Season 4 Episode 21

Chuck Versus the Wedding Planner

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 18, 2011 on NBC

Episode Recap

In this episode of Chuck, we delve into Sarah's past. It turns out that her dad used Sara to help him on his missions to make money faster. He was not a good parent or a role model, and then one day he leaves. Back in present day, Chuck and Sarah finally cave and hire a wedding planner, Daphne. She turns up conning them, which leaves Sarah furious since she is the daughter of a conman. She goes to find her father's resources for help.

Sarah talks Chuck into faking a flash for the General. They find themselves in a messy situation when Chuck tells Beckman that Daphne is in talks with Novokov, a very dangerous man. General Beckman calls upon agencies around the country and gathers together all their resources. They see Daphne mockingly pop in on every screen in Castle.

Chuck and Sarah attempt to capture Daphne themselves, but soon Casey and the CIA intervene. Chuck and Sarah find themselves faced with a furious Beckman. He suspended the two of them. He decides they should go along with Daphne's scam and have the wedding reception. Sarah's dad pays them a visit and meets Awesome and Baby Clara. At the wedding, the father of the bride finds out that the cake is a fake and takes Morgan hostage. Casey and team get ready to shoot but Sarah's dad swoops in and talks the enemy into letting go of Morgan. Casey's ex-wife had followed him to the wedding and sees his heroic actions that saved Morgan.

After the wedding, Chuck tries to keep Sara's dad from leaving and get him to stay for dinner. Sarah's father disappears without a word. Sarah tries to hide her disappointment. She returns home and finds her old piggy bank on her bank with a note. It turns out that her dad didn't spend any of the money and actually added to it throughout the years. What is left is a large sum of money that is their wedding gift from him.