Season 1 Episode 12

Chuck Versus the Undercover Lover

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 24, 2008 on NBC

Episode Recap

Ellie and Captain Awesome stop by at the Buy More; the couple are looking for a present to celebrate their anniversary. Ellie wants a T.V, Awesome a Washer/Dryer, Ellie is paged in to come to the hospital so she leaves it to Awesome to pick the gift. Chuck and Sarah have been sent to private party at the Hotel Seville that will be attended by all the Soviet criminals. One of the gangster thinks' Chuck is his cousin, so he plays along joins in the party. Casey makes his way over to Ilsa Just as Victor announces that she is his bride to be.

Sarah has been assigned to set up surveillance on Victor. Ellie comes home to find that Awesome has got a Washer/Dryer much to her annoyance, Morgan steps in and suggest that he some retail therapy. Chuck wants to know more about Ilsa, Casey finally tells him how they met and he suggests that he fight for her. Chuck and Casey return to the Hotel where they bump into Sarah, they pretend that they came to watch surveillance footage. Sarah is on her way to put a bug in Victor's Suite. After seeing Ilsa all alone in the bar on the monitor Chuck persuades Casey to go after her.

Sarah finds herself in trouble as she runs into one of Victor's goon, she then radios to Casey to plant the bug. Casey has gone after Ilsa so Chuck goes into the room to plant the bug. Chuck sees a bunch of files on the desk and finds out that Ilsa is an undercover agent. Casey and Ilsa enter the room as Chuck hides underneath the bed When Sarah calls, his cover is blown, and Ilsa aims her gun at Casey. A Drunken Victor enters the room and soon passes out she manages to get the pair out the room. Meanwhile at The Buy More Awesome joins Morgan and his buddies for a game of Poker, he soon leaves to reconsider his life without Ellie.

Ilsa shows up at Casey's apartment and explains her cover; she gives him back the necklace and leaves. Chuck visits Casey, who's getting drunk on a bottle of Scotch. Ellie is doing the same when Morgan shows up to give her comforting shoulder. Chuck flashes on the necklace which contains a bug and that Ilsa life could be in danger they both proceed to the Hotel and Sarah joins up with them. Victor captures Chuck and Casey in Ilsa's Suite; the paired have been tied together. They soon do battle only to fall off the balcony and fall into the pool, Casey gets out the pool to try and stop the wedding as the Russians pull out their guns. Sarah puts down her gun, and then kicks it to Ilsa, who holds it to Victor's head, who is soon dealt with.

Ellie wakes up next to Morgan who assures that nothing happened with them, Awesome comes in with a surprise for Ellie; he's got the Big Screen T.V. Casey and Ilsa say their goodbyes.
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