Season 1 Episode 4

Chuck Versus the Wookiee

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 15, 2007 on NBC

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  • A not so trustworthy agent and a diamond. Very James Bond. Or actually, very Chuck.

    I sort of liked this episode. However, I did feel it was more of a filler episode. The plot was okay, but it was the same thing that I have seen in other spy stories. Carina reminds me of all the sult Bond girls I used to mock. It's cute and hilarious when Morgan falls for it, but to believe that Casey did (TWICE!) might be going a little too far. I really thought he was better than that. It really brought down the strength of the character. Sarah mocking him and taking a picture made me giggle though. I'm liking Carina's weapons trunk. It's not even close to Winchester coolness, but it looks impressive. And yet again, Chuck comes up with a plan that looks good at the start, but fails miserably. Spy-work takes time to learn, buddy. The Chuck-Sarah relationship is progressing, something I really like. Chuck's issues with trusting her are dealt with very well. I'm curious to see where they take this. Overall, a decent episode, with a little too much of the been there, done that feel.
  • Show is indeed the best show on tv!

    This show is the best show thanks to the writing and the antics of Zachary Levi as the lead character. His next assignment, is to retrieve a huge million dollar diamond that will be at a huge mansion. CIA agent Sarah sends her colleague Lisa there. As Lisa tells Chuck that he isn't much of a spy now he is? There is a lot of things here. Action, comedy, romance. drama. Everything. You just name it! You know that you want Chuck and Sarah to get together. As they will. But not right now, As that would really ruin a show IMHO. Great perfomances once again.
  • chuck vs senor wookie, lol

    chuck, sarah and casey meet an old friend , well, sorta friend of sarah who can be unreliable. thyey have to get a diamond from a hairy guy that chuck calls senor wookie. chuck doesn't know if he can trust sarah because sarah told chuck she wasn't an item with bryce larkin *the guy who got chuck kicked out of college for the whole "stolen test answers" fiasco thing* but sarahs friend tells chuck she was dating bryce. chuck gives sarahs friend the diamond and she does a runner. casey finds her, she ties him up. chuck gets the diamond, drops it, retrieves iot, yay!
  • Sarah's old friend comes to town, and another villian for the gang to mess around with.

    This episode's title has a joke in it, it's got to be good. This episode we had a wookie as Chuck called him, he really was a rich indian who was holding a very expensive ring for a terrorist group. He was very hairy which is why Chuck called him a "wookie". This was even better than the last episode. Casey once again is the getaway man this time a limodriver. He gets tricked again by Corina and gets Sarah, Chuck, Corina, and himself in a lot of danger. But they come through and get the ring to safety. The whole Bryce and Sarah thing gets a lot better too. The sensitive part of the night goes to the ending scene where Chuck gets her to tell him her middle name, Lisa. I really liked this episode and the show is even better. Definitly a new favorite of mine.
  • Another great Installment

    Chuck, Sarah and Casey are off again on another mission and this time they've got company. Catrina a DEA Agent, Chuck flashes on her and they set off a recover a diamond.

    Sarah knows that Catrina cannot be trusted with and that Casey had a run in with her in Prague. They soon set off to the mansion so they can steal the diamond. The Diamond is well protected by The Wookie's goons, but Sarah then lures Peyman out so Catrina can get the Diamond in which she does, the 3 of them soon escape.

    Chuck gives Catrina the Diamond who then runs away on a jet ski, Chuck you bad boy. Casey then goes to Catrina's Hotel room looking for the Diamond but he falls for her charms yet again just like Prague. Sarah goes to rescue Casey and tells Chuck to stay behind but Chuck as always doesnt listen and comes to help, with Sarah in trouble Chuck bumps into Catrina asking for her help.

    They both Fight the goons, Chuck gets the Diamond he sends it off; Mission Completed.
  • Well written

    When a diamond hidden in Malibu (owned by a hairy man whom Chuck calls "señor wookiee") is used to fund terrorists, Chuck has to help steal it back. Complicating things further is the appearance of Carina (portrayed by Mini Anden), a DEA agent friend of Sarah's, who tries to help in her own way. I loved this episode, Morgan and Chuck are so funny and really cute. I love Chuck more though, I love the scene were he wants to know something real about Sarah, which is so cute. I also love the first scene were they are playing the little game. I also love all the workers in "Buy More". There awsome. All in all can;t wait for next episode.
  • "I just wish I knew something real about you."

    When a diamond hidden in Malibu (owned by a hairy man whom Chuck calls "señor wookiee") is used to fund terrorists, Chuck has to help steal it back. Complicating things further is the appearance of Carina (portrayed by Mini Anden), a DEA agent friend of Sarah's, who tries to help in her own way. I loved this episode, Morgan and Chuck are so funny and really cute. I love Chuck more though, I love the scene were he wants to know something real about Sarah, which is so cute. I also love the first scene were they are playing the little game. I also love all the workers in "Buy More". There awsome. All in all can;t wait for next episode.
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  • excellent

    Chuck gets assigned on a mission with a drop dead gorgeous DEA agent. The mission involves breaking into a mansion of a super rich middle eastern man who has in his possession a diamond that will fund terrorists activities around the world. The DEA agent causes problems for Chuck and his team. But Chuck's supercomputer mind helps him outsmart the DEA agent. It's a funny episode, the story's really hilarious. The pacing is fast and the comedy bits really helps carry the story forward. The characters were really well written, you don't have to think much about the story, watching it is enough to take you on a wild ride.
  • Chuck!!

    I really liked this episode. Chuck really just needs to trust the main female charcter. I cant remeber her name...But he needs to just get over what other people say, and just listen to her. The action in this episode was really good, I thought some parts of it were really good and funny. The main secret agent is a really good actor also. He's one of my favorites. Morgan is pretty good too. I hope his person finds love at one point durning the show. Real love. Not fake secret agent love. I think Chuck and that girl are gonna get together next episode or so. I'd be pissed if they got together at the end of the season.
  • Introduces the conflict of Bryce being Sarah's ex-boyfriend, plus a cool guest star.

    Chuck is developing well, and should be kept on. This episode is a good example why, since it starts exploring the conflict Sarah has of her ex-boyfriend relationship with Chuck. The beginning scene a common problem of the best male friend feeling abandoned as a relationship develops. It is tricky, since there isn't really a relationship (yet). Both Chuck and Sarah are using the cover of the professional relationship to hide their own developing feelings. The guest character Carina inadvertantly brings up Sarah's former relationship with Chucks worst enemy, and also confirms the feelings Sarah has for Chuck. Something's going to happen here, but in the context of a pretty good action sequence. They side-slip the Chuck-Bryce conflict, but each episode brings it out a bit more. It will be a critical plot point, and one I'm very interesting in seeing. I hope that we all get the chance
  • I think this is the best episode yet--we're starting to learn more about the characters.

    We finally start to see some sort of real Chuck-Sarah dynamic, and the whole Chuck-Sarah-Ellie-Morgan-Captain awesome thing is starting to become believable and more entertaining. This wasn't a mission-centric story; the character elements were driving the plot along, which was great.

    It's funny how Morgan is the one who knows Chuck the best, and it was great to see that he got some interaction with the actual mission. It's almost as if he'll at one point stumble upon and find out the secret.

    Best part: Chuck locking himself in the mail room and instead of hiding the diamond, he logs onto prints a label, sticks it onto the box and ships the gem. The show is starting to hit its stride, and if the writing continues on in quality, it'll surely be picked up for the next season.
  • Yay, we learned Sarah's real name. There is a girl fight between sarah and karina another agent for Chuck. They have to get a diamong away from a guy that looks like a wookie and they suceed but with some problems.

    I thought this episode was really good. Chuck learns that he doesn't really know anything about Sarah that's real except that she doesn't like olives and that Bryce was her boyfriend until he died. There's some girl rivalry and some funny moments. The guy who they call a wookie is really hairy and gross. I wonder if there really is anybody that hairy and if there is,well they should wax. I think Sarah and chuck like each other, its just that they don't know it yet. Hopefully soon,there will be some real romance or friendship and not just some cover,make bekieve crap.
  • Big diamond, lovely ladies, hairy man

    This episode for me was the best this season. Sarah (cia agent assigned to protect Chuck), John Casey and a relatively unknown DEA agent Carina are sent to recover a diamond. But this is no ordinary diamond, for if the diamond was to fall into the hands of a terrorist it could be used to fund the purchase of various arms and weapons. Chuck and Sarah encounter personal problems and Carina(DEA agent)causes more problems. A great episode overall, giving insight into the responsibilities of undercover field agents and the risks they must take.

    Well written,funny,not a dull moment.A great episode of Chuck, recommend it to everyone.
  • Girl fight! And for Chuck!

    After the great episode the previous one was it is hard to think that this show hasn't come to stay. Another prove of that is this funny and adventurous episode in which Sarah and Casey are forced to work with one too impredictable agent, who just for the fun of it tries to find out what is Chuck's role in the team and steal him from Sarah. What we got from this, besides a lot of annoying Morgan's scenes, was once more a bit of drama from Chuck and his situation, besides a little romance kicking in between him and Sarah. Also, of course, we have a lot of action while they try to steal a diamond from one of the world's greatest drug dealers.

    What else to say than: stay tuned for more!
  • So chuck seems to have SERIOUS trust issues...

    This episode continued to develop characters as we should expect with a series only being on episode four. However, this was a great character development show. We learned a couple of different things, and had some more confirmed. First we found out that yes, "Martin" (if you watched the show you will get this inside joke, does really understand that he is a third wheel and did show some feelings after he was "dumped" by what he thought was a hot chick that was interested in him. In reality it was an operator working in the DEA (?, why the DEA I dunno) that was working to steel a diamond with Chuck, Sarah, and John. Ultimately this operator wants to burn them and take the diamond herself, but of course.... Chuck saves the day and uses the guilt trip on her so she will go back with the diamond in hand (that was stolen from a taliban leader) and Chuck to save Sarah (who is being held captive for the return of the diamond). Ultimately both the DEA operator chick, Sarah, and John kick the bad guys butt and recover the diamond. Slight problem though, Chuck accidently Fedex'd it back to the CIA/NSA. Oh and for who didn't see the show... The super hot chick was the DEA agent who keeps mistaking Morgan as "Martin." Because it is very apparent that Morgan gets none from no woman, he doesn't mind being called "Martin." We are also shown where the DEA operator wants to take Chuck away from Sarah because it is apparent to the operator that Sarah wants Chuck even though Sarah doesn't know it yet. This show is awesome on so many levels. Storywise it can be cheesy, but that is why I love it so much. And of course we all want to root for Chuck to do good and get the girl in the end. Another excellent episode that is a must see. I can't wait for next week so we can see Chuck again!!!!

    Tv fan/Survivor Fanantic
  • Great episode...

    When a diamond hidden in Malibu (owned by a hairy man whom Chuck calls "señor wookiee") is used to fund terrorists, Chuck has to help steal it back. Complicating things further is the appearance of Carina (portrayed by Mini Anden), a DEA agent friend of Sarah's, who tries to help in her own way. This series is just fantastic, its got everything Action, comedy and hot girls. The episode was probably the funniest so far Morgan is a legend honestly he is the funniest prson on the show, also Casey is very funny but in a different way from Morgan. The episode was great but not as good as prevous ones, maybe because the ending was slow.
  • I am still wondering how long this show will continue to entertain me and each week it does.

    I will continue to watch as this show is well written and that is hard for me to believe considering it comes from NBC. Their track record of late has not been good, they find one show and milk it to death, 4 different Law and Order shows and not much else. This is the brain trust that canned JAG which ran for 7 or 8 more years and it's spinoff is still running. They also had a good idea the first year of Apprentice, the last year it was a joke.
    There are a few new shows on this year's schedule that might actually make it a full season, Chuck is definitely one of them. Good scripts, action, and hot chicks, a good combination for a while.
  • sweet

    In this episode of Chuck a new spy named Carina joins Sarah, Chuck, and Casey as they try to steal a really big diamond. Morgan tries to hook up with Carina even though Chuck thinks its a bad idea. Carina tells Chuck that Sarah and Bryce dated. Carina decides to steal the diamond even though they were only spose to be their to gather information. The diamond we find out is being used to fund a terrorist organization. In the end Chuck sends the diamond to the higher ups through the mail. This was a good episode in the fact that there was a lot of information, Casey was embarrassed by Carina, and we see that maybe Sarah has some feelings for Chuck.
  • Chuck fights a wookie, Casey gets strapped down, and Sarah faces her greatest fear!

    This show is really growing legs. I think tonights episode was by far the best of the series so far. It stars off with Sarah's "friend" from the DEA's office dropping in to solicit her help, but not before a barely clothed cat fight. Once the action dies down Sarah and Casey get the orders to find the diamond the DEA is hunting down. Stir in some Chuck, add in a pinch of "martin", and you have the recipe for trouble. This episode really allowed for some serious character development. Chuck finds out that Bryce and Sarah were more than just partners, and it drives him to give the diamond to the wrong agent. Because of this Sarah and Casey are held hostage by the terrorist group and Chuck is there only hope. The end of the show finds Chuck forgiving Sarah for not telling him about Bryce, and also trying to see if she can give any "real" information. Sarah's trepidation alone, shows that she is thinking about being more than partners with Chuck. Hopefully the next episode can live up to this one.
  • Review

    I thought that the beginning of the episode was good and the only real downside was the escape plan from the mansion in the first place. Im very well aware this show wont be realistic, but that was even a little much for me. No men drew there weapons and the man catches them in the room and then sends his bodyguards away so he can have a chat with Sara? I liked the end of the epsiode, I think Chuck and Sara have a great on screen connection and the show uses that to there advantage. The ending scene with Chuck and Sara in the hotel room was average. I thought she could have told him her middle name was Lisa. I think everyone is waiting for the Chuck and Sara hook up, we all know it is going to happen eventually. The episode was funny all around, the only part I didnt like as I said was the escape in the middle of the episode.
  • The team has to fight to get a diamond back and Chuck has issues with Sarah.

    I actually kinda liked this episode better than the other ones. I feel like I might finally care a little bit about the characters and have a reason to watch the show instead of just watching it because there is nothing else I want to see on at 8 on Mondays. Chuck wanting to get to know Sarah better at the very end was pretty cute and it was also really telling how "Karina" told Chuck that she thinks that Sarah has a thing for Chuck even though she doesn't know it yet, because I definitely agree. I also want to point out that I really love Dr. Awesome, Chuck's sister's boyfriend. He's hilarious.
  • Chuck gets involved in recovering a diamond.

    Great episode. The writing is crisp, the action well-done and the interaction between the cast really tight. Yvonne Strahovski manages to be both sexy and smart, while the "will they or won't they get together" aspect of their relationship continues to grow and develop. Adam Baldwin has also found the perfect TV show for his talents. With so many new series not living up to the potential of the pilot. This one continues to live up to it and build on it. Great stuff. Let's hope they can keep this up, because it's one of the few new shows worth checking out every week.
  • The Wookie and the diamond.

    The Wookie was just icing on the cake in this episode. He's a Middle Eastern man with plans that aren't exactly benolvant to the world in general. A new agent is introduced and you know right away she shouldn't be trusted. The new agent also knows things about Sarah's past. She steals the diamond from the Wookie which pretty much seals her fate as a trustworthy agent! Chuck has to get the diamond and everything comes out clean in the end with the usual superb writing, comedy, action and adventure. Since the TV season is lackluster this year this is a gem to keep an eye on.
  • Really Good

    This episode was really good. How Chuck had to steal a diamond from Mr. Wookie was interesting and how the new agent knew about Sarah's past. It was really well done. It was kind of hinted not to trust the new agent but you were unsure if she was good or bad. She stole the diamond and went kind of evil but then she did ask for Sarah's help so they were probably old friends. Also at the very end how he asked why him how she said that she liked taking things that were Sarah's so i guess that was a hint. It was a good episode but i wish Chuck would actually fight