Season 1 Episode 8

Chuck Versus the Truth

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 12, 2007 on NBC

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  • After a pretty brunette named Lou shows some interest in Chuck and it appears that Sarah is only interested in maintaining their cover in a platonic manner, Chuck takes the situation into his own hands.

    Another great episode, one that saw Sarah as a complete tease. Understand now this is froma man's perspective. How else could you interpret it? She tells Chuck it is time to "make love." She shows up in his room with a skimpy negligee (spellcheck, help!) and he understandably has the candles and music in full lovemaking mode but she drops the bomb - they are going to sleep in the same bed but no hanky panky will transpire, leaving our hero hurting in the worst way. "It's part of our cover," she says. To which Chuck replies "But you're not covering hardly anything" or something to that effect. All this happens while another pretty young lass named Lou wants him so very badly. Are we supposed to believe he's really a nerd? Anyway, in a moment of truth, supposedly under the influence of Sodium Pentathol, Sarah confesses there will never be anything beyond the professional relationship that is real, only for the cover. Chuck then dumps Sarah, saying that can be part of the cover as well. And off he goes to his deli Lou. The kicker comes when Casey asks Sarah if she revealed any guarded intel while under the influence. No way, she says because she is trained to not be affected by the drug. So, she could have been lying to Chuck after all when she told him there there would never be anything between them.
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