Season 1 Episode 4

Chuck Versus the Wookiee

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 15, 2007 on NBC

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    I thought that the beginning of the episode was good and the only real downside was the escape plan from the mansion in the first place. Im very well aware this show wont be realistic, but that was even a little much for me. No men drew there weapons and the man catches them in the room and then sends his bodyguards away so he can have a chat with Sara? I liked the end of the epsiode, I think Chuck and Sara have a great on screen connection and the show uses that to there advantage. The ending scene with Chuck and Sara in the hotel room was average. I thought she could have told him her middle name was Lisa. I think everyone is waiting for the Chuck and Sara hook up, we all know it is going to happen eventually. The episode was funny all around, the only part I didnt like as I said was the escape in the middle of the episode.