Season 1 Episode 8

Chuck Versus the Truth

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 12, 2007 on NBC

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  • The spy world and Chuck's world collide with a devastating effect.

    Chuck and Sarah continue to try and hold their ruse about being together without actually being together. Which does provide some killer comedy scenes but also but a hug strain on Chuck. This time through we find that Elli has been brought into Chucks spy world and almost… well you will have to watch. The fact that both of Chuck's worlds collide really shows how much he misses a simple life. He meets a new face in this episode, Lou; she is a deli owner and shows true interest in Chuck. A truth serum is released and Chuck, Casey, and Sarah all tell the truth, except when it counts. Sarah apparently can resist the truth serum. After seeing his sister hurt and realizing that he needs to live a true life, not a spy one, Chuck does the only thing that makes sense, he moves on from Sarah. This is the second time that we see Sarah jealous and see her truly sad for not being able to be truthful to Chuck. Most importantly we find out that there is something under all of Sarah's training, a heart. All in all this is the kind of show that I have come to expect from Chuck and I love it!
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