Season 1 Episode 12

Chuck Versus the Undercover Lover

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 24, 2008 on NBC

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    Great episode filled with everything that you would expect in a normal Chuck episode. I liked the story in this episode - with us being able to get an inside view of the things that Kasey has gone through in his life and how he is still experiencing them even to this very day. Also going off the last episode, where it seems to be his mission to kill Chuck, this episode really hit home as Chuck really tried to be there for Kasey. Just a bit of irony I guess that should set up the 13th episode which is going to be like a mini season / maybe full season finale with the ongoing writers strike. Lot of funny moments in this episode too - mainly with Morgan / Captain Awesome / and Ellie. The scenes at the Buy More between the two wanting a television versus a washer / dryer were hilarious and it got even better when Chuck took the two of them in the room to "talk it out". Overall, just a really great episode that flowed really well from beginning to end. The only reason it doesnt get the full on perfect was the lack of any major points that episode 11 adressed in its closing moments.