exposed to the truth, Chuck soon discovers a lot about his partners.
  • The Truth and nothing but The Truth.

    When a truth poison is used to find codes for a nuclear plant it's up to Chuck and the team to track down the codes and the person poisoning, the only problem is Ellie Chucks sister gets involved and it's a race against time to get the antidote.

    Also Chuck and Sarah try to get more convincing with there relationship by trying to explain their sexual relations with Ellie and Awesome however things get complicated when a new girl called Lou comes into Chuck's life.

    Really enjoyed this episode, and maybe one of the best of the season, certainly so far anyway, loved the truth serum and Chuck telling Sarah she was pretty and Casey had the jaw of Adonis, also Ellie telling the truth, very funny.

    Nice to see another women in Chucks life, they make acute couple, bit sad Harry Tang has gone, I did like C.S Lee's character but it must be weird him starring in both Chuck and Dexter as Masuka.
  • great episode

    A CIA asset gets compromised when a freelance black market dealer tries to acquire serial numbers for nuclear weapons. This asset ends up getting medical help in a hospital where Chuck's sister is working. When a girl shows up at the nerd herd desk to get help with her cell phone, Chuck helps out the girl and he feels that he's not living his life fully. This is an exciting episode, the appearance of Lou makes this show much more romantic. Each of her scenes brighten up the mood of the show. I can't wait for the next episode. The writers came up with another great episode, I really enjoyed watching it.
  • Chuck breaks up with is fake girlfriend to be with a real girlfriend.

    Another great episode from what has got to be one the best shows this season. I know I say that a lot about this show but every time I watch an episode I laugh out loud and come away amazed at how well acted and how well written the episode is. If there was an award for show of the year this would get in my opinion. This week we find Chuck and the crew up against a man who finds hard to get stuff and sells it off to the highest bidder. This guy uses poison/truth serum to get people to hand over what he needs and tempts them with the antidote to get them to cooperate. While trying to save the latest victim from the poison Chuck's sister becomes the new target who may or may not know where the codes are. Unbeknownst to her, the guy she was trying to save put the codes in the pocket of her sweater. After Chuck finds out that his sister is poisoned he does everything in his power to find the cure before his sister, or anybody else falls victim to the poison again. The best part of this show for me was Chuck being told by Sara that nothing would ever come from this fake relationship. Of course she lied but Chuck didn't know and that was enough for Chuck to break it off with Sara and move on to Lou, the deli owner from down the street. Is she a spy as well? We'll find out soon enough as long as this writer's strike doesn't ruin things too much.
  • The spy world and Chuck's world collide with a devastating effect.

    Chuck and Sarah continue to try and hold their ruse about being together without actually being together. Which does provide some killer comedy scenes but also but a hug strain on Chuck. This time through we find that Elli has been brought into Chucks spy world and almost… well you will have to watch. The fact that both of Chuck's worlds collide really shows how much he misses a simple life. He meets a new face in this episode, Lou; she is a deli owner and shows true interest in Chuck. A truth serum is released and Chuck, Casey, and Sarah all tell the truth, except when it counts. Sarah apparently can resist the truth serum. After seeing his sister hurt and realizing that he needs to live a true life, not a spy one, Chuck does the only thing that makes sense, he moves on from Sarah. This is the second time that we see Sarah jealous and see her truly sad for not being able to be truthful to Chuck. Most importantly we find out that there is something under all of Sarah's training, a heart. All in all this is the kind of show that I have come to expect from Chuck and I love it!
  • Amazing episode - fast paced, funny and emotional

    In my totally unbiased opinion (haha) this was an absolutely amazing episode. The episode threw a few surprises my way - I really didn't expect that Sarah would be the one stopping the bad guy, if anything, an action like that would be in character only for Casey - but I think that's just a credit to the writing so far, they've done such a good job at showing what a caring person she is and now they've just added more depth to her character, reminding us that she is a CIA agent, who can be ruthless if needs be. I thought the episode dealt with most of the relationships pretty well: Awesome/ Ellie, Ellie/Chuck, Sarah/Chuck and even Casey/Sarah. And now the series is set up for future Sarah/Chuck angst - just the thing to keep people watching!
  • Lots or revelations and hi-jinks

    An episode set to go down as one of the best all season. This managed to keep to that Chuck humor while opening up a lot of his personal side. I especially loved the way that opened up the relationship between he and Sarah because I for one (and I'm sure others were too) was waiting for some developments. The introduction of a new love interest helped out a lot because now we get to see Chuck away from the whole spy/nerd persona for a stint. Seeing Sarah all jealous was a good thing because all along the feelings were for Bryce.

    The storyline was fresh and the interactions even more crisp. Adam Baldwin is proving to be a key asset to this show and just keeps getting funnier. One down side though, we lose the whole Harry Tang era but that might not be all too bad. Two thumbs up!!!
  • What a crazy episode and just what I needed to get through Monday night.

    I do not know where to start, the guy from Alias Marshall playing a bad guy, a hot chick needs Chucks help, Sara spends the night, truth serum, nuclear codes and getting rid of Harry Tang.
    Wow, I taped it as I like to watch it again in the morning when I am working on the computer and sometime I pick up little bits of plot or dialog that I missed. I think that tomorrow, I will do the work and put aside an hour to enjoy this again.
    Is Chuck going to get the job that Harry just left, and to have Harry running a pineapple plant in Hawaii is precious.
    Will Chuck get lucky next week with the new hottie in his life, or will Sara take him away from all that.
  • The Truth is out there.

    Chuck and Sarah are on a double date with Ellie and Caption Awesome and he suggest that they relationship ridiculously slow. A man collapes outside and Ellie and tends to him, Chuck soon flashes on Mason's ID and freaks out. Sarah informs Chuck that it's time they spent the night together.

    Lou (Rachel Bilson guess Stars) comes into Buy more and asks Chuck to fix her phone, she comes back the next and they Interact until Sarah comes in to the Picture, Elsewhere Big Mike tells Morgan to get a gift for Harry's Wife.

    So it's time for Chuck and Sarah to make Love, a man with a truth poison visits Ellie and puts a listening device behind her ear, Ellie starts getting the full affects of it and spills some beans about Chuck, she soon collapes.

    Ellie now needs an antidote, Chuck graps the device and tells that the codes are still on Ellie at the hospital, so Riordan will come to them. Sarah and Casey hatch a plan in catching him but to avail has gets away, the poison falls to the floor and the fumes spreads and Truth comes out.

    Sarah graps the anitdote and wants Chuck to take it but he gives it Ellie. The three of them get to Riordan loft and take him out, before taking the antidote Chuck asks Sarah if their relantionship is going anywhere, she says No.

    Chuck goes to see Sarah the next day in which he ends their fake relationship and hangs out with Lou
  • Chuck is poisoned with a truth serum

    Chuck, Sarah, Devon and chucks sister see a man die on the street. the villian who killed him injects her with a truth serum that's also poisonous. in order to save her, chuck sarah and casey go up again st the villian/. they all get poisoned and chuck gives his sister the antidote. chuck meets a girl named lou thsat he loves. them 3 meet the villian and find the antidote eventually. then chuck decides to fake break up with sara. harry tang stumbles upon the meeting between the spys and casey manages to get harry tang to move away. yay!
  • This series just keeps getting better !

    This was a wonderful episode and Rachel Bilson was so cute as Lou. I loved the entire episode -- even losing the character of Harry Tang.

    Kevin Weisman was an excellent bad guy and watching him kick Adam Baldwin's butt was great. But that was nothing compared to Sarah Lancaster as Elle -- Elle on truth serum was AWESOME !!

    She was great. Every word out of her mouth was great and poor Devon just didn't know what to think about her. Her picking on Devon about his shorts was hilarious. I loved it. Each week this show seems to get better and better and looking forward to more.
  • Chuck's worlds collide when Ellie is poisoned by the guy they're after, and Chuck and Sarah's fake relationship is put to the test when he meets someone new.

    Chuck's relationship with his sister is really sweet, they take care of each other and it's obvious after this episode that Chuck will always put her first because he's willing to die for her. It's sad that Sarah and Chuck can't be together when they're both clearly into each other. He's ready to have a relationship again, but she's not. It might be that she's not over Bryce, or over Bryce's betrayal. It might be that she knows that if she falls for Chuck it could compromise her job. Either way, it was really sad to see her let him go. I like Lou, I think she's wonderful and she has a lot of chemistry with Chuck, which is great because the poor guy deserves a break. He deserves to be happy and to be able to have some semblance of a life. The BEST scene is the one with Ellie and Awesome, when they're in bed and she's affected by the poison. It's hilarious!! The PORN SHORTS?!! Unbealivable!! Oh and Captain Awesome is just...perfect!!!
  • Character development!

    Really good show as it shows some character development. As I really am getting to like and adore Chuck even much more. Once you really get to find out how adorable he really is. He sees that his relationship with Sarah isn't going anywhere so he decides to move on. As he meets a pretty youmg lady named Lou. But it shows that Sarah's relationship with Chuck isn't just a cover as it shows you that she does have feelings for her. Next week's show ought to be a good one. OK, I admit that I don't like Casey that much and a lot of people will agree with me. He is the guy you love to hate. But writers make you feel that way about him.
  • The best episode of the season involving all the truth, and one very important lie.

    "If I had a blog, this would be a really big day for me. Do my laundry: check. Save my sister's life: check. Save my own life: final entry."

    This one minute of conversation covers the whole episode. It is hysterical, action packed, and daring. Why daring? Oh course, because it has a clever use of a Britney Spear's song, Toxic. No other show could get away with using this song. That's why Chuck is so great. The episode is also great because it involves all of the main characters one way or another. Everyone on this show is so great that it's a shame not to use them every episode. And the clever plot? Perfect. This episode is just as funny the seventh time. Believe me. So maybe the writer's strike isn't so bad; we can buy the dvd sooner and watch this episode whenever we need a good laugh.
  • "Truth serum" followed by death has got Chuck and everyone around him in a huge mess. Can Chuck somehow save the day? In his own way, of course. Plus: a new love interest for Chuck, much to Sarah's dismay.

    This episode was amazing, revealing a lot about each character involved. Ellie's true feelings came about as she was the first to be infected with the serum, and the hilarity just continued as Chuck, Sarah, and Casey all were dosed with the serum, to no one's fault but Chuck's of course. This was the first episode to leave me feeling a little less than happy, but very eager to see the continuation of the Sarah/Chuck/Lou situation. I was angered that Sarah had said "no" to Chuck's "will this go anywhere with us" question while under the truth serum, but her phone call to Casey at the end turned it all around, explaining her actions while also breaking my heart for her. I probably should have known that Sarah and Casey's past included "how to protect oneself from truth serum side effects" training. By the way, the song at the end by The Eels is amazing, and i listen to it constantly and think of Chuck and Sarah's heartbreaking moment each time. Fabulous episode with lots of humor and action. Probably my favorite of the first season.
  • There seems to be many misunderstandings between people regarding this episode and this series in general.

    First off, I really like how so many people are spoiling this episode for others... reviews are meant for people to read before the episode. But now that the main spoiler is already out there I'll start from there. I don't know why people think this is a bad episode because it didn't go the way the wanted it to go, that's what makes a plot good and this series has a very well written plot in terms of character development especially in this episode. I don't know if you guys missed her phone call from Casey or not, but she clearly said that she would have been compromised had she not been trained to fight the truth serum. Obviously, she was referring to how she almost told the "truth" to Chuck when he asked if their relationship would go anywhere. I, like most everybody expected to see Chuck kiss Sarah but instantly when he started talking, I knew the other scenario I had thought of would take place. Sarah was as shocked as the viewers to hear those words coming out of Chuck's mouth and was clearly hurt when she saw Chuck with Lou. Great show of facial expression!
  • Review

    Another amazing epsiode from the writers of Chuck. Usually following an episode that changed the way you look at the show the next epsiode tends to be a massive dissapointment, but that was not to be the case in this episode. The Standford episode blended in well with this one and really begin to push the writing into a new direction. Chuck and Sarah have worked well together since episode 1, but now it looks like the picture perfect work couple might be going through some rough times as Chuck gets involved with a new girl. I think they have a very good on screen connection, so it should be interesting to see how ti works out. It was great to see Kevin Weisman on my television again, I missed him from my old Alias days. The scene with Chuck and Sarah with the truth syrum was emotional and intense, followed by the powerful break up scene at the end. I would put this episode high among the Chuck leader board, easily ranking in at number 2 behind the previous episode with Stanford.
  • And Casey, your jaw was chiseled by Michaelangelo himself. hahaha

    This was a fantastic episode. One of the more intense ones from the first season! If you think about it many important things happened in this one: Ellie's life was put in danger, Sarah spent the night with Chuck, Tang moved to Ohahu, and last but not least: Chuck broke up with Sarah! Well.."broke up."

    I love the part where he says to Sarah, "God you're so pretty!" hahaha The truth serum was awesome!

    I have mixed feeling about Lou, though. On one hand I like her simply because she was Summer in The OC, but on the other hand it's obvious that Chuck has feelings for Sarah. Not to mention it's becoming more obvious that Sarah does too. =)

    Another classic episode from this amazing series. And I do mean the U.S. version of "series"...that being show not season. haha
  • Very very good!

    This is the type of episode that is diffrent but in a good way. The episode was well written and had a good story.

    Its nice to see that the viewers can finally see chacracters developing such as Sarah, as we find out more and more about her, the more we want to keep watching this show.

    The mission was done well and had a great story, which hasnt been a problem with Chuck episodes, but this one was above average.

    The episode went very quick, due to the fact that so much was put into a 20 minute show. 10 out of 10.
  • And when I say revealing, I mean everything. Sarah's pretty, Casey's jaw was sculpted by Michelangelo, and Chuck really, really loves his sister.

    Oh my lanta, this episode blew me away. I mean, I was expecting that I wouldn't like it because of OC-girl (I hate the OC, I'm sorry) and truth-serum. I thought the plot was going to be lame and only Captain Awesome could save it. But I was wrong. This episode was captivating, hilarious, and touching. We got to see how much Chuck loves his sister, and wow, I was so touched. I knew those two were so important to each other, but it was still played out well. Even in a humorous way, because Chuck is on truth-serum after all. I like Lou, which is surprising. I hated the OC and everyone related to it (Adam Brody gets a free pass because he was on Gilmore Girls first). But in this role, yeah, I like Rachel Bilson. She was funny and you could really see why Chuck likes her. The funny things said while under the influence made me giggle - I don't think Captain Awesome will ever be the same. Chuck was hilarious and so was Casey. Sarah, not so much, but we did find out the reason for that. I'm sad to see ship SarahChuck sail off, but I have a feeling that it'll come back to me. Overall, an excellent episode.
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