Season 1 Episode 4

Chuck Versus the Wookiee

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 15, 2007 on NBC

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  • Another great Installment

    Chuck, Sarah and Casey are off again on another mission and this time they've got company. Catrina a DEA Agent, Chuck flashes on her and they set off a recover a diamond.

    Sarah knows that Catrina cannot be trusted with and that Casey had a run in with her in Prague. They soon set off to the mansion so they can steal the diamond. The Diamond is well protected by The Wookie's goons, but Sarah then lures Peyman out so Catrina can get the Diamond in which she does, the 3 of them soon escape.

    Chuck gives Catrina the Diamond who then runs away on a jet ski, Chuck you bad boy. Casey then goes to Catrina's Hotel room looking for the Diamond but he falls for her charms yet again just like Prague. Sarah goes to rescue Casey and tells Chuck to stay behind but Chuck as always doesnt listen and comes to help, with Sarah in trouble Chuck bumps into Catrina asking for her help.

    They both Fight the goons, Chuck gets the Diamond he sends it off; Mission Completed.