Season 5 Episode 1

Chuck Versus the Zoom

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 28, 2011 on NBC

Episode Recap

The final season opens with Chuck running Carmichael Industries. Sarah and Casey are no point, but Morgan, now the holder of the Intersect, is having trouble controlling his new faculties.

The team works on a case to apprehend a Ming vase from a man named Jean Claude (played by Mark Hamill). When Jean Claude finds out they're trying to get his vase, he plots to kill them. Morgan comes in to save the day, but breaks the vase in the process. Team Carmichael doesn't get paid for a broken vase, so hopefully the other case works out better.

The team takes on sleazy lawyer client who want them to uncover the misdeeds of another sleazy misdoings of a business man who is leaching money from investors.

Chuck reveals to his sister that he misses having control of the Intersect, but she assures him he's even more awesome without it.

He puts up all the money Carmichael has to try and out the bad businessman. When their assets get frozen in the investigation, Chuck realizes he can't secretly buy Sarah her dream house. And he has to rely more on the Buy More for an income, where Jeff and Lester are scamming customers.

Meanwhile, the CIA decides stopping Chuck and his new company is their number one priority. Things won't be easy for the sneakered spy in the last season.