Season 1 Episode 4

Chuck Versus the Wookiee

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 15, 2007 on NBC

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  • Girl fight! And for Chuck!

    After the great episode the previous one was it is hard to think that this show hasn't come to stay. Another prove of that is this funny and adventurous episode in which Sarah and Casey are forced to work with one too impredictable agent, who just for the fun of it tries to find out what is Chuck's role in the team and steal him from Sarah. What we got from this, besides a lot of annoying Morgan's scenes, was once more a bit of drama from Chuck and his situation, besides a little romance kicking in between him and Sarah. Also, of course, we have a lot of action while they try to steal a diamond from one of the world's greatest drug dealers.

    What else to say than: stay tuned for more!