Season 1 Episode 8

Chuck Versus the Truth

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 12, 2007 on NBC

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  • "Marshall J. Flinkman" comes to Chuck!

    This is, with a doubt, my favorite episode. Kevin Weisman, best known for role on Alias as the geeky Marshall J. Flinkman, (he fits right into this show) guest-starred as the villian in this epidode. That is something I never thought I'd see! In addition, Chuck learns that the relationship he has with Sarah isn't going anywhere and dumps her for Lou (played by the OC's Rachel Bilson). Plus, Tang leaves Buy More. Who could ask for anything better?

    My only problem with this episode is that Lou seems suspicious. From the first moment she stepped into the Buy More, I knew there was something wrong with her. (I suppose that's what I get for watching Alias) Chuck, in my opinion, really shouldn't have gone for Lou, but hey, that's not my decision.

    All and all this episode was great.