Season 1 Episode 4

Chuck Versus the Wookiee

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 15, 2007 on NBC

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  • A not so trustworthy agent and a diamond. Very James Bond. Or actually, very Chuck.

    I sort of liked this episode. However, I did feel it was more of a filler episode. The plot was okay, but it was the same thing that I have seen in other spy stories. Carina reminds me of all the sult Bond girls I used to mock. It's cute and hilarious when Morgan falls for it, but to believe that Casey did (TWICE!) might be going a little too far. I really thought he was better than that. It really brought down the strength of the character. Sarah mocking him and taking a picture made me giggle though. I'm liking Carina's weapons trunk. It's not even close to Winchester coolness, but it looks impressive. And yet again, Chuck comes up with a plan that looks good at the start, but fails miserably. Spy-work takes time to learn, buddy. The Chuck-Sarah relationship is progressing, something I really like. Chuck's issues with trusting her are dealt with very well. I'm curious to see where they take this. Overall, a decent episode, with a little too much of the been there, done that feel.