Season 1 Episode 12

Chuck Versus the Undercover Lover

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 24, 2008 on NBC

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  • Casey's on Form.

    This episode starts off with Chuck working at the Store who sees a bunch of names and flashes on them, 1 name in particular Iisa. Later Chuck and Sarah are sent to infiltrate a private party at the Hotel, that will be attended by all the Soviet criminals. Casey sees Iisa and soon learns that she is a bride to be, Sarah has been assigned to set up surveillance on Victor.

    Elsewhere Elle and Capt Awesome want a gift for their first anniversary, Elle wants a T.V,; Awesome, a washer/dryer. Elle is not best pleased when Devin chooses a washer/dryer, Morgan soon Steps in with a bit of Retail therapy. Awesome in the end decides to change it for the Big T.V.

    Chuck and Casey go to the Hotel to fight for Iisa, Chuck some how ends up in Victor's Room planting a bug and finds out that Isla is an Agent, Casey then enters with Iisa he ends up underneath the bed as a Drunken Victor walks in. Casey is not best please to find out that Iisa is an agent, she later explains herself. She gives him the necklace back in which he gave him.

    Chuck finds out that theres a bug in it and that Iisa life is in danger. Chuck and Casey do battle with Victor's goons, only to fall off the side of the balcony into the pool, Victor is soon Captured.